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Ninebot One C+ tyre pressure drops constantly


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Hi, my Ninebot One C+ came with only 19 psi as shipped. I inflate it constantly to 40 psi but within two weeks it is always back to 19 psi again.

Any idea what's going on? Or what the fix might be? 


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Same thing with my E+, arrived with 20 psi, have to put air every couple of weeks.  After I put slime (4oz) the tire still loses air, but seems to not go as low or leak as fast.  I think it is common on tube type tires, my mountain bike would also leak down.  

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Hi, I've checked the valve is tight.

I've actually stopped riding it now for months because everytime I go to use it it's less then 10psi :(

its done this from brand new! Terrible! :( 

what valve does it take and tubes? 

where to buy etc? I might try replacing them.

also, what's Slime?

where to get that also please?


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OK. I found some Slime at our local Big W. 

I tried this and no difference. In fact when the wheel is left in the heat of the car it goes totally flat now within a couple of days after adding the slime. 

I have checked the valve insert and it seems OK. But I am going to buy some more to try a new one. 

I think I will just have to buy a new inner tube. (Recommendations on where to buy a good one at a fair price please? I am in Australia). 

I am also looking at buying a NineBot One A1 (currently ~AU$530 incl shipping) as a second wheel that can be left in the car. It's smaller than my C+ slightly lesser spec's 400W vs 450W motor. Slightly slower, and 15Km max range vs 20Km for the C+. But a second battery can be added later (Yes expensive) to double the range. 

Opinion on the A1? Will I hate it after owning a C+?


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