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  1. Tried again 3 or 4 times with android app, it just sits there. Also tried with apple device, it says FW 1.13 is up to date. No joy
  2. I was following up on drones over the holiday break...spent about 3 days looking at different drone specs, watching youtube videos, and seeing what's out there. It looks like there are 3 main groups; 1) Cheap drones and knock offs, anywhere from $30 to $250. These are still quite amazing as I ended up picking one up for less than $100 to try out, with an extra battery and carrying case. It's a Mav Mini knock off, but has impressive specs, with 2 cameras, GPS and lots of SW functions. If it doesn't work out....no huge loss. A short range drone only good for a couple hundred meters. 2) The "average" consume drones. These appear to range from $250 to $10,000. Lots of good options with amazing video quality. From what I can tell, the upper end of this market consists of racing drones, experimental kits, and an array of optional hardware like FPV goggles, transmitters, motors, etc...looks like that starts adding up fast. Not sure I will get into that, but the racing drones are amazing. 3) High end drones for video production/other applications. These range from $2,000 to $250,000. How do I know the top end? I know someone that works for a private video production company and his boss is one of the few people that they spent $250K on a drone to carry their camera (~$100K camera). These appear to be heavy duty lifting drones with gimbals that produce top end smooth video. It's pretty amazing what's being done with them now...and to be able to get a GPS drone for less than $100....looks like it should be a fun toy.
  3. Tried to update 3 times. Wheel just sat there, no fwd update LEDs.
  4. I'd check back with the seller, assuming you bought if from a retailer that will support repairs. May be a controller board issue. I'm no expert...just had to work through my own various early adopter issues. Maybe try the FW update if it reports battery is full. I dunno
  5. Actually, when I used to ride little 2 wheel scooters that had ~10" tubes, I blew one after letting the tire go to the thread. It was not very fun. Sounded like a gun shot right before I went over the handle bars. So, making sure I don't let this get that bad.
  6. @Rywokast Will do. On motorcycles I always changed my tires before they were due...just for safety. I'll just keep an eye on this one, as it takes less abuse.
  7. So, for the past couple of months I've been watching my tire more closely as I jump over the 2k mile mark. It's kind of hard to recall what my mileage was with my first controller board , I think it was ~500 miles....so it looks like I'm somewhere in the 2k-2.3k mile range. My tire still looks OK. I can feel a couple mm of tread on the center line (most worn), and several mm of tread on the sides. I've already done 1 tube replacement, but this wheel is the best I have had for holding air. I have been going 3 or 4 weeks without refilling, and it typically only loses ~5 psi over several weeks. I am going to stick with putting the green stuff in my tubes from now on, I am sure it has helped. What kind of range are you guys getting out of your 18L tires? (specifically for the 18L riders)
  8. Mine (shown above) was (4) 12" 2x4's , (4) 3" 2x4's, 16 2.5" screws (2 screws per support). So one 5' 2x4 will cover it.
  9. I can't see the first image link, but imagine is shows shell scratches. I only have a couple small scratches after a year of use...not sure why you guys are running yours into the ground.
  10. Yeah, my only speed fall (~15 to 20mph) was on a road to grass transition. There was a surprise hole in the grass right as I entered it. Luckily I suffered no injury, as my knee pads did their job as I skidded across the grass. I still ride across that same grass almost every day though and have not hit that hole again! Not sure if I am lucky or paying more attention to my ride helps. Either way...I'm gonna keep doing it.
  11. Inspired, finally , to build my own stand. $5 worth of #10 2.5" screws , some scrap 2x4s , and leftover stain. 1.5 hrs later.... Shown in pictures; 1) using wood glue to hold blocks together, let sit overnight. 2) pre-drilled screw holes and countersink 3) 16 screws 4) stained wood. DONE!!
  12. For me, it comes down to these 4 things; 1) Fun. Learn to ride something new, that many people are not doing. It reminded me of learning to ride a bike as a kid. And learning to ride a motorcycle. It is very much more like riding a motorcycle IMHO. 2) Smooth ride and feeling of speed. It is really a blast to ride. Before this I was into 2 wheel scooters, but could not get the speed I do with these. 3) Portability. Being able to take it to work, go on short vacations and being able to throw this thing in the trunk, or carry on a train makes them really easy to use in a variety of situations. It's the best speed to size ratio. Can ride across open ground, sidewalks or streets, or even wheel into stores, giving me the option to go pretty much anywhere. 4) Often keeps me off the streets. Most of the time I ride on sidewalks, sometimes on streets.
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