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  1. Circuitmage

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    @RoberAce Thanks for the post, good review. I look forward to the 1.20 vs 1.05 comparison. I will hold off on upgrading from 1.03 for now, I do like my acceleration. They should at least have kept if for the advanced riding mode.
  2. Circuitmage

    Doubting KingSong

    Wow, a 3rd blow out? I've been watching my tire for wear but had not issues other than checking air every week or so. At first it seemed like my tube was leaking about 10 psi per week, but lately it has been holding fairly well. Hang in there. If you really like it, it's worth the effort. You are certainly racking up more XP in the tire realm than I have had to do in my ~1 year on EUC's.
  3. Circuitmage

    I cant ride my 1200$ Electric Unicycle.

    Everyday people laugh at me, and I'm not falling off.
  4. Circuitmage

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    So, a bit more checking and I understand now...there was supposed to be a 1.48 release, as announced on FB, but people cannot download that (I tried also), so it looks like their whole FW update process is messed up. Will need to wait.
  5. Circuitmage

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Yup, home...still not working.
  6. Circuitmage

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    I am the confused...or 'round here...cornfused. I don't know what that mssg was supposed to mean...they only allow you to upgrade for 2 days now? 🤔
  7. Circuitmage

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Says no update for me, I'm at 1.03. Must be the firewall at work. Will try tonight at home.
  8. Circuitmage

    King Song Charger Getting Very Hot

    Just keep blowing on it.....for 6 hrs
  9. Circuitmage

    King Song Charger Getting Very Hot

    @novazeus The "hotspot" is very small, approx 1 sq. cm. on both sides of the brick. It goes down rapidly away from that spot. Using a laser IR thermometer, it was easy to scan the whole brick to find the hotspot.
  10. Circuitmage

    King Song Charger Getting Very Hot

    Ok, so I measured mine. Top hotspot: 165F Bottom hotspot: 197F
  11. Circuitmage

    New Rider, New King Song!!

    Sounds like a familiar starting sequence (from purchase to first rides). Word of CAUTION (from experience), do not get too comfortable with going fast. About my 3rd month in I had a couple high speed minor collisions as I felt I was ready for high speed, but had not learned restraint yet. Have fun!
  12. Circuitmage

    New Design for Balancing Electric Unicycle

    In my experience , wheelbase is everything. A small wheel will just not move very fast, and if it does is more of a safety risk when you hit something. The videos indeed show it moving very slowly. Looks like a 5-10mph device. I still have a few years before I will have trouble walking, but when I do this device will be awesome. Until then, I need to be going faster than 15mph.
  13. Circuitmage

    Catching air?

    I've noted not all ADA compliant sidewalk ramps are at the same grade, so I've started slowing down just a bit when I get to one. At 20mph I can reproduce the air. Just a slight jump, but noticeable.
  14. Circuitmage

    how to stop pedal scraping????

    I am getting used to pedal scraping now. My turns , esp at high speed, are so gradual, the pedal scraping lets me know when I'm done. But, probably still not good. I've scraped off a fair bit of the pedals by now. I think the best solution is to graduate into a higher pedal height EUC. Might be a good option for future EUC's, to have adjustable pedal heights.
  15. Circuitmage

    KS16S Firmware upgrade doesn't work ?

    Nice. I was gonna try that, if my apk install did not work.