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  1. Ch.Eng.62

    Z10 replacement pedals and parts? Recommendations?

    +1. And usually very fast delivery to Europe
  2. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot Z Competition?

    Probably other makers don't want to take a risk of changing the driving experience (behaviour of the wheel) so drastically.
  3. S2 is a very good wheel. If the battery is not f..ked up.
  4. Ch.Eng.62

    Strange sound coming from the Z10

    Sorry, I am onboard the vessel now. I use Internet via a satellite (thanks the God, and the company, it is for free) . The traffic speed is very low, so I cannot watch the video. P.S Anyhow I watched it, probably because it is short. Definitely I hadn't heard this noise from my wheel. And it sounds like a damaged bearing at low revolutions. But please check first for stuck leafs and etc
  5. Hall sensors and motor are connected to the mainboard. I mean connectors to the mainboard.
  6. Ch.Eng.62

    Strange sound coming from the Z10

    Hello @Samir Muradov Do you found the noise source?
  7. It is possible to be bad connection of the hall sensors or motor. Try to disconnect and reconnect the connectors of the sensors and motor. You have to remove only the side cover for the main board. I forgot which side, left or right it is
  8. Ch.Eng.62

    Strange sound coming from the Z10

    Здравей. Добре дошъл във форума. Ако е лагер, а най вероятно е, не карай колелото докато не го смениш. Най добре смени двата. Търси лагери с гумени уплътния (6004 2RS ако съм запомнил добре). И аз имам Z10. Вече е на над 900км. За сега нямам проблеми, но се замислям дали да не сменя лагерите профилактично. Успех.
  9. Nice! I dream the time when I will teach my grandson. May be after 5 years? Now he is 2yo.
  10. @Phillyrider did you unlock the wheel? Just tap on padlock.
  11. Check if it is locked from the app. The padlock in the centre of the screen is opened or closed
  12. Ch.Eng.62

    Z6 Yes or No?

    Z10 More range, more power and more SAFETY. Two independent batteries connected to the mainboard.
  13. Ch.Eng.62

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Why you need it? Your wheel arrived whiteout battery? Aliexpress.
  14. I leave my wheel twenty days ago. Now I am waiting my daughter to check the condition of the battery. Hope it will be OK. BTW, there are two ways the battery juice to be drained. Mainboard or BMS. If it is mainboard, the battery have to be disconnected for long-term storage. If it is BMS, nothing can help. Who will experiment?