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  1. OneWheels are much more common here as well Anecdotally - an old friend I reconnected with got into OneWheels from being into snowboarding (I have no clue if he's ever ski'd) and had been into OneWheels for a fair bit and had still never heard of EUCs until I brought them up. He's tried one of my wheels and definitely prefers the OneWheel stance, but I think once he gets the hang of the EUC and can go faster/carve he'd be more interested.
  2. So you're giving out partial advise at best (your initial post doesn't recommend glass and it doesn't specify that only certain probes are ones you'd disable); you won't give any sources for people agreeing with you, just saying there are some; and you won't even consider looking at any sources that might indicate you're wrong or giving out bad advice - yet you'll still dispense it? I can see why you'd want to be done with this conversation. To anyone entering the hobby - don't disable ABL without throughly researching exactly what you're doing. I'm finished as well now.
  3. Can you please provide links to reputable sources that are saying this instead of just saying that people agree with you (there are plenty of YouTube videos that disagree with you, so just saying "YouTube" doesn't really do much to aid your point) For my sources on why probes are better - check out: Check out literally any FDM printer review from the last few years The marlin firmware - specifically the commits where ABL is implemented and/or modified Plenty of YouTubers (TeachingTech, Thomas Sanladerer, Chris Riley) Edit: Sorry if it seems like I'm coming at this a lot, but I certainly hope that if I was on a 3d printing forum and someone came in talking about PEVs and said "you should disable the BMS and charge without it - it will let you get more charge as a BMS will stop charging at 50% capacity" - I certainly hope someone would correct them on why BMSs are used and that if the BMS is stopping at 50% then it is defective and not a reason to disable all BMSs every where.
  4. I mean I'm also doing 3d printing as my day job and half my 3d printers literally don't even have bed leveling knobs (the Prusas) because probes are so much better (and the other half have both and are used in tandem) but sure. And the people making the firmware that these printers run (and not just Marlin but pretty much every single firmware seems to support probes) seem to agree that probes are better (or a lot of people a lot smarter than me have decided to waste a bunch of their time). There are tons of printer mods around removing manual leveling system of printers (solid bed mounts) and still more about taking advantage of the precision the probes provide in exactly dialing in the leveling (Nylock mod for Prusa printers) ALL these people are wasting their time because it's more accurate to just eyeball it than use these machines and computers designed for precise measurement?
  5. Perhaps you incorrectly mounted your measuring probe or it is malfunctioning. You're correct, you shouldn't get completely different answers each time which is why it firmwares will do multiple probes and will repeat if they don't get values in the expected range - an expected range to a degree of accuracy that would be impossible to accurately ascertain by eye or feel, no less. You're literally trying to say you can eyeball or feel to a higher degree of accuracy than a machine designed for measuring.
  6. This misunderstands the purpose of mesh bed leveling. You still want your bed manually leveled - but mesh/auto leveling will make a 3d map of what your build plate looks like (with its minor imperfections and warping due to heat) and then account for those imperfections. Even if your bed is 100% level - mesh leveling accounts for warps in the surface in a way that turning knobs cannot. Additionally I don't think you can actually level the bed more reliably by hand/eye than having a probe give you measurements and deltas across the entire build plate and using that as your guide for manually leveling.
  7. I also like the game changers and the kingfoams - they also have shoes (FP Footwear) that are comfortable to euc in and have nice grip to the pedals. I have the citrus and another that I can't remember the name of because they were a previous year's model.
  8. How often are you stopping? Are you trying to go as long as you can without stopping - or are you actively practicing it? If you've never set out and just practiced stopping - mount up, go 10 feet (or some easy to measure distance - 3 squares of sidewalk) and stop and dismount trying to have the contact patch of the tire exactly on the line. Repeat. Mix up which foot you mount/dismount with. Vary the speed you go for the short distance. Do that for like 20 minutes. 20 minutes of stopping without the pressures of a stop sign, possible cross traffic, etc. will probably do wonders.
  9. I'd be in as well (and my Mten isn't even here yet :P)
  10. Do you know at approximately what percent your wheel starts beeping? I got my first "low voltage" alert last weekend ("more than 14.4km/h, low voltage, 3 beeps every 2 seconds" - according to the beep code thread) and I'm not really sure how much margin I actually had left. The wheel didn't feel any different other than the beeping.
  11. I've got the Bose ones and I can definitely hear them (quite well) when going faster than 20MPH (and with decent winds). It'll frequently be the case that if I pause the music and concentrate REALLY HARD I can barely hear my MSX triple beep speed alarm over the wind noise. People ahead of me on the trails seem to notice several yards ahead of me (if they're not wearing headphones). They're by far my preferred method of listening to music while riding (as I like that they somewhat broadcast my presence). (This is with a Steelbird Air 2 helmet over my head as well)
  12. I'd wager its a combination of tire pressure and an "off day" (or week). A lot of it is mental and its really easy to be in just a slightly distracted headspace and have things feel "different" and make somethings that are usually "automatic" slightly more "manual" and then you notice the little errors you make and get even more in your head. Then you start really paying attention to what you're doing - in a way that you don't normally - and you make even more little changes as you're becoming hyper aware of things you normally aren't aware of.
  13. I've only taken it out a handful of times. Let met give it another week and if I haven't come around I'll let you know.
  14. I got one from eWheels and it came a while ago. I'm not a huge fan of it - the screen isn't really that bright so I can't see it very well.
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