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  1. I would say this is good news (for anyone owning an EUC now). Price is a major prohibitive factor in purchasing these, and the fewer there are out on the road, the longer we can fly under the radar (as far as enforcement or new laws are concerned). Prices may end up dropping down the road, but this is a good buffer for riders that enjoy their uniqueness. "Always look on the bright side of life..."
  2. Circuitmage

    Tire life ks16

    I'm at 1100 miles and starting to show some flatness in tread. I am guessing I have 500-1000 miles left in it. I am watching it every week.
  3. Circuitmage

    KS-16S 1.07 Firmware available

    Still on 1.03.
  4. Circuitmage

    How dangerous is it to ride an EUC in the rain?

    One word: mud. My EUC tire stick to the ground in wet weather, unless I hit mud. It's slipperier than dog sh*t. Stay away from mud.
  5. I know there have been several motorcycles and other vehicles that have fewer restrictions (and cost) in Canada.
  6. General consensus is that a trade-war is economically bad for all parties involved. Just like a military war is physically bad for all parties involved.
  7. It always gets passed to the customer, so it will just be an extra tax on us. Yay...more taxes.
  8. He sent out an update a couple days ago, if you are on the reserve list you might want to check your SPAM folder. That's where mine was. Luckily I saw that last night. It looks like from the update that the first batch of air deliveries may beat the tariff date, but sea freight shipping may be after that. That is a great question, though, since the tariff may be > than air freight cost. But he has not addressed this as being part of the cost.
  9. Circuitmage

    Learning to ride backwards !

    @steve454 I've been putting minimal effort into it every now and then. I am at the point of being able to stop, got backwards about 2 inches, then have to step off the thing. I think once I went about 10' backwards....but it's not the same.
  10. @Jason McNeil FYI, your latest update email went to my spam folder. I was lucky I was scanning it the day after you sent it. Anyone looking for updated news on this might check there.
  11. Circuitmage

    Learning to ride backwards !

    This is my next task. I have not put much effort into it, but will have a week vacation coming up...
  12. Circuitmage

    Banned inside buildings?

    My employer's security guy told me I could not bring it in the front door anymore last month, after the company did a multi Mil$$ renovation and the floor is now white. He said the company did not want any wheeled things in the lobby any more. Luckily, we have a garage entrance with garage elevators/stairs. So I now enter and exit the "back way". Alternatively, I can carry it in, but I don't want to do that. Really horrible about that decision, as long as you are not riding it. I would appeal to HR and above your manager as the benefits outweigh any possible issue. I also agree if it is an issue with the battery, all cell phones, lap tops, and other portable devices should also be banned at your company. A lot of non-sense.
  13. Circuitmage

    A little update...

    Yes. It takes some time. And, once you get going don't get too overconfident. Safety gear is golden.
  14. Circuitmage

    18l presale specs

    Ok, that did not make sense to me until I looked at the pictures. It does look like they slimmed down on the relative shell length compared to the wheel, from the 16S. I may actually be able to get this on the train after all. Interesting. It will definitely be a tight fit if I'm sitting down.
  15. Circuitmage

    18l presale specs

    According to the specs, the 18l is only 1.25" longer than the 16S...can someone confirm or correct that? 🤔