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  1. Mine did that after update, but I was able to just move the sliders in EUC world. No issues with 2.0 update (save for the RED light on during charging and perhaps slightly slower off button presses). Seems to ride great.
  2. I used green slime on my 16S until I decided to change the tire without using it. Then I had 3 flats in a row between my 16S and 18L. Now I decided to use it again and have gone about a year without a flat. And my 18L only needs inflation about once a month or less. And my last flat was a snakebite from going over a large drainage grate. At least the 18L came out of it and got me home OK.
  3. @maltocs Wow, that footage still looks amazing. I just upgraded my first drone , now using a Hubsan Zino Pro. Follow me mode is still a bit touch and go, but I will be happy to get 1 or 2 videos of me on my EUC. How are you editing your videos? I've been looking at about a dozen apps for my Android phone to edit video. PowerDirector is awesome, but right now I don't want to spend $50 a year to edit videos. Most of the other apps either are not stable, underfeatured (too simple), or just don't work right. I really like PowerDirector, so hoping for find some similar fearture app, without watermark (or not as expensive). I really want to be able to edit on my phone as I already tried that with a couple small videos and it works great. I did find YouCut to be VERY GOOD. No watermarks, free, and has some extra features (like free music overlay). It does NOT have transitions, but it does have effects you can use as transitions. And, FilmoraGo looks really good. For less than $4 you can get rid of the watermark, and it has lots of nice features. Those are the 2 I am going to be using for my next videos.
  4. @ShanesPlanet I agree with your statements. I have only ridden with 2.0 a couple times now, but it seems to make faster speed smoother. I also set one warning, I think around 25mph and tiltback higher. I personally had a lot of problems when my lift sensors were activated, so I run with them disabled. The upgrade to FW 2.0 on the EUCW app was perfectly smooth for me as well. And yes...I did also note the battery level indication was more realistic. I have gotten used to running my battery down to ~40% and then noticing a drastic performance change. I just so happened to upgrade FW when the battery was showing 50% on the LED's, but the EUCW app showed it was 35% or 38% (can't remember exactly), which makes sense. I tend to always recharge with 3 or 4 LEDs on the wheel. One minor thing....it seems like you have to hold the button down a bit longer to turn it off. Maybe it's just me, but every since installing 2.0, I go to shut off my wheel it it just cycles the lights, so I have to hold it a bit longer. Maybe my imagination.
  5. Thanks for confirming. The fan is on just for a second right after plugged in. I havent ridden much since update, prob will in morning.
  6. I saw that post, was thinking there was some updated information. Maybe there is another setting that I need to check that got changed after FW update. I dont ever recall a "red light while charging" option though.
  7. I posted this question on the EUC world app thread....should have asked here; Is there any change log for FW 2.0 on 18L? I plugged my wheel into charge after upgrading and it spun up the fan and turned the front red light on. Tried it twice so looks like something new. Kinda freaky.
  8. Is there a list of changes anywhere for the 18L on FW 2.0? I just plugged my charger in and the fan spun up and the front red light is on. Kinda freaked me out.
  9. I just updated the app and put 2.0 FW on my 18L. Calibrated and noticed right away it beeped and cut out 2 times after I jumped off it. Quickly checked app and yep, lift sensor was enabled. Disabled that now....hopefully good to go. App looks and feels really nice.
  10. Having had my 18L since release, and going through all the FW update issues, lift sensor problems, and changing the control board...I have not had any issues in many many months. Today, I turned it off as I usually do to lift it up a short flight of stairs as I do every day and went to turn it back on....LEDs froze with top light on RED and no power for a second...with audible , "WARNING OVER VOLTAGE". OMG, did this thing lock up again like it did to me right after I got it 2 times!? I was able to turn it off quickly and turn it back on, and everything is back to normal as I walked it into my workspace. I hope. I assume this was the great FW update of 1.10 way back when, since I did not do the latest update ( that got redacted, but then some people did it...whatever). Gotta watch these things. I want to say that maybe I have seen that 2 or 3 times at the most. Still makes me cautious. And, this just happens to be a day I decided not to wear any safety gear (but go slower and more cautiously).
  11. After a month of shipping from China (Ordered around 12/28), my SG907 4k came in this week. I must say I am impressed. The sensation of monitoring the camera as you are flying is pretty cool. The unit connected to 13 sat's in a minute or so, and seemed to work great. I took it out immediately in 10-20mph winds and it held position! The camera is great (remember all the youtube footage you see is compressed and looks horrible). Winds are going to be down to 2 mph tomorrow, that will be my first full run on the 2 batteries I have; aprox 35 mins of fly time! And, I've started looking at racing drone kits that are out now....there are some actually very good RTF (Ready to Fly) kits for $150-$250. Looking at the TinyHawk kit, Eachine Novice 3, or Emax Ez...not sure. If anyone has suggestions...I'm not going to be competitive, and really like the TinyHawk and Emax prop guards, they look durable.
  12. Well, I was going 15mph on my little honda 250 mc, when a car hit me. My very cheap plastic DOT helmet cracked all the way down the middle when my head hit the pavement...so yeah....helmets are good. I can't bring myself (yet) to wear a full face...but my bicycle helmet is most frequently worn. The only time I do not is when I am making a short trip 1 or 2 blocks away.
  13. I also came from mc riding and I am now more than 2 years into EUC riding, have been on 3 different wheels, and here is what I have settled on; My 2.1 mile ride to the train is full gear, usually higher speed (~20-25mph). By full gear I mean; bicycle helmet (not full face), good wrist guards and good knee pads. Sometimes I wear elbow pads, but rarely. I have good sidewalks and several long stretches. My 0.5 mile ride downtown to the train is only helmet, at much slower speeds, usually 10-15mph...maybe 20 mph on the short stretches. Too much congestion and I am much more careful. and same thing on the return each day. Overall, ~5 miles a day. I would say it REALLY depends on your experience and confidence in your wheel. When I went from a slow 12mph max wheel to my KS16S, it was a big jump in speed and I had to make sure I wore gear a lot, as I took several falls. On my 18L it's not that much of a change, but I still have to be a little careful. And, always remember...these are just man made thingies....so someday, at sometime, they could give out. So it's better to be safe in any respect you can (gear, tire/battery maintenance, etc.)
  14. Tried again 3 or 4 times with android app, it just sits there. Also tried with apple device, it says FW 1.13 is up to date. No joy
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