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King Song 800W, Mark II

Jason McNeil

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Our first batch of King Song 800W 14" Wheels sold out within the first week of arrival, with almost all the buyers existing Wheel users looking to upgrade to something more powerful, responsive, & with a higher safety margin. In appearance, the only visible distinction between the original & this latest variant is they've fitted red covers around the LED lights, also, but less visibly, there is a serial number stamped on the hub motor. 


This Gen II build was delayed by about a month, mainly due to issues implementing a new integrated bluetooth module—still to be release—it will support a new version of the App that will be compatible with both Android & IOS. Some of the other improvements for our latest consignment are: 

  • Reduce the absolute low-voltage threshold from 55v to 50v
  • Improved water proofing around the side-panels
  • Include 4A fast chargers as standard
  • Smoother ride, especially at top speed
  • Tilt-back implementation at 30kph (2kph faster than originals)
  • Up-rated control-board supporting over 3,500W peak power

How much benefit is there by reducing the low-voltage from 55v to 50v?

By decreasing get-off-now voltage to 50v, the KS 680Wh/800W achieves an additional 34minutes of ~25kph of cruising time, or 14km range, which is a massive 25-30% improvement in range over the previous firmware. A proper range test will be conducted tomorrow morning.    


Note: for the gap between 56-60min, in another recording session there is another ten minutes of (slower) ride time, so works out to about the same...

With the 4A charger, how much time does it take to charge from 0%-80%

The eLogger didn't capture the charge-current, but the voltage curve is fairly good indicator of the state-of-charge, at around the 120 minute it reaches 80%.   



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@Jason McNeil the covers around the lights on mine are red (see attached) and my top speed ride is pretty smooth but i am not sure that i have other upgrades, charging to full battery takes about 6 hours or even 6 and a half.  Could you comment please and how i find out if i have other upgrades? I think i will finally buy the phone today and check the top speed..


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Yes, maybe a month and a half, its just the Jason mentioned that the new batch has this red plastic and i have it as opposed to other kingson ive seen received a week before mine that doesnt. My guess is they introduced different changes at slightly different times, perhaps they issued a few wheels in between with some changes but not all of them,

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Just curious what did they do to get the "Smoother ride, especially at top speed"?

Correct, in the original, once you're >25kph there's some slight buffeting action from the motor, that becomes more pronounced towards the 28kph limit—caused by the back-emf. Somehow the engineers were able to improve the PWM timing sequence to smooth this out; it's still there, just more subtle.    

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Learned something new about how this extra speed limits will be implemented: King Song will be using an authorisation code system, where the owner requests a code to unlock the higher speed potential. I've got to say that in my limited limit testing of yesterday, even riding on a perfectly smooth surface, the rider really has to be extra vigilant, any slight irregularity on the roads surface, say a 3cm bump, is not pleasant at those speeds. 

IMO, I think the realistic max cruising speed on a 14" wheel is around 25-28kph, anything more is just for boasting rights, like a 'potential' of a sports car to achieve 200mph.

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..any slight irregularity on the roads surface, say a 3cm bump, is not pleasant at those speeds.

IMO, I think the realistic max cruising speed on a 14" wheel is around 25-28kph...

A 3cm bump at 10km/h is a bit hairy on my TG T3, so I'd say they're not doing too badly. ;)

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