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Issues with Inmotion V3 pro

David Belliotti

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Hi guys,


Yesterday I went to work with my brand new inmotion v3 pro. Have ride it for an hour the day before just to get used to it and everything was good, except for the fact that in the end, while riding it looked like I was running over bumps even if the road was flat so today before to take it to the road I had the wheels inflated at the maximum (also the battery was above 90%). It looked like the bumps were ALMOST gone and the driving was more difficult because of the wobbling (i was also very tired). The main problem appeared on my way back home, I was often reaching the maximum speed so it would tilt back on the balance position to slow me down but after a bit it would definitively tilt back and start to run the wheels at maximum speed so I had to turn the power off. I restarted it and run a diagnose with the app. Everything seemed ok with the app teling me "the scv has reached its maximum output" which I dont know what it means but all the field of the diagnostic were in green so I jumped on and kept going. After 5 minutes it happened again and then happened a third time after which it wouldn't switch on anymore. The touchscreen is still sensitive but the wheel doesnt turn on. Im going to sleep now and I'll put it in charge. I hope to wake up tomorrow and find some helpful answers.


Thank you very much.



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Edit - when I say "it would definitively tilt back and start to run the wheels at maximum speed so I had to turn the power off." I meant tilt back without balancing anymore. It loose the balance mode with the wheels still running insanely fast so I had to hold it and also it wouldn't play the nuclear sound "careful slow down" 

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