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  1. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot C+ Motor Controller Dead? NO POWER

    Probably the activating code is wrong. Which serial number you gave? It must be the serial number taken from the app, after replacing the mainboard. NOT the serial number on the box
  2. Thanks! I don't have any problem until now, but I am on four months contract away from home and I don't know what will happen with the battery. I gave instructions to my wife how to check the battery and how to recharge it and will remind her to do this, but who knows.
  3. I don't have FB and DO NOT consider to make one. Can you post a link to the manual here?
  4. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot C+ Motor Controller Dead? NO POWER

    @DiZZyNinebot Europe gave me the code service@segway.eu.com The guy there was very cooperative.
  5. Ch.Eng.62

    Z10 or is 18XL

    I have Z10 and I am very happy with it. Five months and more than 900 kilometres. Sorry, I had never try KS.
  6. Ch.Eng.62

    Maximum runout on EUC (Z10) rim?

    Did you check the tire pressure? If it is too low, probably will have the same behaviour.
  7. Ch.Eng.62

    Broken Z10 Trolley Handle

    I found replacement trolley handle (21.84€) made for a suitcase (probably from the same maker)from Ali. Only the outermost rod is missing. The problem is that, in my case, it's slight deformation is the cause for the troubles.
  8. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot C+ Motor Controller Dead? NO POWER

    I am glad I can help.
  9. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot C+ Motor Controller Dead? NO POWER

    And on the board there is not any signs for overheating? Very strange! I bought mainboard from Speedyfeet. The activating code was provided from Ninebot Europe. I bought it just in case I need it, when it was available. My E+ was sold with two working mainboards. BTW, it is still available https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/ninebot-one-parts/products/ninebot-one-e-p-replacement-main-control-board
  10. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot C+ Motor Controller Dead? NO POWER

    Probably there is not power to the mainboard. As there isn't fuses, it is possible bad soldering of the power cables. Please check the voltage at the mainboard.
  11. Ch.Eng.62

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    It is possible the charging connector to be damaged by the higher current. Who knows its amperage rating.
  12. Ch.Eng.62

    Another Example of Slime Saving the Day

    Yes! There is special SLIME for tubeless tires.
  13. Ch.Eng.62

    Sell my NEW Tesla or 2017 MsuperV3S+

    And AFAIK zero failures. I don't think that it's due to underdevelopment.
  14. Ch.Eng.62

    Valve extender question

    I am using the valve extender delivered with previous Ninebot models (E+ and S2). It is available from Speedyfeet https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/ninebot-one-parts/products/160mm-valve-extension
  15. Ch.Eng.62


    The date when the move is done is 2nd January 2016. Probably it is before the safety gear is invented.