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  1. My best guess is it's mechanical since I can reproduce the noise by spinning the wheel with the power off. Good idea! Will give that a try.
  2. Hi all, This wheel hasn't been ridden more than a few hundred km, I'm guessing (don't have the app installed, it drains cell battery when not even on) but on one of my last rides, where I think I drove through some looser sand/dirt, the wheel has since been making noise from a start/stop/reverse or if I just spin the wheel manually even. I don't want to open this wheel up if I don't have to, but I definitely don't want to risk a cut out or leave this situation to progress even more into something serious. Any idea what this could be? See the two videos here - one just wheeling it back and forth on my carpet, powered on. The second is rotating the wheel while it's powered off, on it's side. Thanks!
  3. I bought that Amazon Basics Metal Guitar stand for my V10F eight or so months ago. It's still holding it up perfectly. Just make sure you 'slot' the wheel into that dip. Little wear and tear from missing the dip but nothing serious.
  4. I see it listed as in stock on Inmotion USA's website. Successfully added to cart for good measure. ETA I see they bumped the price up too, probably due to tariffs.
  5. I adjusted the pedal angle from -2 to 0 but it's still shooting way into the air, as demonstrated below (curious cats for scale). This is a distance of maybe 12-15 feet to the wall, so imagine cars further back than that... the light housing itself looks fine, at a glance. I thought I've read several others experiencing this same issue with the V10/F, where the light goes right into oncoming traffic. Seems KingSong and Ninebot released new lights for their wheels.... @Jeffrey Scott Will @KevinvdV... yeah perhaps a small strip of black tape cutting off the top 30-50% of the bulb may suffice.
  6. I don't mind the handle being raised, personally. But I use a guitar stand to keep the wheel in place anyway. Has anyone found a way to blunt the headlights high angle beam? It's so badly angled up, if I'm in the middle of a suburban street, at night, and aim my wheel at a house, it sends the light right up to the second floor windows. Further back I can see the tops of trees illuminated. For now I took some tape and a piece of aluminum foil to cut the beam off, but it does not work very well!!
  7. I thought the pedal adjustment would take some specialized tool, but took a closer look and made the adjustments, easy as pie. No need to open the pedals with my hands now, thanks!!
  8. Well I can't imagine your current ride (18L) is any easier, except for maybe the handle? It is pretty nuts the V10 is bigger in dimensions than most any other wheel out there. I'm hoping I can make this easier with better technique.
  9. So I'm probably getting what I deserve for buying the V10F in the first place, but boy did I overestimate how much having a handlebar (over my firewheel f260, which has none) would improve the practicality of the wheel. Are there any EUC's that only need one hand to open/close the handle and ride off? I feel like the V10F takes 2 hands to work the handle - one to depress the circular button, the other to raise the handle. Though I just tried again, in my apartment, and I think if I move the wheel forward and steer it towards the right, all with my right foot on the pedal, I think I can depress/pop up the handle with one hand, without the tip whacking my crotch... Is that how people do it? And then of course we've got the pedals that are stiff as heck and require you to bend over and pry down each one before heading off, yet another step. Took the wheel .5 miles to the grocery store, urban setting with lots of side roads, and it was pretty annoying overall. The wheel took up the entire shopping cart, and I'm asking for a back injury trying to hoist it up and over the cart rails over time. I'm a small guy (140 lb's 5' 10") so this wheels been quite cumbersome for running local errands so far. I could see it's maybe more specialized for long distance riding or men with an extra 20-40 lbs of muscle. And then with all the cross streets/shopping plaza type entrances, I had to hop on/off the wheel every 100 feet and get the handle out. Pain in the butt. ETA maybe I can improve my riding style to just staying put without reaching for the handle at a stop.
  10. Yeah I'd rather go big on armor safety, without going jetfighter mode while around town.. but an extra 100-400$ over the 'adequate' stuff people use for very different reasons than us is worth a LOT more over an actual injury.. which y'all have proven time and again happen quite easily on these machines. Injuries are known to haunt people and come back in new ways later in life. Screw all that noise. Heck I spent well over 2 grand USD in PT and diagnostics for doing lunges in the gym with a muscle imbalance, etc.. (still not clear what caused it).
  11. I look forward to learning of whatever new motorcycle jacket you buy, Marty. I'm woefully short on gear with only flexmeters (although mostly just riding around town right now) and got lost when I tried shopping for jackets online. Different armor levels, wildly different prices for no apparent reason, some don't include armor pieces, etc..
  12. Doesn't lowing the pedal sensitivity make it take a bit more body lean to respond? What I've found to work best for me (so far) is getting at least one foot further forward on the pedal, so the toes are dangling off. That maximizes the responsiveness significantly more than whole body lean approach has (I also don't enjoy putting all my weight on my toes, feels sketchy). I also set the pedal angle at like -2 degrees or slightly more, in order to minimize the feeling like I'm dangling off the leading edge of the wheel to accelerate. Finally, I lower the pedal sensitivity to like 60-75, so my feet don't feel too upright by the -2 degree pedal tilt. I think all this customization is a little crazy/overboard, but I blame it on the wheel's lower input sensitivity. My firewheel f260 (550wh motor) just needed toes off the board and walla, snappy acceleration that I think beats the v10f off the line. Probably going to resell this wheel once a better weight to power ratio 16" comes out from KingSong. I'm also afraid this v10f is too big, heavy, & handle attachment hints of an oversized toy device, to bring to bars and other such establishments. Probably should've gone with a v8 or ks16s in hindsight.
  13. Can we get a tad more torque from the V10F from a stop? People can't do pendulums with the hesitation, and it makes it a bit harder to get out of an imbalance from an extremely slow, almost stopped speed. Heavier wheels with the same motor power (looking at KS18L) are better at this, ironically.
  14. Now if this could be done for the V10F... My light goes up to the tree top canopies.
  15. This seems to me more like their next Tesla, but like 1.5 instead of 2.0. Looks like a 2.5" tire? Not a fan of the white matte 'core' against the glossy black everything else. Maybe the final silver pedal color will offset that strange contrast. To me this looks identical to my v10f, just a bit wider and with Gotway's layout of inputs/outputs on the front. All it's missing are multiple LED rings like on the v10, but I prefer the way these animate over the v10's. I'm guessing this will be easier to ride too with the battery packs not positioned high up like in inmotion's.
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