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First budget EUC


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Hi everyone, 

After considering e-bikes, e-scooters and e-skates, I think that the best way to improve my daily commute is by using an electric unicycle. The other electric devices are too heavy or bulky to store them in my class at university. The option of an electric skateboard was a good choice until I rode one and found out that they are pretty un confortable if the terrain isn't smooth enough, in addition they aren't ver safe neither. Although they're a lot of fun. 

My daily commute consists in 2km to get to the train station and then another 2,5km to get to my university. There aren't a lot of hills and the pavements are pretty regular. I don't mind about speed, I prefer confort and smoothness in the ride. And I also want a compact EUC that can be easily stored and that doesn't weight too much. By the way, I'm a complete newbie in this topic and any advice would be very nice! 

-My budget is 500 euros, although it could increase a bit if your recommendations are worth it. 

-Maximum speed of 20km or more. 

-Minimum range of 10km. 

-Near the weight of 10kg or less. 

-Preferably a 14inch wheel. 

-Preferably water protection. 

-Preferably with a warranty by the seller. 

-And the most important: I want a durable  EUC that can last me a loooong time since it would be my daily commuter tool. 


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Ideal would be a used KingSong KS14D, they sometimes can be had for around 500€. Great wheel that costs almost double when new.

There's also the KingSong KS14M, for example here for 440€: https://eunicycles.eu/en/14-inch-wheels/86-king-song-ks14m.html But the 174Wh battery is small, it probably won't do 10km on a charge.

Or maybe this? Inmotion V5F for 350€. 288Wh, seems like a better choice than the 14M.

It's a bit hard, the market is stupid at low price points. Maybe there are other options I'm not aware of.

10kg weight isn't going to work unless you find a IPS i5 which is like 8kg.

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I'd  go with the KS14d as the easier and more predictable rider. The engine on the KS14d is also a bit stronger (500 versus 800 watts). However, I love the trolley handle of my V5F.

Unless you have cars about to run you over, you can easily ride all the way to school. With 4.5 km, more than likely you'd extend that ride as wheels are quite fun.

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16 hours ago, Pablo_K said:

@meepmeepmayer hey man thanks for suggesting the inmotion v5f, do you know for how long is the coupon in gear best available to use?



14 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

No I don't know, but maybe @jojo33 knows.

Hello, coupon for the V5F (black color available)  7Z2KW936RJ  dont have any ends date, you can use it (only if you unlock your adblock ....:sleep1:i joke !) when you want, (check stock available)

but i suggest you order before end of october or mid-november (for delivery time), in november will be last month for received it before christmas

A member (from Barcelona) ordered a One Z 6 last august 15 and received last september 26


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