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  1. I disable "wrist detection" before my rides, and then I don't need the pin code for the duration of my ride (with my watch attached to my wrist guard)
  2. STL? What printer? Multi-color using a Palette/MMU (I think I see 5 colors, so guessing an MMU) - or manual filament swaps?
  3. Make sure you pull your pant legs down before sitting down to pull them on (and keep them taught as you sit) - I find they stay better if I put them on standing up, but that's usually more work so I usually just try to make sure my pants are as low as they'll go when putting them on and then I put the leatts slightly high. I also try to minimize walking/running. I do have to pull them up occasionally (though never from just riding). Mine are ever so slightly too big on me - or rather the straps could be configured slightly better for me.
  4. BarrettJ

    InMotion V8f

    I think Jason said the official date is Nov 20th.
  5. Here's the reveal video, but they didn't do many details outside of that it has V10 pedals, it's a wider tire (and up higher), and has pads at the top. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2347974991998133&id=269006166951281&anchor_composer=false
  6. Do you know someone(s) with all those wheels or is there a place in Montreal that you can try them?
  7. BarrettJ


    Anyone have any more info about this: Edit: Sounds like eWheels will have them in two-ish weeks, $50ish
  8. I think that even though it feels like I'm gripping the side pads to push down harder on the pedals what I'm actually doing is gripping the wheel tighter which is planting my feet/legs more firmly and giving a more solid base to lean forward from (which I think is just another way of wording your last two sentences)
  9. I'm pretty sure Speedy Feet makes the same stand in the UK
  10. No, even on the series 5 the always on display is just for the main watch face and apple’s workouts app.
  11. If you want a V8 as your starter wheel then I'd say it's probably not worth waiting for the next version of the V8 - it's not like that next version is going to be so much better than you won't ever out grow it. I'd personally rather take the extra month (if not months) of ride time - but I'm impatient and I really like wheeling.
  12. Developing strength is definitely a skill - nobody just magically has strength. I maintain - especially if you think a 20kg bike handles the same as a 200kg motorcycle - that I want you to have a lot more training than being able to ride a bicycle before you’re riding a motorcycle on any road near me.
  13. I definitely feel you’re misguided or miscounting a lot of cross/transfer learning - unless you really intend to argue that we could find a 9-year-old riding a bike and put them on a motorcycle with no additional training or skills.
  14. I think we all think you’re waiving away an awful lot with “if you just compensate for size and weight” - particularly that you’ll just naturally know how to handle said larger size and weight and have the necessary balance muscles to be able to handle it. To us it feels like you’re starting your argument off with: “if you just ignore the relevant factors...” I found that riding my second unicycle (MSX coming from a V8) was very different from riding my second bicycle - it took me a good 50 miles before I had fully adjusted and could do some of the turns and stops I could do previously. I also had to relearn mounting and dismounting (as in it was no longer a guaranteed one shot - sometimes it’d take three or four tries). My second bicycle was literally no different feeling from my first (or 6th) and took zero additional training and zero additional miles. Some of the things I learned weren’t how to ride a unicycle, rather they were how to ride a V8. If by “ride” you mean go a few yards without falling down the we’re also going to have a very different discussion as to some people unless you could handle riding in Manhattan traffic than you still can’t actually ride - you can just make it go sometimes and in some places
  15. I think something you’re also forgetting is that larger wheels tend to weigh more and will behave differently to lighter wheels. And a dumbbell is a dumbbell is a dumbbell - but that doesn’t mean I can lift (in an appropriate, safe, and controlled manner) any particular dumbbell just because I can lift a 5lbs one.
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