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  1. I can't see the first image link, but imagine is shows shell scratches. I only have a couple small scratches after a year of use...not sure why you guys are running yours into the ground.
  2. Yeah, my only speed fall (~15 to 20mph) was on a road to grass transition. There was a surprise hole in the grass right as I entered it. Luckily I suffered no injury, as my knee pads did their job as I skidded across the grass. I still ride across that same grass almost every day though and have not hit that hole again! Not sure if I am lucky or paying more attention to my ride helps. Either way...I'm gonna keep doing it.
  3. Inspired, finally , to build my own stand. $5 worth of #10 2.5" screws , some scrap 2x4s , and leftover stain. 1.5 hrs later.... Shown in pictures; 1) using wood glue to hold blocks together, let sit overnight. 2) pre-drilled screw holes and countersink 3) 16 screws 4) stained wood. DONE!!
  4. For me, it comes down to these 4 things; 1) Fun. Learn to ride something new, that many people are not doing. It reminded me of learning to ride a bike as a kid. And learning to ride a motorcycle. It is very much more like riding a motorcycle IMHO. 2) Smooth ride and feeling of speed. It is really a blast to ride. Before this I was into 2 wheel scooters, but could not get the speed I do with these. 3) Portability. Being able to take it to work, go on short vacations and being able to throw this thing in the trunk, or carry on a train makes them really easy to use in a variety of situations. It's the best speed to size ratio. Can ride across open ground, sidewalks or streets, or even wheel into stores, giving me the option to go pretty much anywhere. 4) Often keeps me off the streets. Most of the time I ride on sidewalks, sometimes on streets.
  5. So, regarding the healthcare discussion (as relates to personal injuries); So yeah...if you have plenty of money and health insurance, you probably are ok with the way things are. But for most people in this country I am guessing things are viewed as broken. Personally, while in college, I was on a small motorcycle, 1 block from class, when a woman ran a red light and almost killed me. As a young, poor college student, I had no insurance, no money and no way to pay for 2 weeks in the hospital. The woman received a ticket at the scene, but took it to court where my corrupt lawyer did not show up to, and she got the red light ticket dropped. Anyone with common sense could see that the detailed police report (which I now see they do not do anymore after my wife was hit last year) showed her car spun around 360 degrees and landed on a curb sidewalk in a 30mph zone must have been speeding and I had no time to react. After another 6 months of dealing with a corrupt lawyer (total of 9 months of never returning my calls, not showing up at court, etc) , I finally went to another lawyer. Within 2 months I had a settlement that paid for 1/10 of my medical bills. 2 years later I filed for bankruptcy as my entry level engineering pay could not even cover the 15%-20% interest the medical billing agencies charge. I know lots of other stories like this from people I know. And, having had medical insurance in this country for most of the last 25 years, I still see that it a) does not cover everything, b) still costs more for prescriptions and basic procedures than almost any other country, and c) every single year the premiums cost more than any procedure I actually use (and continue to go up). So in short, yes, insurance may have helped me when I really needed it, for that 1 hospital visit for 2 weeks, but I could not afford it. And then, when I can afford it, I'm being charged more for having it than for what I really use. In my opinion, the healthcare industry is a money making capitalist operation that really does not have health or care in mind. It's all about the $$$, and it one piece of the corrupt, inefficient, broken set of things we have to deal with, or it will be the end of us.
  6. What kind of helmet did you have? I also have a cheap helmet and it is NOT a full face helmet. I know people here swear by full face here, but it's my personal preference. I also had a very cheap helmet when I was a young motorcycle rider...it was a very cheap plastic (DOT approved though) mc helmet, and it cracked all the way down the middle when my head hit the pavement. So yes, helmets are very important. I think also, this is where my motorcycle riding experience comes into play. I would have never, ever ridden over a puddle in the rain. That comes from experience. One of the things you learn is that if there is a puddle, you have no idea how deep it is. Even large puddles, I will ride around them. After a year on my 16" EUC I learned MUD is also very bad (worse than any wet pavement). I am just getting brave enough to go over small patches of mud on my 18" as I am learning it is a bit more stable...but still very cautious. Glad you survived.
  7. I assume the 18XL lift sensor is in the same place as the 18L. The lift sensors are on some kind of pressure sensitive device at the bottom of each rail. After you take the shells off, you should see them. There are pictures here on another thread somewhere. I assume that if you you lift the wheel, the pressure is released on the sensors, and otherwise they are closed, but I have not verified/measured this yet. If I had to guess, I would say maybe trace the 2 wires up to the control board, and do a continuity check by lifting the wheel and setting it down. One side is "A" and the other is "B". Every since I disabled my lift sensors, I can ride my 18L without the issues I had before, so I am very hesitant about even repairing it and using them again...I had so many problems.
  8. @Rehab1 Lol. Kiss mask on the EUC. Nice. How did you mount that?
  9. I use the same charge I have since I got it, and it did go up. So methinks it was some kind of BT connection indication. Wheel still runs fine after full charge last night. I have not updated wheel FW in awhile.
  10. From my experience on a few wheels ; 14", 16" and 18" , bigger is definitely better. However, my 18" is not as nimble as my 16" was, however the trade off for having a bigger wheel is worth it (my 16" would more easily slide on mud, but my 18" takes a bit more work to turn). And my 18" is not quite as portable as my 16" was. It may also depend on your physique and personal preference. In general, for me...any of these alternative transportation devices all boil down to wheelbase. Small wheels are just not worth it. Hitting the 16" or 18" size makes a big difference. edit: 3 typos due to word correction...really?
  11. Foot position is key to comfort. If my feel are 1 or 2 inches out of place, I can definitely feel it. And 6km is a pretty good ride.
  12. I didn't see another reference to this after search, so here it is. While charging my wheel, after about 2 hrs, I happened to walk in the room and noticed it was beeping...2 or 3 times. It sounded a bit like BT connecting, but I checked my phone and I did not have BT on. I don't recall noticing this before. I happened to use the bottom charge port, not thinking it matters, but most of the time I use the top port. Also, I was charging this at work in a heavily populated wireless environment, so I'm now thinking maybe someone was trying to connect to my wheel while it was charging. Any ideas? Maybe I should experiment and see if I can reproduce it...have someone try and connect while I am charging.
  13. So, what is that meaning to say? That the high current is arcing across with wheel when decelerating? Or that some components in the wheel or on the motherboard are making that sound? I would be concerned if any high current condition is inducing a sound effect.
  14. Q:"When does the pain stop?" A:"When you die." Don't worry, life's a short ride...and it will all be over soon.
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