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  1. MrBump

    Trolley handle

    This thread is descending into filth!
  2. Except when it was Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, or the firebombing of Dresden. Depends who ends up winning, basically. Still, let's hope Daesh lose, and quickly.
  3. 2c is exactly what it's worth if you haven't shunted the BMS. :p
  4. Exactly - some wheels will manage it (depending on the bump), but I think you'd be toast going at 20 on a 130Wh model.
  5. Definitely agree that it's important to have a general idea of the limits right away. I have a 132Wh model that tops out at about 14kmh. With that battery I def wouldn't want to hit a bump at 20.
  6. 18-25 on that? Nasty faceplant considering it was low speed and didn't look like you did anything wrong.
  7. My TG T3 is a lot more reliable than this and goes a lot further - def sounds like there's something wrong with this one.
  8. Looks to me like that's just a Ninebot Mini. Quite a few weaknesses compared to even generic EUCs (there is a video on here highlighting that).
  9. Any voltage sag after gunning it for a while?
  10. Exactly the same stuff as in the bigger Ninebot video. Agree that it seems a bit wimpy compared to a EUC, though.
  11. If they made a KS-16 that looked exactly like that I'd def buy one.
  12. That's pretty impressive - I wouldn't go anywhere near there on an euc.
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