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  1. Circuitmage

    How do you survive the winter?

    I'm in a pretty warm part of the country, but have found when it hits 40degF or less, I really just don't want to ride. Just my personal preference. Couple that with the fact that this time of year is also our "rainy" season, it's a pretty mess outside. Mornings are almost freezing, with left over moisture from the previous day's afternoon and all night showers, and when I'm getting ready to go home, it usually starts raining. It's not the wet roads that gets me, it's hitting a patch of mud on dark streets. It got me again a few weeks ago, so I'm being very careful about my riding conditions. So this week, my feet are hurting from all the walking I'm doing. I really hate walking now. And, I used to really like this kind of weather, as I am an indoor person. But since I started riding various scooters over the last 6 or 8 years...I've come to really enjoy the sunny weather. So, this is a bit of a bummer for me as well. I did try those new Bird rent-a-scooters last week that are everywhere...so If I'm really itching to spend a couple bucks, I can just ride one of those. Comparing the Bird to Lime and Lyft scooters, the Bird has a slightly larger wheel, so I'm sticking with that one.
  2. Circuitmage

    Signal indicator vest

    Yes! No need for gadgets when you have reflective tape. Also, some dollar stores sell strips for cheap.
  3. Circuitmage

    KS18L lockup issue - outdoors

    Both my lock ups (with original FW) were indoors. Not sure why that matters though.
  4. Methinks the only problem with being 200# is reaching minimum speed. From experience.
  5. Circuitmage

    Help?! New V3pro charging problem

    LOL, yes, this is very old. I don't even remember how this was resolved....oh yeah...I sent the unit back and bought one from Jason I believe! I rode it for about 250 miles and had to get something faster.
  6. Circuitmage

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    @tim716 Actually, that sounds a lot like my initial post at the top, item #2. Mine was beeping several times before I also unplugged it and restarted charging, and it also had some LEDs on and frozen. It seemed to be a direct result of lifting the unit while it was charging, and this was on an original FW version.
  7. Circuitmage

    ewheels complimentary wristguards

    I think I had knee pads and elbow pads come with one of my EUC's...don't recall which one. I do remember that the knee pads actually bit into my knees, causing puncture wounds in both knees when I fell. Though it is nice to get safety gear included, maybe for very slow riding and learning, upgrading is pretty much a necessity. I also liked my Triple 9 wrist guards, until I fell once and the stitching started coming apart. Triple 8 are made fairly well, with double stitching, but still did not hold up to my weight. Since I upgraded to demon flex, I have not tested them in a fall.
  8. @Mono I was recently bitten by a spider 4 times in my left arm (true story) and afterwards gained the ability to not faceplant (not tru). LOL. Actually, it's just fear. I've already fallen enough, and had enough motorcycle falls to fear the pavement. If I am lucky enough to have a natural reaction to bend my knees and prevent a faceplant, I'm happy with that. And no, I'm not a skateboard rider. @Hsiang good info. I've watch other faceplants, and the most I can get out of it is their legs appear affixed to the EUC, so I have a conscious effort to let go if I'm falling. I understand if you are accellerating, and your feet are caught behind the pedals, this could be an unavoidable circumstance. Part of the price we pay.
  9. Hope you heal up fast. Is there a specific reason people faceplant as opposed to landing on their knees? So far, the several times I have fallen off, I go straight forward and my knees or hands catch my fall. That is very bad news for my knees, but good news for the rest of my body. I am still healing from my last fall 2 weeks ago (not wearing knee pads!!) , but it was relatively minor. However I have now landed on my knees enough to have several scars and downtime. Luckily, knee injuries enable one to get back on the EUC fairly quickly while healing. My last dismount at ~15 mph had me flying through the air, but both my knees hit the ground and my body remained upright. I don't quite understand the dynamics of the faceplant. From what I can tell, it is when someone is standing perfectly straight up, and tries to keep their feet on the pedals while falling. Is this a correct assessment? I make a conscious effort , especially when I speed up, to bend my knees, specifically for this option. Am I correct in thinking this will help? So far, that has seemed to mean I go down mostly on my knees. Safety 1st!
  10. Circuitmage

    Can I join the party?

    Welcome. Safety first. I just fell on one knee not wearing my knee pads last week.....almost at a stop, but enough to tear my jeans and put a 3" round scrape on my knee. I was going too fast up to my turn :). At least this old man can still heal. Gotta have fun though...
  11. Circuitmage


    My local dealer did some updated to my unit, inspected my controller board and re-calibrated my lift sensor. It seems to work about 75% of the time now.
  12. I don't see any new reports at FW 1.11, so looks like they fixed it. Interestingly enough, I was using a "special" initial release of 1.10 with the "reset fix" in it, but have not had another lock up since. So, I suspect they also did something else in the FW. We will probably never know. As long as it works! And...I'm NOT upgrading to FW 1.11.
  13. Circuitmage

    KS18L headlight issue

    @hal2000 good tip. I need to remember to try that too.
  14. Circuitmage

    King Song KS-16S tire pressure?

    At ~200# I use 35-40 psi. When it hits below 35 psi I start noticing it softening.
  15. Circuitmage

    Your Proudest EUC Moments!

    Yup. 2 days with bandage on, letting it air out now. Starting to heal. A nice 3" by 3" scrape off my skin. At least I can still walk and EUC!