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  1. It seems that Loomo is out... Can't find anything of this seller.
  2. Rudy Sijnke

    Nikola Pads

    I was wondering if Ks18L pads would be fitted for Nik. (?)
  3. I'm planning to go there to! My trip starts from Innsbruck and taking a 300+ km all the way through Brennerpas to Brixen, Bolzano/Bozen, Trento, Rovereto to North Garda Lake then off going to end in Verona. Planning to leave 15 June for a whole week. Haven't book anything yet, I'll see first how weather evolves around that period. However doingsome research, June, July, August should be the best time in Innsbruck, which normally has mixed temperatures throughout the whole year from my understanding. 😎
  4. Yep, and to know I can take this baby fully charged out for a long weekend and leaving my charger at home, never to worry about the range, esp. during summer 🌞🤗
  5. Gonna order one soon! Just had a ride with a German guy who has got this one and I'm superstoked about the raaaaaaaaaange! 😀🤗
  6. Just reviewed. I would like to know more about this: battery type, inner shell mod, weight...
  7. I hope this is becoming true. A new revolution in wh Batt. Monster 3000wh? Nik+ 2400wh? Etc😄
  8. Let's hope the battery quality isn't inferior.. 🤔
  9. True, the batteries are Not an official GW - product. Very curious about the charging time and the milage you can get out of it, as well as the internals. Will you test and show us once its in your hands? Keep us posted! When will you expect it?
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