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  1. Not about age...it's about personal physical health and safety. You could be a 350# 20 year old without balance and kill yourself, or an 80 year old in great physical/mental health that can ride all day. If I was riding these things as a teenager, I would have been abusing them. Nowadays, I just enjoy the ride and benefit from my years of experience to stay out of trouble.
  2. Having been on several different PEV things...it's all about the wheelbase. 18">16">>14">>"11">8". Just by looking at that 16" is somewhat acceptable, many people may find them easier to ride than an 18", but for me it's a no brainer. The bigger the wheel, the smoother the ride.
  3. Yes. I still look forward to my rides. It's good to have a bit of an edge when you are riding. I'm afraid the second I get too relaxed I will screw up and get hurt. Also, I get the itch. If I haven't ridden for a few days (due to weather, or being on a trip without my wheel) , it starts to bother me.
  4. My mistakes were getting 2 wheels that felt too small and slow for me, as I also thought I should "learn" to ride. I'm 5'11" and around 200#....after Covid more like 212# . My 18" feels right. I was on a 14" and 16" that just felt too small and slow for me. Also, if you get a nice wheel right away it will save you time and frustration in the long run, and a decent brand is built to withstand a few months of "learning" drops. If you don't like it, you can resell it. Also, speed is a good factor to weigh in on. If you rode a Segway you should have a good feel for the speed that it we
  5. No new is good news? No change for me...still riding downtown and on the bus/train.
  6. TX has good weather (most of the time) for riding.
  7. It sounds like the pigs stole your spark.
  8. I'm still getting waved ceaselessly by cars that want me to move in front of them ....and I refuse. I go out of my way to ride behind their vehicle and go around. Also, I'm now seeing pedestrians stop, frozen in the middle of the road/bike path/sidewalk. If it's on the sidewalk, I will slow down to about 5-10mph, as I view it my fault for being on the sidewalk. If it's on the bike path or road, I head straight for them, act like I'm going to hit them, scream like I'm about to get in a wreck, then avoid them at the last second.
  9. @ShanesPlanet I would say , as EUC riders, we are actually at a disadvantage. Even though the local police do not hassle me, even though I have spoken with several of them about my EUC, even though I am comparable to a bicycle in weight and speed (we have fast cyclists around here).....in a court of law all they have to do is say I was illegally riding a motorized vehicle on the street and provide all kinds of confusion about the laws regarding the things. I know an argument COULD be made about how "legal" our PEV's should be. Having had a major accident on a motorcycle and gotten almost nothi
  10. @GeneralZod That's familiar. A few months after I learned to ride and upgraded from my 1st wheel to a faster one (went from 14" to 16"), I hit 2 cars in 1 day by not watching my speed. That graph looks about right. There WILL be a couple more bumps in the graph though...:)
  11. Yeah man, perfectly natural to be anxious when you are sharing a road with 8,000 lb vehicles. You have to be careful. I try to stay off the roads myself, but crossing roads can still be an issue. Having ~25 years motorcycle experience helps, but bottom line is they are much bigger and faster than you, so it is up to you...the rabbit...to survive. What freaks me out more than anything are the cars that stop in the middle of the road to give me right away. I NEVER take it. I just stare at them with their stopped car in the road like they are idiots. It's hard enough to deal with moving
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