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Avoid mud!

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1 hour ago, Circuitmage said:

I haven't had a problem on dry dirt or wet roads, but i have noticed how the wheel slips on mud. Had 2 instances of mud on sidewalks where the wheel slid a bit, mud is my enemy now.

Yes, mud is bad - bad a great feeling if one manages it somehow to get by it, not so good if one lies in the dirt afterwards...

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I was caught some months back... on a track that I didn't realise turned to dirt partway through ..

About a half mile in, I "lost traction" and bailed. The problem then was that I couldn't remount (as I had no traction). So had to carry my wheel out to solid ground!

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EUCs fool us into thinking they have front and rear balance and we just steer but the hard reality shown when we hit mud is best demonstrated by trying to stand on a beach ball.

Wet leaves over mud is even more fun, as I found out much to my happiness.

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After several days of not riding (due to freezing/cold/wet weather), forecast was for 47-59 degF today!

So, I take my ride out this morning and find it is still wet and hit several mud patches. Each mud patch makes my ride slide, and I am able to keep it under control.

The last mud patch (all on cement), makes my ride slide, I control it, slide again, I control it, then it starts to wobble. I gain control of it again, but over MUD AGAIN! I'm on the sidewalk, riding toward oncoming traffic, so decide to get on the grass, even closer to the road, in order to get off the mud. However, this is a very bumpy ride as an oncoming car gets closer. I had about 2 seconds to slow down, ditch my ride and hit a sign post with my shoulder and was able to step off my ride. It could have been worse.


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