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Found 8 results

  1. I have inadvertently collected some spare parts that I believe are mostly interchangeable between the Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, and P models. Anyone want the whole lot? Does anyone want any single item or some items? Items crossed out have been sold and their associated pictures deleted. 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. It should work with the previous Ninebot One models as well, although the Ninebot app may not recognize the extra battery capacity. I paid about $300 for this battery. (I had ordered a P model, but it was discontinued before I received it). 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. (I have a second battery) Replacement charging port and wire. It also allows a battery to be charged outside of the wheel. Replacement charging port and wire. (I have a second one) Flathead and Phillips screwdriver pair that are perfect for removing the LED light ring and battery cover on a Ninebot One E+ and I assume the previous Ninebot One models as well. Vivitar hardshell zippered case that fits perfectly a spare 340Wh battery, with room for the two screwdrivers and charging ports. Includes a new foam insert that can be customized. Pair of Ninebot training wheels, which are for getting a better understanding of how a self balancing device operates, not to ride around with them installed, because turning isn't possible. Pair of light gray leg pads from a Ninebot One E+ with some visible wear and minor damage. Two new rolls of light green padding with two new rolls double-stick tape from 3M that came with a Ninebot One E+. European power supply cord, rounded two-prong, new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Australian power supply cord, flattened three-prong , new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Ninebot One E+ printed Quick start manual and warranty card Ninebot One S1 printed user manual and warranty card Top handle with the metal fitting at one end broken
  2. Hi, new to this forum. Back in November 2015 I preordered a Ninebot One P with speedyfeet (UK ninebot supplier). As many of you will know, there have been many delays on the ninebot one P, and I was wondering if anyone else is in a similar position waiting for the ninebot one p to come back to market and when we think it will happen. Be nice to talk to a few people about the p and when we can get ours hands on it.
  3. Ninebot One E+ - Mobo 1.3, Firmware version 1.3.0, About 550 miles on it, and it has scratches from the adventures I've gone on it. The battery had a wire that broke that prevented it from being charged, however it was a minor thing to fix and it has been repaired, and it charges perfectly. Everything works well on the bot. It comes with a new trolley handle and a new Cyan colored Shell. You will also receive the older original white shell as well. To be clear, this is for sale within the US only, and shipping costs are on your end.. Old post contents (on Ninebot One P - It has been sold): Alright, so I've decided that I will sell my new Ninebot One P since I received my King Song 14C and there is no reason for me to keep two powerful wheels. If anyone is interested in buying a new P (Only road it like 25 miles - that's what the odometer says, and took some pictures of it to post here on the forums), then let me know. Everything that it came with is included (Box, charger, etc). I literally just got it on Sunday 11/29, and barely used. You can see the info at the below link:
  4. I bought a ninebot one p on 15 dec 2015 and i am waiting for 1 month and still no stock.... but it have stock on the web with "ETA end jan" when i bought the unicycle it had "ETA end dec" I sent a lot of emails and they tell me "The model has not arrived yet. We are contacting the supplier" Is it normal?, it is scam? WTF 1 month and waiting I can post all emails if you want to see.. I paid with paypal.. Please i don't know what i have to do.. sorry my english
  5. What firmware are you using on you Ninebot One P V 1.2.5 or V 1.3.0? Mine came with 1.2.5 did any one keep it?
  6. Are there any company representatives of hoodriderz.com on the forum? Any update on Ninebot One P arrival?
  7. Official Ambassador of Ninebot Asia Pte Ltd (Local SG)Parther with us today ! Contact 96977841Pre-order with deposit of 50% at $1480ETA : Early NovemberEnter or Give our Promotion code to receive a free gift : AMDSUM16Main Features:Max Speed : 25-30 Km/hDistance: 30-35 KM per chargedBattery Life Time : Estimate at 10,000 KmIP65 Water ResistanceRemovable BatteryLED CustomisableNinedroid Mobile App for other setting1 Year manufacturing warranty with six months covering for batteryPre-Order today .
  8. Hello from Barcelona! from the last week of August I own my first EUC, a 9bot One E+. It is a wonder!! I love climbing hills in my neighborhood ... Now, the new P model has a larger battery. I don't know if there is an open forum with this issue, but I would like to know if the E + model has the same motherboard that the new model P, to acquire new battery that has the new version of Ninebot One. If you have information, I appreciate the answer.
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