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  1. For initial setting the tire on place, you need large quantity of air, preferably without the valve core. With hand pump it is not possible. You have to use compressor.
  2. #Aliexpress € 68,32 | original Ninebot One C C+ E E+ electric unicycle charger unicycle accessory 120W 61V charger international version https://a.aliexpress.com/_dWHeFRU I use this seller and recommend him, but I don't know anything about delivery to Australia.
  3. Check the battery voltage first. It is easy. The battery is under one of the grey covers. Left side or right side, I forgot. Look for video in YouTube. If the battery voltage above 40 volts, it is worth to look for charger. Good luck
  4. As I told you, it is a back side of the of the pcb only. Probably when it is fixed to the aluminium base plate, thermal grease have to be applied.
  5. It is brand new pcb. Only pcb. The aluminium plate can not be separated without damaging the pcb
  6. What means "tilt to the right". Is it trying to make a right turn, or your weight is mostly on the left leg? Until now I didn't hear for problem with the pedals, but did you check are the both pedals with equal height and fixing the pedals to the column?
  7. Z10 is my work horse and may be I am used to it's behaviour, but I don't have any problem.
  8. Hi, welcome to the forum. Check the tire pressure. Probably it is too low.
  9. I think it is not possible to be fixed. The build in handle is movable and thus the kill switch is activated. Did you check the possibility the trolley handle to be fixed to different from the build in handle place? Thanks for the shared experience. I was considering buying the same handle. The lack of it is the main reason I am almost not riding my S2.
  10. @Attila Demeter- Szatmári, Well come to the forum. Probably you didn't note that the post you refer is from April '16 and @SinisterPrime last visiting the forum is December '17
  11. My Z10 is 1828, more than 2000km and there is not any problem until now
  12. I still believe that the designer of the system (someone in Ninebot) is aware and have a working solution for restoring the working condition for this excellent (my opinion) wheel. But will it be unveiled or not is unknown.
  13. Gotway Mten 3 - Opel Tigra (first model, ), very fun to ride,as a go-kart, for short distances Z10 - Peugeot 207CC, a pure pleasure of riding /driving P.S. I compare only vehicles which I have or I had driven.
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