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  1. @LanghamP I've read through your response 3 times and don't see the point you are making. Are just asking me a bunch of questions or do you have an opinion on any of those? Are you trying to encourage discrimination in this country? Are you trying to encourage division?
  2. @atdlzpae Regarding the "left infiltrated social media", this can be directly compared to similar situations the right is pushing to allow businesses to not serve those they don't want to (ie gay wedding cakes). This is a direct throw back to the 50's and 60's segregation. So, to hear any right wing snowflake complain about censorship just reminds me that Trump is a gay wedding cake in the argument. It only makes sense if you have someone on social media (private companies) telling lies and motivating people to commit treason, then they should be cut off. If the laws in the land will not or ca
  3. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-foot-desk-pelosi-s-office-capitol-arrested-n1253490
  4. The only thing I personally have to compare my wife's accident with , is my accident. When I was hit, the officer at the scene drew a diagram of the accident, all the vehicles, skid marks and completely filled out an accident report which later proved very valuable. And this was before cameras were everywhere. My accident report had a lot more information in it. But just to write 1 sentence with no other information....not helpful. My wife was T-boned after waiting for a green turn light and the fact that the side of her car was impacted (she did not hit anyone, she was the one that was
  5. 2 thoughts when I read that; 1) Don't trust the cops. The less paperwork they have to fill out nowadays the better. When my wife was hit at an intersection, no witnesses, no video, the cop wrote 1 line. 1 FREAKING LINE on the accident report. No measurements, no pictures, nothing else. Just saying "Both drivers blame each other". A camera is golden. 2) If it was me, I would be very curious about why I fell...not sure if your wheel is in good enough condition to investigate....maybe it was low on battery power (?), maybe it was an unknown road with some obstacle (??). I dunno. I neve
  6. I don't believe that will happen. We have created a vast infrastructure of democracy. The fascist coup attempt failed and democracy has prevailed. Those that did harm are now being hunted down like the rats they are and will be set as example to anyone that thinks about doing this in the future. The only reason they did , is that Trump was allowed to spread his delusional propaganda for 4 years, and the nuts came out of hiding thinking they had the "right". I even had a woman on the train 2 years ago tell me that the reason people from Mexico are not as successful as whites is because th
  7. Wish you well. Having gone through a MC accident myself with 2 weeks in the hospital and the agony of my wife being T-boned from a 20-something year old girl on her cell phone run a red light (and not getting cited), just over a year ago, resolution is the worst part. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself and recover. The suggestions about finding video would be good, but I know traffic cameras generally do not record (according to the authorities around here), and the BEST option is to find a business at that location that might have video. If you have any free tim
  8. Also, Trump and the Republicans attempting a coup to overthrow the election results with a congressional reversal of the results today should be tried for treason and domestic terrorism.
  9. Yes. I really love the KS wheels, even through they have had issues. I admire the technology involved and acknowledge the potential issues. I also learned very quickly how the game works with these wheels...you have to have a good dealer (much like other tech). The first wheel I purchased (not a KS) I ordered from an ebay dealer in Canada. The wheel never arrived and it took weeks to get resolved. Luckily I was able to get my money back. So I learned to go with a reputable dealer. The 16S was supported and fixed relatively quickly with the local dealer and I used it for over a year withou
  10. Regarding your list of "good" things; 1. Not sure Trump can be given that award. He was only here for 4 years. Who's to say it wouldn't have grown by itself, or even better if he wasn't president? The economy depends on many things. If you look at National Debt as a function of presidents, the last 3 Republican presidents have shot up our national debt exponentially. So did Obama, but I could cite reasons for that. The last thing Clinton worked on was a plan to reduce our debt systematically...and it was working. As soon as Bush took office he shot it up and started the exponential curve.
  11. In a way, yes; I personally sold my MC to get more into EUC's. In a way no; I'm sure any dirt bike rider would argue their machine is better, just for taking on the banks, hills and getting air. As casual transportation overall I agree with those ideas. But an EUC is just a different machine, for different uses and depends a lot on preference. There are plenty of people that don't even want to try an EUC.
  12. @UniMe I would add that he seems to actually believe the lies he is telling. There are almost too many to count, but I'm sure someone is. For example, he says things like his inauguration was one of the biggest in history if not the biggest (which is how he says everything by the way...."...one of the best , if not the best...", "...one the smartest, if not the smartest...", etc), while in reality it was sparsely populated. Evertime I hear him say "...if not the..." then I know he's telling a lie. In practice, it seems he first says something he wishes was true, then he comes up with
  13. @amelanso agreed, that was his intent. @LanghamP Yes. And, I have always known that by function a corporation has to make money...but listening to the Joe Rogan podcast this week he talks about how insane modern capitalism is since companies are expected to make year over year profits for their stakeholders...ad infinitum! How crazy is that to think about. From the moment a company is created it's goal is to eventually take over the world, have all the money, and own everything. Think about that for a second. And many of our representatives simply say, "They are too big to fail.", so
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