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  1. I wanted mine (well, one of mine - I use an "old" series 2 for this) with me, but didn't care about heart rate so I grabbed one of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078HXGXYX/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and then leave my watch in my pocket and use the cord too pull it out (like a pocket watch). When 12South updates their ActionSleeve for the series 4 I'll probably try one of those: https://www.twelvesouth.com/products/actionsleeve?variant=9173862416441
  2. While that'd be really useful - the physics behind projecting light bright enough to be seen on a frequently dark surface (black asphalt) during the middle of the day sunshine aren't going to cooperate very well. This is a similar flaw to the cicret bracelet that was making the rounds a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbgvSi35n6o
  3. So this is my first time [posting a video, filming myself riding, using a 360 camera, using a selfie stick, etc] - you guys make it look a lot easier to get cool shots than it is.
  4. It's likely from doing so many start stops (which you won't be doing nearly as often as you are when you're learning) and also over correcting while the wheel is moving (as you're getting the fine muscle movements down to balance). As you get more comfortable on the wheel it will occur with enough less frequency that the little bit that remains your body easily acclimates to (and doesn't even notice).
  5. That's the beauty of it - the only thing the customer cares about is which scooter happens to be closest when they need one, so as long as you drop them off somewhere there are people someone is bound to prefer downloading a new app to walking X distance.
  6. @RockyTop does the TN code say anything about "Play vehicles"? The WI code talks of EPAMD (which EUCs seem to meet the description of) but then also has a line saying that "Unicycles are Play vehicles" (with no mention of electricity) - so there's two totally different sets of rules that could clearly apply (one saying you can't go on the roads at all and another giving essentially the same rules as a bicycle).
  7. BarrettJ

    Age poll

    I've found there's a large population that literally cannot mentally picture anything other than a regular unicycle - even when you describe how it's different and tell them it goes faster, they just picture a person riding a regular unicycle but comically sped up (possibly to the tune of yakety sax)
  8. I've had it enabled since September. Haven't had a fall to trigger it yet (thankfully).
  9. Inmotion @JASONJIAO please be careful - Facebook and Google just had their enterprise certs pulled for allowing non-employees to install apps via them. I'd highly recommend you switch to distributing the app via Testflight or some other apple approved method of getting beta apps to customers as I would really hate for you guys to have your cert pulled (it's a huge pain in the ass - no one in the company can use them either and if Apple isn't as interested in working with you as they are Facebook and Google it could end poorly or at the very least take even longer to resolve).
  10. Mine's definitely in miles and MPH...
  11. If I could actually fly with it I'd have an order placed with express shipping and an apology letter written to my wife before the end of a minute. Whether that's because airlines have relaxed their rules or maybe e-bike batteries become more commoditized so you can just rent them at kiosks (and exchange for charged ones) or something. I'd still probably want a trolly handle. Without the ability to fly with it I think the modularity would be a downside - I'd rather have it be as small and light as possible (though I'd still be much less interested in getting this as a second wheel - I'd rather get a faster one if I can't get one that I could fly with)
  12. Did you read the second definition of pedal? 100% counts. ped·al1 /ˈpedl/ noun 1. each of a pair of foot-operated levers used for powering a bicycle or other vehicle propelled by the legs. 2. a foot-operated throttle, brake, or clutch control in a motor vehicle.
  13. Not when I was there, but I was there during mid day (mid 40 degrees F)
  14. Apparently they use a different method, I don't remember the exact details (that was one of our questions when we first started investigating building, too) but they don't slow down building season at all in winter here (edit: they're currently building a brand new high school across the street from our current apartment and they haven't slowed down one bit - it's actually been a kinda mild winter so far, which has been nice, too - hasn't reach the teens (F) at all).
  15. As someone who literally just had their foundation poured last week - any tips on what to look for?
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