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  1. Sorry if it's already been done, but there's only one proper way to excuse yourself:
  2. Whoops, I thought I was in a different thread (re-reading from the top made things more clear)
  3. Where does it say anything about it being self-driving? I looked at both those articles and neither made mention of that fact - were they edited or did that info come from elsewhere?
  4. On the flip side - the reason I have my motorcycle helmet is for colder weather EUC riding
  5. To make sure I'm understanding this correctly: for steep hills I should be starting down the hill more slowly (because I braked early/before the hill) and I should maintain a constant level of "brake pressure" (which would mean my speed would increase over time as I go down the hill gaining momentum) - correct?
  6. Even if the dev gets you on the beta of Darknessbot that won't fix your watch syncing issue - it's an issue with the APIs and frameworks themselves. The amount you want a feature - even an accessibility feature - does not determine whether or not there are bugs.
  7. There's know issues with Watch Connectivity on the betas - it's in the release notes of both iOS and WatchOS. You'll just have to wait until the bugs are fixed on apple's end, that's why they explicitly say to only install them on developer devices.
  8. If you connect via bluetooth to the InMotion app there's a spot where it will show you lifetime miles (though it's possible someone with more knowledge of the wheels than I would also know how to reset that). I got my V8 refurb'd from InMotion themselves and it came with a 3 month warranty so that may be adoption if you want some warranty (though they seem to always be out of refurb stock now) - that was also my concern being my first EUC (and I live in the midwest in the US - it'd literally take me hours to drive somewhere to even see someone with a wheel, let alone one for sale)
  9. Is that new? Previously I never had to go into calibration position to set the lights
  10. Those are the 'regular' not the 'elite' - I'm not 100% on the difference (it's been a while since I bought mine and did the research) but I went with the Elites. I believe it has to do with the amount of impact protection, but as I said it's been a while since I did my research.
  11. They aren't hard at rest, they are like a gel/foam thing that gets hard on impact.
  12. You mean app, not firmware (firmware is the 'software' the wheel itself is running), There's a previous post about it, it's apparently just bug fixes and doesn't really justify a 2.0 version (at least IMO).
  13. What is preventing you from carving or doing tricks and "just chilling" on a EUC? I've seen videos of people carving on eucs, doing tricks on eucs, and I'm not entirely sure exactly what you mean by "just chilling" but I think the dudes riding EUCs and drinking their coffee or texting on their phones are rather "chillaxed" (how do you do, fellow kids?)
  14. If I'm commuting or just out riding with my (young) son on his electric razor scooter I'll just do my full face helmet (fox proframe) and my wrist guards (flex meter). Usually I do a little wrist mounted mirror, too If I'm gonna be sending it or trying something new (going to start working on curb jumps) I'll add on additional gear: elbow pads (g-form elite), either soft (g-form elite, under clothes) or hard knee pads (triple 8, over clothes) depending on what I'm doing/wearing and the weather, etc.
  15. If anyone in WI picks up a EUC I'm still here riding around and would love to do a group ride sometime. I've come across a handful of people with OneWheels but still no other EUC riders.
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