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when to recharge?


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I bought a Solowheel G3/Inmotion V8 a couple weeks ago and am learning to ride it.  I don't go super far when I practice.   Is it better to recharge it every night after using it, or is it better to not charge after every use and to wait until the charge goes below a certain % before recharging it?  Thank you!

Today I had my first experience of falling and NOT landing on my feet.  Road rash city!  :-(

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For the battery it is best to stay around 40-50% state of charge as long as possible and to be charged up to 100% only once in a while. The other way around, the worst is to store the battery at 100% charge at higher temperatures.

If I can, I charge the wheel just before I go out and only to 100% if I may need the full range.

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Don't worry too much. Just charge as you need it. Don't ever be caught with not enough battery when you would want to ride, that's objective #1:efee47c9c8: So recharge after a ride.

What you shouldn't do:

  • Keep it at very low charge state for a prolonged time.
  • Keep it at 100% (or nearly full) for a prolonged time (like a week), especially if it's hot.

If you don't do any of that all the time, no problem.

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Until I was going out on longer (several mile) rides, I charged it maybe once or twice a week.  The first week I had it I didn't even charge it once (when I'd be going out 5+ times a day for 20-30 minutes) - learning how to mount and barely going any distance doesn't appear to be very hard on the battery.

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Weird how Inmotion gives this response to the battery maintenance question on their website (question 8 https://www.inmotionworld.com/faq)

Charge the lithium batteries fully after every use. When you are not using the vehicle, please store the battery in full charge and then charge it every three month, so as to extend the lifespan of the batteries to the maximum extent.


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