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  1. Could anyone tell me if there are any companies in the U.S. that still sell the IPS i5? Do you know if IPS still produces the i5? I kind of have my heart set on getting one, but am hesitant to order direct from China. Thanks!
  2. Thank you all! I am still learning so it will be a long time in between charges...
  3. I bought a Solowheel G3/Inmotion V8 a couple weeks ago and am learning to ride it. I don't go super far when I practice. Is it better to recharge it every night after using it, or is it better to not charge after every use and to wait until the charge goes below a certain % before recharging it? Thank you! Today I had my first experience of falling and NOT landing on my feet. Road rash city! :-(
  4. Hi, I am brand new to electric unicycles. I don't know anyone personally that has one. I saw one on the street, did some web searching and bought me a Solowheel Glide 3 off the internet. It just arrived and I tried to go to the SoloWheel website and it appears to have been taken down. When I try to register on the App it never emails me the required verification code. Does anyone know what is going on with Solowheel? Thanks.
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