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  1. Circuitmage

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    So, the same thing happened to me. I have a very well behaved dog, that I started taking on my EUC runs early on and she got distracted by some bad dogs and went into attack mode, yanked me down. I quickly realized that is a very bad idea. Anyone with a medium to large dog should not be taking them for runs on the EUC. It's not safe for the rider or the dog.I had to be convinced after seeing posts here, and my own experiences.
  2. Circuitmage

    Great tunes for EUC riding.

    I've been looping fourty six and two , by Tool, lately;
  3. Circuitmage

    Downhill with your EUC

    I usually have to lean back a bit, to keep constant speed (not accelerate). And, I always walk my unit down hill if it's wet. Mud is not my friend.
  4. Circuitmage

    Cop stopped me to ride my euc

    Nice. Good PR work!
  5. Circuitmage


    Continuous Product Improvement
  6. Circuitmage

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Cram what into my...? I iced it all day, much better. I tend to agree. Much more likely the weed pulling from last week caused my back issues than riding IMHO. Took a few days to hit me and seems like it got worse over the last few days. Weak back.
  7. Circuitmage

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    This the US, we have no health care. Even if you have insurance, it's all just a money racket. I took today off work just to ice it all day.
  8. Circuitmage

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    @Lutalo after some consideration I realized my weed pulling was 2 weekends ago. Hoping it's not my euc.
  9. Circuitmage

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Excellent post! I have had lower back pain for the past 2 days, it's at the very bottom right side of my back. It has been so painful that it is hard to get up in the morning. I immediately have had to lie down on the floor and roll/stretch, just to be able to get up and walk around. Did my EUC cause this? I don't think so. When I get on my daily rider, I feel fine. Any bumps I encounter do not hurt. In fact, the EUC has helped me alleviate foot pain I had for about a year, now that is almost gone. As for this pain, it is no joke. After 2 days it is starting to give way. I had to think hard as to it's cause. At first I assumed it was because I am now riding ~ 30% faster. Could that be it? No. I was pulling weeds for about an hour last weekend. Some of those suckers were 4' tall with 1' roots. And about every 4th one would not come up, so I was pulling my back out. It took a few days to catch up with me...but I'm pretty sure that was it! Growin old sure is fun, aint it? Get well!
  10. Circuitmage

    Razor Turbo Jetts

    ROFL https://gizmodo.com/video/3576982?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=Gizmodo&jwsource=cl
  11. Circuitmage

    New KS 16S rider : Advice for Accesories

    My WORST fall was going 5mph after hitting someones garden bricks next to a sidewalk. Plus, the cheap kneepads I had on actually bit into my knees. I still have scars almost 1 year on my knees. It took 3 months for the wounds to heal. If I had gone to the hospital I'm sure they would have wanted to put stitches in them, as the cheap plastic knee pads tore into my knees. One had about a dime size hole in it. Also, wrist guards have helped saved me pain from at least 3 falls. So yeah....not just safety gear...but good gear. Especially when you are starting out.
  12. Circuitmage

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    So, a couple more things I noticed, 1) Related to BT being on while charging: I had mine charging at work last week, and all of a sudden it said "BLUETOOTH ACTIVATED" (or whatever it says when it turns on) and some lady was speaking Chinese through it. I must assume it was someone in my building that selected it and was on their phone, but I don't really know what was going on there. 2) With all my lock up issues and initial posts about it potentially being the lift sensor, I really did not use the lift function for about 2 months. I recently gained confidence (not having a lock up in more than 400 km) I started noticing maybe it works better when I tilt it slightly to the right. It works more like 75%-90% of the time if I do this. I suppose this may mean the unit was originally "calibrated" leaning slightly to the right? I have not tried nor dare to recalibrate it yet...but I think that may answer a question as to why so many people have issues with the lift sensor.
  13. @eufp sounds very similar to what would happen with my first 16S, it had a bad controller board. After replacing board I had 1300 miles on it without any issue.
  14. Circuitmage

    The purity of riding in sandals....

    That's why people ride motorcycles that way too. Feels great...until something happens. I must admit, the longer I have a wheel, the more difficult it is to put on gear. Methinks that's a bad habit though. BTW, it feels equally good when you have a bad fall and realize your armor protected you against a very bad day.
  15. Circuitmage

    KS 18L Speed Lock

    @zugu When I first unlocked it, I had no armor and was using my app to monitor my speed. It seemed to me at that time that it was really easy to hit 25mph, but to push it past that was a slow climb to 31mph. Pretty much the next day I realized I am hitting over 25 mph with out much of a problem. It was probably psychological...as 30mph on one of these is a pretty fast clip. It may have a bit of a slower response over 25mph, but nothing to worry about. I usually only hit that speed on long straight aways, and I am not racing. But it definitely can get up and go! My only suspicion now , is that it is pulling more juice from my battery. Over the past week I am getting my speed average up, and my battery seems to be running down faster.