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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I am the very happy new owner of a KS 18L as a first wheel. I wanted to post my experience about learning on this wheel but also ask few questions to other 18L riders about the alarms. Background I am 175cm/78Kg (5'9"/172lbs), 39yrs, never had a unicycle, riding in Chicago with the goal to replace my train commute. Roads are mostly flat, but lots of them are full of potholes or in renovation (aka streets half tiered down with gravels and bumps that even a car driver would hate). I received my 18L from eWheels at the end of August, so it is part of the "Batch2". I also got the 5A turbo charger for it, and it works great. My experience learning to ride a unicycle on the 18L It's not harder to learn on the 18L. While I have obviously no way to compare a first experience on another wheel, I have learned to ride it in 4 days, spending 30-45 min each day (could not dedicate more time to it) It seems to me that experiences in skiing, ice skating, surfing, riding a bike without using hands, etc.. are the best lead indicators of an easy/fast learning curve. It's just another variation of finding your body balance. In day 1-2, I was practicing on my backyard on the pavement (maybe 20x10 ft): so just enough to get on and off. That's not enough distance to go fast at all, and all the balance exercises were happening at extremely low speed. I realized on day 3 in the back alley that some additional speed (and anything would have been faster than on day 1-2) was providing the stability I needed to feel comfortable and stay on the wheel. Turning is like skiing, shifting your weight on your legs. More work is needed for me to exhibit total grace but the main point here is that if the 18L was hypothetically hard to learn, I did not experience it. I ran on FW 1.07 Day 1-3 and upgraded to FW 1.11 on day 4. I did not feel any differences, but that's probably because I have not yet internalized the wheel's behavior. Note that I have only checked my tire pressure on day 5, and realized that it was only ~20 PSI. So possibly, learning on at lower pressure was easier because once I updated to ~40-45 PSI, it was harder to get on. On day 6, I commuted to work: I had terrible wobbling at medium-high speed, but thanks to the posts on this site I got rid of it by lowering the pressure a little (~35 PSI) and by adjusting my feet positioning. I would say that the most impactful posts for me were the ones from @houseofjob on feet positioning techniques. I can totally relate to analogies with skiing (I actually surprised wanting to turn like skiing: using a pole, tight the wheel between my legs and jump ?). The major tip for me was his "diagonal riding" that totally got rid of my wobbling wheel effect. I also found that balancing weight on each foot like "ice skating" slowly works too; too well maybe as the wheel keeps on accelerating while ice skating would just maintain speed (due to the resistance of the ice). On day 7, I don't have any real issues, commuting to work is great but it's still an adventure due to Chicago's traffic/roads, and It reduces my commute time by 25%. I keep on hitting the level 3 alarm (set at 35 km/h) with too much ease, which leads me to my only complain & question with this wheel: the alarms. I have not experienced any lights issues, locks, or trolley handle problems at this point. Lifting the wheel works 100% of the time for me when I do it in 2 steps: 1) I give a brief pull up on the handle ( just the handle not the whole the tire) to get the "beep", and then 2) I lift the whole wheel up. I set the wheel configuration on "experienced" on day 1, as I did not see the benefits to learn a soft wheel behavior to then change it to a more reactive one: better to just learn the reactive one from the beginining. Speed Alarms When I started riding the 18L, I hit the "back tilt" quite easily with the default settings. I then changed the speed limit values to allow me to ride without getting to the "back tilt" that quickly. That's when it hit me: the "back tilt" is supposed to be the last warning. I understand that the wheel is supposed to "Beep" or "Vibrate" or "Speak something" at three alarm levels prior to the tilt: I got none of them. Playing with the App, it seems that I can get beeps by turning off the voice, but then it seems that the wheel beeps all the time, so I ended up turning alarms 1 and 2 off and only kept alarm 3 at 35 km/h (since I believe 40 km/h is the max until I get to 200km). Also, the "vibrate" option does not seem to do anything. Is the wheel supposed to vibrate or is it the phone? Nothing happens to me. Have other experienced something different? The range control in the apps goes all the way to 60 km/h, what I happen if I set 60? Would the wheel still alert me at 40km/h (or 50km/h after the 200km)? I set the alarm 3 at 35 and the tilt back at 38, but if the wheel is smart and there is no "cut off", then I supposed I could just put 38 and 40 instead? Comments? Have some of you tried? What do you use? Btw, is Darknessbot report's speed supposed to be accurate (with iphone)? Finally, while it's somewhere on this forum, I am re-sharing one advice to protect the wheel that I found was really useful. As everyone knows, it's better to protect the wheel from crashes with bumper strips. But don't apply to the wheel directly, because the double tape leaves residues when taking it out. So instead, put first some painting tape and then stick the double tape with the bumper strips on the tape. Here are some pics of my 18L for reference. I took everything off on day 6, absolutely no tape marks. Thanks to all the people on this forum who continuously provide mentorship!
  2. Hi everyone, After considering e-bikes, e-scooters and e-skates, I think that the best way to improve my daily commute is by using an electric unicycle. The other electric devices are too heavy or bulky to store them in my class at university. The option of an electric skateboard was a good choice until I rode one and found out that they are pretty un confortable if the terrain isn't smooth enough, in addition they aren't ver safe neither. Although they're a lot of fun. My daily commute consists in 2km to get to the train station and then another 2,5km to get to my university. There aren't a lot of hills and the pavements are pretty regular. I don't mind about speed, I prefer confort and smoothness in the ride. And I also want a compact EUC that can be easily stored and that doesn't weight too much. By the way, I'm a complete newbie in this topic and any advice would be very nice! -My budget is 500 euros, although it could increase a bit if your recommendations are worth it. -Maximum speed of 20km or more. -Minimum range of 10km. -Near the weight of 10kg or less. -Preferably a 14inch wheel. -Preferably water protection. -Preferably with a warranty by the seller. -And the most important: I want a durable EUC that can last me a loooong time since it would be my daily commuter tool. THANKS TO EVERYONE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
  3. squirt

    Noob on a KS18AY+

    I bought a used KS18AY+ last week as my first wheel while waiting for my KS18L to come in and have made steady progress with it. I started out using the strap that came with it, but thought it was too short and kept one of my arms restricted. So I purchased a longer strap from Walmart and set the length just to my longest arm reach while standing on the pedals. This helped out tremendously with allowing me to flail my arms while trying to balance and still be able to catch the wheel if it got away from me (most the time)... 2 times it did get away from me enough to put some pretty good scratches in it, and take off one of the speaker covers. I also got a really good goose egg on the side of my leg just above my ankle when I lost control and it spun around on the strap and slammed against my leg. 2 days ago I finally got brave enough to venture out of my short driveway and went to the end of my road and back a few times... A little over half a mile each way. I got a lot of wobbles, came close to running into a few parked cars and motorcycles, and almost went into some bushes, but I survived.. Yesterday I was practicing some more and had a couple folks ask me about it. One guy told me he had seen a lot of these in California, but this is the first time he had seen one in Northern Virginia. They all thought it was cool. I ended up going to the local middle school parking lot and practiced doing long figure eights between the parking lot divides. I did approximately 14 miles yesterday across 2 sessions. This morning, I went out again and did another 12 miles in 1 hour. I practiced more in the school parking lot and as summer school kids were coming in, I could hear a lot of comments about it, including how fast they thought it was. I guess they are used to seeing the hoverboards. This time I practiced smaller figure eights within 10 to 15 foot diameters. Definitely helps to look where you want to go, just like with a motorcycle. On the way back home, I was much more comfortable and was not as nervous as cars past me on the road. I still have a lot of work to do, but this is way better than my Segway Minipro. I also want to learn as much as I can before the 18L comes in as I don't want to scratch it up to bad. ? Edit.... Oops.. .meant to put this in the general section... Can it be moved?
  4. Good morning everyone, special thanks to everyone here on the forums..especially @Marty Backe @litewave and @steve454 who have tirelessly answered all my questions and have provided information sometimes redundantly!. So, must say so far charged, foam protected, havent pumped in any air in the tire however....I have squeezed the tire with my thumbs and there is almost no give..not sure if I should check the PSI but i think on that front all is well. I just got back from about 15minutes in my parking garage, one of the first things I did after turning it on was running back upstairs and putting on my wrist guards and my helmet. Yes, even not going on anywhere I put my helmet on, I had this intuition from practicing other sports that I can really really hurt myself in the formative stages if not careful. So far I must say this is SOOO fun, takes me back to my childhood trying to learn new motor skills for a sport. I can tell I'll probably get addicted to EUCs. I started off by holding on to the top of this railing in my garage , Its about a 10ft stretch, I started off by just trying to mount the thing. I must say I favor my right side heavily, so what ive done is tipped the wheel on its side to its ride...Sorta "clamp" my foot and ankle close to the body of the EUC and try to roll it forward, meanwhile holding onto the railing and sorta "jump on". After trying this for a few times or so I was pretty succesful after about only 15minutes. I continued this and sort of moving forward and backward alongst this fence while holding on to the top rail. Some things ive noticed and need advice on, is there a good method to "ditch" the EUC? Ive favored just dumping the EUC on it's side to the right while I try to jump off..sorta pedal scrape the right pedal close to the ground then step off. Any advice on how to properly get off once you sense you're losing your balance? Ive padded up my EUC but see some battle scars already LOL so far chipped the blue off the handle holder (front of the handle) and some good pedal scrapes, I am hoping the pedals are easily replace or upgradable. Another thing ive noticed is the APP I have shows a "sensitivity" adjustment, currently I have it on 4 the app shows the lower the # the more sensitive, any ideas on what # is good for training? I figure I will be hanging onto a fence and doing this for several days, maybe several times a day. My next training session will be doing what I did today and hopefully hobbling along another fenced wall which spans about 12ft! Any and all advice as always is appreciated. Thank you guys!
  5. Hello all! I have never ridden an electric unicycle before and am wanting too start riding! I live in a steep mountainous town (some hills are 25%) and wanting an easy transportation type to get me to work. Here are some things I would want in the electric unicycle. At least 20% hill climb, be able to ride at least 2km on steep hills, be able to go around 20km/h, be able to ride in slick conditions (is this possible?) and not easily broken (since I will definitely crash a lot) and be able to carry me (150lbs). I am also 16. I have been looking at buying the Inmotion V8 but I have heard some controversial posts about it. Also money is not a big problem since I have a part time job (but please keep it below $2000 CAD). Can anybody help me?
  6. After having used an electric skateboard around town (mainly for transportation) for the past couple of months I realized that enough of the roads around here are a hair too crappy for said skateboard — the board can take it, but I find the ride too rough. Now I'm thinking about switching from the skateboard to a KS16S (or a onewheel+, but that's another story), but having watched a crapton of EUC youtube videos and having browsed thru that "If you fell off EUC and got injured in the last few years, how are you all doing now?" thread, I had a few questions about cutouts: 1. How common are cutouts? As in are cutouts one of those things that aren't so much a "if you have one" thing as a "when you have one" thing? 2. From what I've seen and read I get that the beefier the EUC, the lower the risk of cutouts, and the closer you hang out at the max speed of your EUC, the higher the risk of cutouts, but what are some other things that raise or lower the risk of cutouts? 3. If I'm around 175lbs (80kg) and I don't plan to go much faster than, say, a bicycle that's cruising around (that's about as fast as I care to go on the electric skateboard), are cutouts something I should worry about if I'm looking at a KS16S? And unrelated to cutouts, I have two other noob EUC questions: 1. If I'm buying in the US, is ewheels.com the way to go? Or are there other sites I should also be looking at? 2. Is carrying grocery bags in your hands while riding an EUC a bad idea, balance-wise?. What about shifting the bags around like you might do if you were walking around with heavy bags and your hands were getting tired? 3. The inmotion V8 was the EUC I was actually interested in (because in addition to the 16" wheel and extendable handle in the KS16S, the V8 also had a kill switch for lifting it) but it sounds like ewheels.com is not going to carry it anymore, and I also got the impression that ewheels was the only official distributor of the V8 in the US. Are there other legit outlets that will now carry the V8 in the US?
  7. Hello All, New poster here but I want to start by saying thanks to all who have posted here in the past. I has been very helpful in my investigations of the different "wheel" options out there. Amazon has the Segway One S1 as their daily deal today at $479 with free shipping for Prime members (I also get a 5% discount). With tax and discount this puts it at $486. A pretty good deal. The V5F+ is on sale at ewheels for $895 and they are awaiting stock. I know the S1 is an inferior product to the V5F+ and I've already decided that I want a V5F+ ultimately. The plan is to use the wheel for 5 mile each way summer commutes to and from work in FL as cycling has just become a sweaty unpleasant endeavor in this heat and humidity. I like the V5F+ because of the few extra MPH and the range. I'm not looking to be a speed demon. I've no desire to eat blacktop at speed but like the fact that the V5F+ will deal with my daily activities with plenty of additional speed and battery reserve to minimize the risk of it folding under me. That said the S1 is being sold at a very competitive price. Even though I want the V5F+ I'm thinking of getting the S1 initially due to the daily deal price. I'm loathe to drop nearly a thousand bucks on the V5F+ to experiment with a device I may not even like or may not be practical for my intended use. I also like the idea of scratching up and S1 while learning to ride a EUC and the getting the V5F+ once proficient. Used S1's are selling for about $350 to $370 on eBay meaning if I brought then sold the S1 (either because I didn't like EUC's or because I upgraded) the experiment will have cost me about $150. Any thoughts on this plan of action from seasoned veterans? To add to this. I don't have a huge amount of cash available. I could pick up the S1 now. Waiting to have the money for the V5F+ could be a while. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everybody! I was recently introduced to the forum by @Marty Backe through his you tube channel (thank you!) and I've been reading posts like crazy . A little bit of background about me. I live in Arlington, VA (about 15 min away from Washington DC) and I'm a college student and a business owner of a pet sitting company (https://www.idogdc.com/). I'm interest in finding a more efficient way to move a lot around the city from house to house for work than a car and to combine/substitute it with the metro (subway) as its not very reliable and moving through the city by car and finding parking can be a nightmare. 1. Do you think this is the most efficient way to travel around the city from client to client without having to require a car and the hassles that come with owning one?? (gas, insurance, parking, tickets...) 2. How long did it take you to learn how to ride it? I'm a pretty thin but tall guy at around 6'4" and even though I only weight 180 lbs (approx. 80 kg) I'm looking to bulk up and start eating a bit more healthy after I'm done with school and I'm aiming for the 190 - 200 lbs mark, so the more power the better (I'm looking for something around 50 miles). My shoe size is a 11-12 so again the bigger pedals the better. I narrowed my initial search to the V5F+, V8, ACM and the MSuper V3. First impressions are that the Gotway products look a bit more rigid overall without that flimsy plastic in the body and pedals of the Inmotion that even though I looks nice seems to be a scratch magnet (correct me if I'm wrong). Between the ACM and the MSuper V3 I'm pretty undecided. On one hand the "extra" wheel of the MSuper looks like would be more comfortable and better with pod wholes and in a straight line but its not necessary for moving around the city. The bigger wheel also adds extra weight (don't mind it much) and limits the maneuverability that seen to be better on the ACM, although the built in trolley for the MSuper is a plus! The bigger pedals are a big positive in the MSuper. The ACM body seems to be better against scratches and in my opinion is more visually appealing, that being said how easy is to paint them, specially the horrible red accents on the MSuper? I've seeing videos and the mods and paint jobs of some members but I'm not sure how different it would be for each unicyle. 3. Which one rides better and which one would you recommend me to best fit my needs?@Carlos E Rodriguez and a lot of people recommended the ACM in a previous post (copied here as well) and I know @Marty Backe loves his ACM but he recommended the MSuper for me, thoughs? 4. How would you describe the ride? From the outside it looks like a mix of skiing and biking 5. What seller do you recommend? Thank you in advance guys!!!
  9. hi, like the title says, i have been using my NB1 for a week and am still unable to balance on it for more than 2m. I tried the videos posted by ninebot themselves, tried holding a wall and going around it? tried going from pole to pole (2m apart). Also, i can glide on one foot barefooted and indoors, but once outdoors and with shoes, i keep slipping off the pedals when trying to glide as shown in the help video. is there anything else i can try?
  10. New and looking for a cheap wheel that wont try and kill me. I have had, hell of a time... looking for wheels on all these Chinese sites and amazon.. they all look like cheap knock-offs. I am getting frustrated finding official websites that would offer returns or at least stay in business long enough for me to buy a replacement air tube for the wheel. I am looking to spend around 300-500 on a wheel. I read on the forums that Gotway, Inmotion, IPS, King Song, Ninebot, Solowheel are the safest. I also read to find the largest battery possible. I am looking for something to learn on, short rides around the park/walk small off road on the grass. Maybe if i get into it longer rides. IPS i260 14" is the best site i have found so far for a wheel in my price range. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks Spike
  11. Just found that Bangood is selling Tg-F3 for $349 and 3-6 day delivery from USA. Just sharing. http://us.banggood.com/Wholesale-Warehouse-Wh-TG-F3-264Electric-Wheelbarrow-Balancing-Unicycle-30-35km-Endurance-wp-Usa-948467.html?utm_design=30&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=Mail_mid15_email&utm_campaign=newsletter-emarsys&utm_content=Claire&sc_src=email_1370929&sc_eh=a50d69e88d30bb201&sc_llid=261668&sc_lid=71082398&sc_uid=Aye3sDu08b&emst=Aye3sDu08b_261668_1370929_66
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