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  1. Bottom Left. On my GS5 it looks like a rectangle overlapping another rectangle.
  2. I didn't see if you mentioned what kind of phone you have. On my phones I just push the menu button (the phones menu button, not an App button). On my Galaxy S5 that means I have to long-press the "Recent Apps" button on the bottom left. It looks like a rectangle overlapping another rectangle. Then all the settings I used are under "More".
  3. You lost me there at the end. But from what I recall when it reaches the end of torque it also stops balancing. So to me I still consider that a cutout. I guess we just use different definitions.
  4. When you say commands do you just mean the Riding mode and turning the first 2 alarms off? If so, that's easy to do as well. Here are those commands (there's a CR after each command): Madden mode: h b Comfort mode: f b Soft mode: s b Turn off level 1 alarm: u b Turn off level 2 alarm: i b Turn on speed alarm: o b Or are there some other commands that I don't know about?
  5. I'm not sure I would agree with that. Unless there's some other term for what I call cutouts at low speed. @zlymex posted a while back that on his back and forth ramp testing he was able to get the MSuper2 to "yield". The instances I've experienced are best described as just starting off (launching) in an area that requires a lot of power and then possibly bumping into a pothole or hitting an edge (like a 2" curb). If it's not considered a cutout then I'd say it gives up trying. The effect is the same. I've also known it to cutout during HARD braking.
  6. It looks like that's just showing you the ASCII printable characters. Also, you don't need to use Hayes AT commands. The Gotway just spits out the data. You may already have this but this is a slightly modified version of @esaj's breakdown. I've seen 3 packet types 00, 03, 04. I don't know what 03 is used for. Packet String Type = 00 i.e. 55 aa 17 1c 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e0 f2 78 00 01 ff f8 00 18 5a 5a 5a 5a 55 aa = Header 17 1c = Voltage 00 00 = Speed 00 00 00 00 = Trip Odo 00 e0 = Current f2 78 = Temperature 00 01 ff f8 = UNKNOWN 00 = Packet String Type 18 = Byte Count excluding the "55 aa" 5a 5a 5a 5a = Footer Packet String Type = 04 i.e. 55 aa 00 00 ec f2 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 18 5a 5a 5a 5a 55 aa = Header 00 00 ec f2 = Odometer 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 = Packet String Type 5a 5a 5a 5a = Footer
  7. EUC Extreme tested the top speed cutout here: On the high-speed version it's pretty easy to get it to cutout at low speed/high torque situations. Like try starting on thick grass in a pot hole or similar. It just doesn't have the torque to get started. Or try starting out with a big bump in the way (like maybe a 2" curb). But once you get it up to speed (but below top speed) it does pretty well.
  8. I am planning a vacation in Albuquerque, NM next month and I am looking for trail recommendations. I am doing my research now and finding some that look good and some sound like they might be rough even for mountain bikes. So far "Paseo del Bosque Trail" looks pretty good. Since the trail is 16 miles long, mostly flat, the temperature will probably be around 80 F and I will be going a little slower than normal (since it will be an unknown trail) I should be able to make it to the end and back on a charge. But I will want to ride some other trails too. So anyone got any other recommendations? Thanks.
  9. I hope he has... since he posted that 10 months ago.
  10. @NevNutz, Right, the first pack is charged through the SM-2P and the second pack is charged from the XT-60 output to an XT-60 input. This was how Gotway showed me to connect it. Unfortunately they also assumed that both battery packs were the new style and had SM-4P connectors (which mine didn't). The SM-4P probably is for some kind of balancing. I haven't been able to use it since my battery pack didn't have one. I have been having trouble getting Gotway to understand the problem. I think the warranty on the battery is just 6 months. If so, it's over half over. I might just have to risk it and cut away the heat shrink. I don't know why Gotway changed but I like the old way of connecting them better. But since it's the old way one would assume the new way must be better some how. I will buy a SM-2P connector and put it back the old way. Thanks for all the help @NevNutz and @zlymex. Oh, I almost forgot to answer. My bad battery pack had a bad BMS (see the attached picture) that damaged 4 of the batteries. I feel I am lucky that it didn't catch on fire.
  11. @zlymex, the SM-4P's only connect the 2 battery packs so I don't think they help the mainboard in any way. Only one XT-60 goes to the controller board. The way they are supposed to connect is the first battery pack has a SM-2P for charging, an XT-60 to charge the 2nd battery pack and the SM-4P of one gender connects to the SM-4P of the 2nd battery pack. You see these style of battery packs have different connectors that the style I had. My battery packs originally had the same connectors. But with the new style it goes like this. 1st battery pack: SM-2P, SM-4P, XT-60 (charges through SM-2P) 2nd battery pack: SM-4P, XT-60 Female, XT-60 Male (charges through XT-60) I wish I knew which course of action I should take. Basically there are 4 choices. 1) Make my 1st B.Pack like the new style by adding an SM-4P. 2) Make my 2nd B. Pack like the OLD style by making it charge through an SM-2P. 3) Leave both battery packs mismatched like they are now. 4) Leave both battery packs mismatched like they are now and add a Y-Adapter so the output of the 1st B.P. can go to the Controller Board as well as to charge the 2nd battery pack. Thoughts?
  12. @NevNutz, I don't think you are understanding. Originally both battery packs charged with SM-2P's. Now the new battery pack has to charge via the XT-60 input. This is the one I considered replacing with an SM-2P (so it would be like the original battery pack). That battery pack still has an XT-60 output connector. Neither of my original battery packs had an SM-4P. Let me describe them again. Original GOOD battery pack: SM-2P & XT-60 Original BAD battery pack: SM-2P & XT-60 New REPLACEMENT battery pack: SM-4P, XT-60 Female, XT-60 Male So the original questions still apply. Plus, How would YOU connect this new battery pack?
  13. @NevNutz Sorry, I just noticed this new thread (I've been busy elsewhere). Do you recommend that I buy a SM-4P connector and cut away just enough of the heat wrap from my original, good battery pack to solder it on? Then I could connect it to the new, replacement battery pack. I really appreciate your help with this. I'd still like to know if making a Y-Adapter so that the output from the 1st battery pack could go directly to the Controller board as well as on to the 2nd battery pack would cause any problem. I don't like that there's only one power connection to the Controller Board which is a Single Point of Failure. Previously there were 2 power connections to the Controller Board. I've also wondered if I should just replace the XT-60 input wires with a SM-2P and small wires (like the 1st battery pack has) and charge them both through SM-2P connections (like how it originally was). Then the XT-60 output from the 1st battery pack could go directly to the Controller Board. If I did this I wouldn't need the Y-Adapter. Thoughts on that? Which is my best course of action? Thanks.
  14. I connected the XT-60 output of my original GOOD battery pack to the XT-60 input of the replacement battery pack and it does charge. I just don't know if this is acceptable. I don't know if this makes the BMS on the first pack do all of the work for both battery packs. And also, I would like to make a Y-Adapter so the XT-60 output of the original battery pack could go straight to the controller board as well continue to the replacement battery pack. I would like to know if this will cause any problems. The problem is that I don't know exactly what the input XT-60 wires go to... if it is meant to be the charging wires. The reason I would like to make the Y-Adapter is so that there isn't a single point of failure and to (hopefully) allow more current to be available to the motor. Right now if something caused the replacement battery to have a serious problem then the controller board would have no power since it is the only XT-60 output going to the controller board. Unlike how it was when it had the bad battery pack. I hope that all makes sense.
  15. @zlymex, are you saying that 2 of the wires (red & black) are for charging the battery pack and the other 2 wires (red & black) go to the next battery pack's charging connector? If that is the case what is the input XT-60 connector for? It's a bit confusing since I have 1 of each battery pack.
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