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Has Gotway Ended Production of the ACM?

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I just noticed on the EWheels website that @Jason McNeil has listed the ACM as OUT OF STOCK and replaced by the Tesla :confused1: :(:angry:

I hope that this is just a case of Jason not wanting to sell the ACM anymore and that we will still be able to buy it elsewhere.

The Tesla is complimentary to the ACM but certainly not a replacement (for serious riders like myself):

  • ACM built like a tank.
  • Tesla built like a toy (in terms of plastics used)
  • ACM essentially never overheats
  • I predict that my Tesla will overheat
  • ACM has a hard driving 55 mile range
  • Tesla has a hard driving 30+ mile range
  • ACM has muscular looks
  • Tesla is a pretty boy
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It makes sense tho... if your doing 50 miles plus a better choice is likely an 18'' wheel, or greater. 

Marty's point about the ACM having muscular bulk is one of the reasons I didn't consider it actually. I went with the msuper because that much bulk looked and felt better wrapped around the larger wheel.

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