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  1. So, I would say that really depends on your comfort level in turning your head. It is just slightly less easy to turn my head with MC helmet on, but I do it. I was happy to see that when I started riding an EUC, my old MC skills came into play where turning my head to look back was natural. Some people do not like turning back. In that case you can get a mirror for your helmet. Since I am only looking for cars or scooters coming up behind me, I only need to look back for a quick turn. I know I don't look back for as long as I used to on a MC, as the MC was more stabilized while moving
  2. @GoldenOne That looks very similar to my Scorpion. The drop down visor is a life saver, really.
  3. I second the "snug" comment. Even after buying a bag of replacement screws, I just tighten them ever so slightly when I put them back in. The shell pressure and riding seems to keep them snug enough. The worst thing is taking that last screw out that just doesn't want to budge. Better having it a bit loose, or even fall out, than have to deal with a stripped screw.
  4. @Txglider As a fellow Tx rider...I decided to get that Hoody. I also liked the Scorpion EXO hoody, but it had no shoulder padding, so this one seems better. What size do you have and how does it fit? I wanted to get the Large, being 5'11 and around 200# with about a 42" chest, but they were sold out everywhere. So I ordered the XL.
  5. @East Coast My helmet is a Scorpion (MC helmet). The snap down internal sun visor is gold. And I wear glasses too, so can slip those on under the sun visor.
  6. Ok, I have officially made the switch from bicycle helmet to MC helmet. Dusted off my old MC helmet and probably should have been wearing this the whole time. For anyone that is considering a MC helmet, I really like Scorpion. My old MC helmet (out of production EXO 500 ) has a built in sun visor. Check em out; https://www.scorpionusa.com/product-category/helmets/new-helmets/
  7. @div LOL. I work for a company that designs SOC RF chips. So yeah, we have about 200 devices broadcasting near me right now over various transmission standards. @Paul A Yup, thanks for the reminder....I remember that thread. I also had the initial FW bug that had me take my shell off quickly and disconnect the battery 2 times. Seemed to have been fixed with FW updates. I will hope it is only a trolly glitch that got through again and keep riding. If I can get another 2 or 3 years out of this wheel I will be happy. Also...I don't even know if there has been a FW update
  8. @Paradox Did that a looooong time ago. The lift sensor never worked right for me, so I don't trust it. Good idea, that a lift switch might have caused it though. It still could have been a FW glitch relating to that maybe...I dunno.
  9. A couple weeks ago , right about 30 to 40 seconds after I turned my wheel on and walked down the hall, it decided to shut itself off. It's a weird experience to have a wheel stop in it's tracks while you are walking. I was just glad I was not riding it when it did. This was about 1 day after a full charge, and I have noticed sometimes right after a full charge I will get audible "Over Voltage" warnings if I push it hard on a full charge. Other than that it has been really good (aside from initial FW updates after release). I've never had a shut off or issue while moving on it. I rode
  10. Wow, right around Halloween? That's some unholy $#!^ . : (
  11. While I still have a fairly good number of people asking me what this thing is that I am riding....I also have had a few people who are already educated on EUC's come up and talk to me. So...things are slowly changing. This year it seems...people know. Anyone else get that vibe?
  12. @TawpieIs correct. Knees and wrist guards are most important when starting out. Helmets are a great idea. I had several knee and palm imacts while learning/going too fast. If you get wrist guards, I would make sure they have skid plates on the palms (not just braces around the wrist). You don't want to tear up your palms like so many of us have. I wore 3 different bicycle helmets the first 3 years I rode (3.5 years). Starting today I am using my old motorcycle full face helmet, and asked myself "Why wasn't I wearing this thing the whole time?!" I have a very good Scorpion MC helmet I used
  13. @Bronson Triple-8 has good stuff for beginners. If you are staying around 10-15mph you should be OK with some cheap gear. Just stay away from cars and people and you should be good. As soon as you see yourself going faster, riding around traffic, off roading or other crazy stuff...you prob wanna upgrade your gear. Also, don't get cheap gear (esp knee pads). I tore gashes in both my knees with the pads that came with my 2nd scooter. Although well intentioned, the cheap pads had metal rivits in them that tore holes about the size of dimes when I dropped down from a very slow fall. So y
  14. @Joker10 Update: So, yeah, I did change my tire and tube and put the old tube in after the 1st one exploded. It lasted about 1 week (I did not put fresh slime in it) and lost air. Then, installed another heavy duty tube, put slime in it, and now about 2 weeks and holding good. I did put slime in it , and lost air the first 2 days. Taking valve out , it was gunked with green slime, so had to clean it off the valve piston. Seems better, but still watching it as that slime likes to gunk up the valve. But, I do swear by the slime, as it does seem to help keep those snakeb
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