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Found 38 results

  1. When I purchased my Ninebot One E+ (thank you untilgone.com) I started out learning to ride on the outside of a tennis court. I wasted about a week on this. The grass outside the court was way to irregular and it really annoyed the dogs living in the adjacent property. I finally smarted up and moved inside onto the smooth asphalt. The attraction of the tennis courts was the fence to cling to for support and the enclosed area. I've had a couple of experiences of my wheel cruising away nicely on its own. I'm still testing my tether design. The learning process proved painful. My ankle bones and my shins complained bitterly. Shadow Conspiracy Super Slim Ankle Guards and Shadow Invisa-Lite Shin Guards solved the pain problem. The shin guards are easy to twist to cover the inside of my shins. With the pain gone, the wheel became amenable to control. BTW, riding gear includes a helmet, fabric motorcycle jacket with shoulder/elbow armor as well as a level 2 back pad and Shadow Invisa-Lite Knee Guards I found Kuji Rolls youtube video, How to ride electric unicycle most helpful. His approach is learn to ride the wheel first and then learn how to mount it. Last week I declared my independence of the tennis court fence and within a few minutes I was able to mount from either foot. The hardest part of learning to mount was getting my body (weight) forward. I found swaying back and forward on the wheel the best exercise to learn the correct riding posture. If your posture is not forward on the wheel you will have little control and you look like an unattractive hula dancer as you roll around. Today I had my first ride in the wild. I dropped my car off about a half mile from home and as I had the wheel in the car I decided to ride the wheel home. The route is all private roads so I didn't think I could wreak too much havoric. It was good to experience the irregularities of a real road. I did have some set back. I don't know why as I doubt if I was near the top speed of the e+. The battery was at 26%. Two weeks ago I ordered my next wheel (Kingsong KS16S). Unfortunately it arrived early. It's now setting in its box mewing at me to let it out. Pennbruce Las Vegas for the winter North East PA for the summer
  2. I have inadvertently collected some spare parts that I believe are mostly interchangeable between the Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, and P models. Anyone want the whole lot? Does anyone want any single item or some items? Items crossed out have been sold and their associated pictures deleted. 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. It should work with the previous Ninebot One models as well, although the Ninebot app may not recognize the extra battery capacity. I paid about $300 for this battery. (I had ordered a P model, but it was discontinued before I received it). 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. (I have a second battery) Replacement charging port and wire. It also allows a battery to be charged outside of the wheel. Replacement charging port and wire. (I have a second one) Flathead and Phillips screwdriver pair that are perfect for removing the LED light ring and battery cover on a Ninebot One E+ and I assume the previous Ninebot One models as well. Vivitar hardshell zippered case that fits perfectly a spare 340Wh battery, with room for the two screwdrivers and charging ports. Includes a new foam insert that can be customized. Pair of Ninebot training wheels, which are for getting a better understanding of how a self balancing device operates, not to ride around with them installed, because turning isn't possible. Pair of light gray leg pads from a Ninebot One E+ with some visible wear and minor damage. Two new rolls of light green padding with two new rolls double-stick tape from 3M that came with a Ninebot One E+. European power supply cord, rounded two-prong, new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Australian power supply cord, flattened three-prong , new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Ninebot One E+ printed Quick start manual and warranty card Ninebot One S1 printed user manual and warranty card Top handle with the metal fitting at one end broken
  3. I've been searching the web and I was wondering, what's a good backpack for the ninebot one e+. I know when I ride around shopping malls, it would be easier for me to simply put it in a backpack and walk in If I wanted. I found a few on the web so if anyone has one, could you tell me something about it. Can anyone make suggestions for another. I personally like the second link better. But it cost too much http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B012IAHJBW/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1443987179&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70&keywords=unicycle+backpack&dpPl=1&dpID=41mAJKGWkkL&ref=plSrch http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B015OSU3P4/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1443987439&sr=8-2&pi=SX200_QL40&keywords=ninebot+backpack&dpPl=1&dpID=31HF7Y1ogdL&ref=plSrch http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32369257026.html?plac=&gclid=Cj0KEQjwnMOwBRCAhp-ysqCwypkBEiQAeSy1-WZgS_kd4NauY_vCIEgToBWYT_RGZiXwD-IPRB-juHAaAuLG8P8HAQ&albag=14156630185&netw=&albcp=206814265&isdl=y&productSubject=Free-shipping-Electric-Unicycle-backpack-electric-smart-scooter-backpack-skates-roller-skates-in-adult-men-and&productSubject=Free-shipping-Electric-Unicycle-backpack-electric-smart-scooter-backpack-skates-roller-skates-in-adult-men-and&src=google&mtctp=&trgt=68844154335&currencyType=USD&adminSeq=202421493&productId=32369257026&productId=32369257026&productId=32369257026&crea=en32369257026&shopNumber=519045&aff_short_key=UneMJZVf&albch=shopping&slnk=&device=m&acnt=708-803-3821&tracelog=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail
  4. So my inner tube doesn't hold air any more. I did use slime in it about 6 months ago, which did help eliminate the weekly trips to the gas station to refill it with air, but I live in the desert, and the thorns have prevailed. I have 500+ miles on the Ninebot One E+, and the tire is starting to show some wear, so I'll replace both at the same time. So, what is everybody's advice on what to get for both an inner tube and tire? Should I go for the OEM replacements? They seem so pricey, though! I drive mostly on sidewalks, but also on a few dirt trails sometimes, so an aggressive tread would be helpful now and again. If you have specific recommendations, a link to where the tire or inner tube can be bought online would be appreciated. I would prefer a U.S. source, but others from outside the U.S. probably will eventually need to replace their's at some point, so why not make this thread the ultimate international source of information on the best tires and inner tubes and the best sources, too. Here are MY main criteria! I definitely want an inner tube with a bent valve stem like the original's. I also want a tire resistant to punctures. I prefer an aggressive tread. Let the advice roll in!
  5. Got my very first EUC this week (Ninebot One E+) and after a couple of days practice in the house, then some figure of 8's around the tennis courts in my local park...I finally managed to go out on a proper ride today. Wow, just wow. What a buzz. Did a 7 mile ride today along the pavements, roads and coastal paths where I live and didn't crash either (I was expecting too tbh) After getting wobbles during my first couple of days I experienced no wobbles at all today and even felt the tilt back at top speed a few times without realising I was getting to the Ninebots speed limit. Even braved weaving slowly through the public along the pedestrianised High Street in the town centre. Wish I had got into this EUC lark sooner and I know I'll be looking to get a better wheel soon. Not really looking at going too fast but would love a longer range. Anyways, thought I'd share and post a few vid clips. Day 1 - crashing in the house Day 2 - Finally managing tight turns around the living room Day 3 - Wow, I can actually do this Today's ride.
  6. OK, so you outgrew your Ninebot months (year?) ago and are now a happy wheeler in Gotway-land or wherever. Still, this may be of interest, if you are keeping one around or have a family member/ friend who has your hand-me-down wheel... Ninebot.cn no longer lists the E+ as a model for sale on their Chinese website shop.ninebot.cn - only the S2, A1, C+ and C remain. Still no sign of The Z as yet. E+ pricing and parts availability: Yesterday there was a seller on eBay with several for sale at $549, but the listing has disappeared. Ninebotus has them on sale for $639 + free shipping in the US, which appears to be the official sale price for the wheel, that eBay sellers are enforcing as well. Speedy feet UK still has them at a higher regular price of £579 (~$763US) sans VAT and shipping. Accessory prices such as replacement handles, trolley handles, and especially batteries are all still inflated. Some parts are disappearing from Speedy's site, such as the inner shell set, trolley handle, and a few others. The takeaway from this is to consider buying spare parts from established dealers soon if inclined to do so, before they become scarce, and the leftovers land on eBay at even more inflated prices.
  7. Despite the mild use of force required to tap out the hinge bolt (after loosening the set screw with a hex key) in an older Ninebot One E+, the replacement of a damaged old foot plate with a new one is expected to be a simple reversal of the steps used to remove it. To avoid loosing those two spacing washers, hinge bolt and hex keyed set screw I've postponed disassembly of the pedal until the new part arrives. The only major delay I've encountered is the delivery lag time for a newly purchased pedal. I located a replacement on Amazon.com where 'NinebotUS' is the third party seller. The foot plate became noticibly cracked August 22, after a spinning EUC tumble in the street. One to three weeks of waiting is expected for my Amazon.com order to arrive with free delivery. The pedal to be replaced had for some time been awkwardly displaced outward (compared to the opposite pedal) by a centimeter or so when the pedal was in the folded up position. I'd noticed the small displacement for some time but never looked too closely at the cause by removing it for inspection (small crack?). The cracked right pedal on Aug 22 flexed slightly under my weight and was visibly cracked. The observation followed a tumble in the street which was caused when the left pedal brushed a curb in a narrow crosswalk being used simultaneously. The tumble was really low speed, almost a standstill. Avoiding a pedestrian moving in the opposite direction caused the squeeze against the curb. The EUC's turning ability seemed unusual after the tumble and the pedal scraped the ground in a turn a mile down the road. Fortunately a bus stop was nearby bringing me back the five miles I'd travelled. Since the expected delivery date from NinebotUS via the Amazon.com order is a date range (up to three weeks) from Aug29 -Sept13 the part might possibly ship all the way from China. It's not like Ninebot riders regularly need pedal replacements.... so perhaps no stateside inventory exists. Additionally the delivery period comes at the end of the summer during a holiday period (3 day weekend). The cracked pedal is from a bot with several thousand miles of use on the original part plus untold numbers of minor tumbles.
  8. The Ninebot One E+ can support 260 pounds. The lightest 450 watt gas generator I could find is about 22 pounds. Watts = current x voltage The charger requires 120 volts AC at 2.5 amps. So a 450 watt source at 120 volts would provide up to 3.75 amps. Watts/voltage = current Carrying a 22 pound load in a backpack is not unreasonable. After depleting the Ninebot's battery the rider could stop, remove and start the gas generator, connect the standard charger and recharge the EUC in the regular way for an hour or more each time for extra miles. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004RCVRWW/ref=psd_mlt_bc_B004RCVRWW Price is about $240 Supplying 2.5 amps would be 67% of Max load (3.75 amps). The generator runs 7.5 hours at 25% max load with 0.37 gallons gas. A run duration of over two hours per fill is predicted. Any thoughts about the idea of carrying a 22 lb portable gas generator in a backpack to recharge a Ninebot One E+ for an hour or more at intervals of about 10 miles (green zone performance for the BMS)? Too much hassel ? Too much to carry ?
  9. Practically new Ninebot One E+ for sale. I decided to go with Ninebot's Mini Pro. Less than 6 miles total mileage. Total run time less than 6 hours. I have all paperwork, original box, US 110 volts rated charger, tire valve extender, foam protective strips and tape. There are a couple of scuffs from falling while learning, but nothing serious or compromising. Continental US shipping only. PRICE REDUCED $450.00. Location Leesburg, Virginia.
  10. Hey Guys, I am new to the Ninebot One Family and recently purchased a Ninebot One E+ (second hand). When I purchased the unit, it had about 9 miles on it and was roughly 55% charged (per the app) and the LEDs on the unit lite up green about half way on both sides of the Ninebot. I rode the Ninebot for about 2 hours and the charge dropped as expected. But when I went to charge the unit, the LED on the brick of the charger remained GREEN...even after leaving it on the charger for about 4 hours. I read on multiple forums that you should properly align the charger to the charging port and then plug the charger into the wall (which I did), however, the light still remained green. The next step I took in troubleshooting it was to check the cables that attached to the battery; to see if they were properly connected (which mine were). At this point, I was running out of ideas on what the issue could be- So, I tried reaching out to the person who sold me the Ninebot but got no response. Next, reached out to Segway via email and they suggested replacing the battery, which was going to cost me roughly over $250 with no guarantee of it resolving the issue. Since this was, what I thought my last resort, I ordered a new replacement battery. After swapping the old battery with the new; the app showed the battery percentage at 100%. I rode the Ninebot for about 2 hours and the charge dropped to about 64% and then when I went to charge the unit, I was stuck with the same problem where the LED on the brick stayed green and did not turn red to indicate that it was charging. Now, I'm not sure if it the Ninebot itself that is causing the issue or the charger- which I tested the voltage and it seems to be fine. Also, there is no indication of the charger or the ports showing signs of sparks (smoke/fire) and the pins on the charger are fully intact. Not sure if there is anyone near San Ramon or the Bay Area that could assist or if anyone on the forum has any other ideas on what the problem could be or provide a solution- I would greatly appreciate the help.
  11. I'm moving to InMotion V5F+. Selling my used Ninebot. No accidents, No severe scratches, No cutoffs on this wheel. Only 180 miles on it! Original Box and manuals Charger cables included Formula One Race car champion Lewis Hamilton also uses Ninebot OneE! So this one has a "Status image"! If you pickup it's just $500 only. Otherwise you pay for shipping. US only.
  12. SOLD Selling my Ninebot one E+ it was purchased on the 24th of January 2017 from speedyfeet. Asking £550 but open to sensible offers. Free postage for UK purchases but for Europe the postage cost will be covered by the buyer. Done 146.95 miles on the unit. I fitted grip tape the the foot plates gives much better grip. Comes fitted with a Schwalbe Mad Mike tyre but will include original tyre. Has a scuff on one of the leg support covers (see picture) and a few on the foot plates and on led ring but nothing major. Will come in original box with charger and the included green protection foam. Any questions please ask. Thanks Dan
  13. Brand New Security Sealed with 2 Year Guarantee UK Specification The Ninebot One E+ is a Zero Emission Transportation Device, Fantastic for Commuting to Work, Riding into Town to Meet Friends, or just Riding to your Local shops. Included In The Box: Ninebot ONE E+ Generation 2 (Latest Model) Charging Adapter With UK Spec 3 Pin Plug Protective Foam - 3M Sticky Tape Manual Warranty Card Complete and Ready to use out of the Box A Serious Commuting Device, or Just have Great Fun using. £ 550.00 Any questions please ask. The attached images are just for informational purposes, the Ninebot listed is unopened, Security Sealed, Generation 2.
  14. My ninebot one e+ suddenly turned off when I was riding on it and I can't turn it on anymore. I only managed to turn it on once when it's still connected to the charger, and it can move and function normally, albeit for just a few seconds. Since then, it's dead. I have a speculation, I think it's the battery. And I hope I can claim it for warranty coz it's still less than 4 months old. Please watch the video for better explanation. And I have something to caution other ninebot one users here, but please it's too long to write, and I said it in the video below. Please watch the video below, thanks.
  15. Hi all - I'm selling my Ninebot one on EBay here Description Ninebot One E+ Very good condition for a year old and 1100 miles. Few minor cosmetic marks on shell and a very small tear in right leg pad (see pics) - only £14 to replace but honestly it's barely noticeable. Lots of extras: • Spare official NB1 E+ battery (double ride distance!!) new battery only done ~30miles • Spare blue translucent shells (used in v good condition) • Spare light ring covers (used) • Spare Mad Max winter tyre (new) • Spare stock Kenda tyre (new) • Spare inner tube (new) • Moon comment lights with very low profile fitting - easy slide on and off • Grip tape on pedals for extra safety in wet Great package with with loads of spares. Well looked after and cleaned inside every few months.
  16. Hi, Hi riding ninebot one e+ for 5 months had two crashes my fault. But last week I was riding at night on a flat surface about 1/2 full battery and it shut off. I crashed but only got some cuts thank god. Then 24 hours later it turned on again. I really can not ride it again as I might get really injured in traffic. Has this happened to other people as it seemed strange when I read other posts that were mostly over heating issues or voltage problems. Like most of you I love my one wheel and spent a lot of time learning and riding it.
  17. I am selling my brand new NB1 E+ Flame Special Edition! I own a NB1 E+ and V5F+ and bought the Flame because of the special edition rarity and WOW factor! Just ask @HunkaHunkaBurningLove about how many women he has picked up on his Flame There is also 3/8" protective clear molding around the outer rim of the shells to prevent scratches or nicks. $649 (free shipping in the continental US)
  18. steve454

    App feedback

    Has anyone used the app feed back feature? I sent in feed back requesting highest speed reached to be added to the app. Maybe if enough people use the feed back feature we can get a better app with more options. On the main screen select the people icon at the top left, select services, and select app feedback.
  19. Hand Pick up only. I have 4 wheels so decided to sell this one. The normal physical abuse from my beginner stage. See pics for mileage. Comes with Charger and foam with stand. Thanks.
  20. Let me begin by saying I love both my NB 1E+ and the Inmotion V5F+. Each one has it's own characteristics in regards to agility, smoothness, speed and distance. The pedal height of the NB1 has always been an issue for me especially after riding the V5F+. When I attempted to turn in sharp circles the NB1 pedals would always hit the ground. Not so with the V5F+. So I began investigating on how difficult it would be to change the NB1 pedal heights and angulations to mimic the V5F+ configuration. As I found out , it is not difficult at all. Below are some photos of the modification. The NB1 is now able to perform shape turns like the V5F+ without hitting the pedals on the ground and my stability is enhanced.
  21. A poll for Ninebot E+ riders only please! (We can do a separate poll for "P" riders, if needed!)
  22. Hi there. I am THINKING of selling my Ninebot One E+. It will depend on how much I can get for it but if it is sold it will be pickup only from Rochdale, Lancashire, UK. Going off Speedyfeet UK's current prices as that is where I bought it and it's accessories from it's - 1 x Ninebot One E+ (fitted with blue outer shells) Serial No. N10 - £745.96 2 x Attachment bracket @ £9.95 each = £19.90 1 x Parking stand - £18.95 1 x Spare 320wh battery - £289.96 Total = £1074.77 I am looking to get £450 OVNO (I want to buy new bikes and helmets for my kids). There is slight damage to the leg supports and casing (I need to take the blue outer shells off and give them a clean). The handle is fine and the Ninebot runs perfect. I think it's on the latest firmware. I have had it nearly 10 months and have done just over 1000 miles. The spare battery hasn't had much use and the parking stand isn't currently fitted in favour of front and rear attachment brackets which I was using for lights which can be thrown in if needed. It has the original tire in perfect condition - I have had no punctures. Unfortunately I can't offer the valve extender for pumping up the tire as I use that with my Gotway ACM.
  23. Haven't ridden much lately, it's been too hot most of the time, but got out at 0700 this morning and the temperature was a nippy 81°F (27°C) in the shade, perfect weather for a quick spin. Rode to the Jack-in-the-Box, got an iced coffee, glided through the desert on paved trails, and was reminded why I love my 9bot E+. It's just plain fun! I love the range, the speed and responsiveness, and the freedom to "fly" a couple of inches off the ground! When the ride was over an hour and 17 minutes later, I'd gone 10.24 mi, (16.47 km), the temperature had climbed to 95°F (35 °C), but the temperature of the 9bot's board was still a relatively cool 141° F (60° C). I still had 43% of a charge left on the battery, but experience tells me that it gets really "mushy" at around 35%, and once it gets down below 40% the remaining juice doesn't last long at all.... so it was best to get home. I still don't want to take it out in the heat of the day, so my board doesn't get toasted in the Arizona sun. [Projected high for today is 108° F (42° C), last weekend it was 118° (47.8° C), and several hikers died due to heat-related conditions.] Once the weather cools down in October, I'll start commuting to work on the bot, and the miles should start to rack up much more quickly, I probably won't have to drive the car much at all!
  24. I've had my Ninebot One E+ since January, and have only 180 miles on it, so it has not been through that many charge/discharge cycles. My battery, however, seems to be taking a very long time to charge. Yesterday it was discharged to 41%, but took ten hours to get charged up to just 90%. I unplugged it at that time because I didn't want to leave it plugged in overnight. When I got up this morning, I plugged in the charger again and it charged completely within a half hour. The charger blinks green for almost the entire time, with only a few percentage points progress. Then it turns orange and charges much faster from that point. Question: What's going on? What needs replacement? Thanks!
  25. Selling two brand new E+, still boxed. Contact me if interested, price is 600£ each and I will be happy to deliver in west-central London.
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