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  1. I changed the tire and 2 tubes on my 16S , and the 18L is very similar. In fact the 16S tire was very tight on the hub compared to the 18L. The 18L is very loose...I could pull the tire off without a tool, in fact after I changed my tube the first time on the 18L I found I did not have the tire sitting evenly, so I was getting a wobbly ride. Had to deflate tube and reseat tire. Basically, you have a bunch of screws to take the shells off. Then disconnect the battery, then a few bolts to take one side of a foot pedal off, then you can take the tire/tube off (I might have missed something,
  2. I've been saying I need to change my tire on my 18L for about a year, and keep putting it off. I keep an eye on the center bald area and inspect it daily or weekly...and so far no signs of it wearing through. This week, it has about 3100 miles on it (about 3 years of 5-10 miles per day average). Keep in mind I have changed the tube 1 or 2 times already in the first year I had it. My tire has been bald in the middle for about a year, and it is amazing how tough these things are.
  3. Nice. I have not done drone stuff in months...need to dust off my drones.
  4. I see people all the time abusing the 2 wheel scooters when I live and getting into very bad accidents, and most people I encounter (I offer them to ride my EUC) refuse to even try it. I have seen ambulances responding to 2 wheel scooter accidents and I also see lots of people (with no motorcycle safety or "common sense") riding 2 wheel scooters oblivious to any other traffic around them. I firmly believe the EUC is just another version of motorcycle. I too have never faceplanted, but that does not mean it does not happen. I was not stating any safety record of cars (yes they also have
  5. There are several things that come into play when you are actually moving and hit the ground, vs standing still (or suddenly stopped). Although gravity is the same, you are adding a tangential velocity force component. So, as @Paul A pointed out, you will have more road rash...more rolling, more scrapes. However, you may also be in a better "riding position" and in a better position to break your fall. Last time I hit the ground, I was moving about 15-20 mph, had my legs bent, and landed on my knee pads and skidded. That's much better than a sudden stop where a face plant may be eminent o
  6. Well, as long as people are still faceplanting on their EUC's every week.....I won't hold my breath until it becomes mainstream. I think the comparison is still apt as it is risk based form of transportation. And, as long as we are competing with 5,000 lb vehicles on the road, we will always be out matched. I don't see any infrastructure in the works to give us right-of-way. I believe it's more likely we will be banned as there is no incentive to allow us to keep riding. We don't pay for fuel (which is heavily taxed), we don't pay registration fees....governments don't like people that Tinkle
  7. @The Fat UnicyclistHe said "...if EUC's become mainstream..." so he has an out. I don't believe EUC's will ever become mainstream...like para gliding, hang gliding, regular unicycle riding....we are doomed to stay on the fringe....just where I like it. As for the argument FOR suspension....points taken. I concede I do not have suspension and have not tried it, so I don't feel the need for it. If it aint broken....
  8. @The Fat Unicyclist@ShanesPlanet Pizza banditos
  9. Something else to watch out for in the bike lines. They are here now... https://www.marketplace.org/2021/07/09/robots-have-started-to-share-the-bike-lane-in-austin-to-deliver-pizza/
  10. 1) 18XL (upgrade from my awesome 18L) 2) Sherman (not tried but that thing looks like a beast) 3) V11/V12 (not sure, have not tried either but they look OK)
  11. There was some talk about it possibly alleviating knee issues, which makes sense to me. On a bicycle , or even to a less extent on a motorcycle, you are not putting constant pressure on the pedals, whereas on an EUC you are putting your whole weight on it, constantly. After a few years of riding my EUC daily (and not that many miles mind you, just a few a day, maybe 50 miles a week), I do know sometimes I get foot discomfort (if my feet are not placed well), I get fairly frequent calf muscle tightening (that is easily relaxed/worked out), and minimal knee issues. I won't say my knee is
  12. So....from someone that has not worn a watch in about 20 years....I must say I am impressed. I was always the "geeky" watch wearer (I still have my old casio calculator watch I think), and as an engineer I am data driven. After 1 week of trying the Amazfit Bip S lite, I upgraded to the GTS2 mini. Both are great watches, but I sacrificed battery life to get a few more functions. Still not a full blown smartwatch in the $100's of $$$ range, but very impressed with what it can do. Really....no one else commenting on the smart watch stuff....Ok..
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