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  1. BarrettJ

    what app for new solowheel glide 3

    Mine's definitely in miles and MPH...
  2. BarrettJ

    10" Travel Wheel, King Song version of the MTen3?

    If I could actually fly with it I'd have an order placed with express shipping and an apology letter written to my wife before the end of a minute. Whether that's because airlines have relaxed their rules or maybe e-bike batteries become more commoditized so you can just rent them at kiosks (and exchange for charged ones) or something. I'd still probably want a trolly handle. Without the ability to fly with it I think the modularity would be a downside - I'd rather have it be as small and light as possible (though I'd still be much less interested in getting this as a second wheel - I'd rather get a faster one if I can't get one that I could fly with)
  3. BarrettJ

    Those Things Are Not "Pedals"

    Did you read the second definition of pedal? 100% counts. ped·al1 /ˈpedl/ noun 1. each of a pair of foot-operated levers used for powering a bicycle or other vehicle propelled by the legs. 2. a foot-operated throttle, brake, or clutch control in a motor vehicle.
  4. BarrettJ

    How to Offroad?

    Not when I was there, but I was there during mid day (mid 40 degrees F)
  5. BarrettJ

    How to Offroad?

    Apparently they use a different method, I don't remember the exact details (that was one of our questions when we first started investigating building, too) but they don't slow down building season at all in winter here (edit: they're currently building a brand new high school across the street from our current apartment and they haven't slowed down one bit - it's actually been a kinda mild winter so far, which has been nice, too - hasn't reach the teens (F) at all).
  6. BarrettJ

    How to Offroad?

    As someone who literally just had their foundation poured last week - any tips on what to look for?
  7. BarrettJ

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Is it possible to get added to the TestFlight beta (if it helps I'm an iOS dev so I know how to make good bug reports)? My email is clrams at the email service provided by Google.
  8. BarrettJ

    Inmotion V8 bluetooth always on

    I'm going from memory, but I believe that mine will turn off bluetooth when not plugged in but if it's charging it will keep the bluetooth active while turning off the wheel.
  9. BarrettJ

    what app for new solowheel glide 3

    Personally I use the InMotion app to change the lights and stuff, but then I use DarknessBot to actually see my riding stats and such.
  10. I grabbed a pair of under armor glove liners from a local sporting goods store that are nice and thin - they’ve served me well to about 50 degrees so far (I don’t go riding much when it drops below 50 as I haven’t found warm enough gear yet)
  11. BarrettJ

    Solowheel Glide 3 loses settings on power off.

    Just in terms of someone thinking the power button was finicky - they might not necessarily expect it to need to be fully upright to turn on. Before I had the stand I was leaning it against a wall and 99% of the time it was upright enough to turn on against the wall, but every once in a while it would be tipped just a little more than usual (without looking different) and not turn on.
  12. BarrettJ

    Solowheel Glide 3 loses settings on power off.

    Additionally I can confirm that the power button does seem to not be responsive if the wheel isn’t upright - I ordered a unicycle stand and the wheel will not power on when sitting in it, but powers right on when picked up and placed on the floor.
  13. BarrettJ

    New rider question about posture

    Search amazon for a luggage strap - mine was neon orange and like $6. It’s very important to have it be adjusted so it’s not so short you accidentally hit the kill switch while riding but not so long that the wheel can tip too far or get away from you (and then boomeranging back due to the leash and hitting you...that wasn’t a fun a lesson).
  14. BarrettJ

    New rider question about posture

    You'll find your stance with time, I wouldn't worry about that. One tip that I wish I could go back in time and give myself is to not worry about "perfect pedal position" - for some reason I thought I should be trying to get my feet into this exact perfect position each time - it turns out there are lots of "good enough" positions and no such things as "perfect" (there's also a lot of "I can make do with this for a few blocks and the next time I have to stop I'm gonna reorient" positions, too) - I pretty much always have one foot slightly ahead of the other, too (usually my right). Also don't look at your feet when trying to get on - if I look a few feet ahead I mount 99% of the time with maybe a wobble at most; but if I'm looking at my feet it's 50/50 as to if I'll need a second try to mount.
  15. BarrettJ

    Cruising Speed

    I'd go with the refurb V8 as well - it's handled the hills around me (Wisconsin) well. I actually really like the trolly handle on the V8, too. Even going with the V8 you will likely want more at some point. I've had the V8 about a month and a half and I can already feel the desire for a "better" wheel creeping in (though I still love my V8 - it's been a great first wheel and I'm glad the battle scars are going into a refurb wheel instead of whatever I'll be eyeing in the spring)