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  1. Circuitmage

    Riding while under the influence 🙁

    I hear it doesn't hurt as much if you are under the influence...until after the effects wear off.
  2. Circuitmage

    Anyone else experience calf numbness?

    I don't know if it is related, but I have noticed a couple of issues relating to foot pain for me; 1) I tend to put more weight on one side, so IF I am doing this I notice after about 2 miles that one foot starts to get some pain. It seems like as soon as I am aware of this, or if I start out correctly balanced, this does not happen. 2) Any pressure/position offset can cause discomfort/pain after awhile. If my footing is off, it is almost immediately apparent. I would say I was not very good at noticing this in my first 500 miles of riding. Now, I am pretty good about detecting this. It can range from foot position on the pedals, to pressure on my ankles from holding my EUC too tight, to pressure on my legs. I don't have too many issues nowadays, as it gets easier to detect this. Also, I started riding EUC's to keep off my feet for my daily commute due to plantars fasceitis issues . I had foot pain from walking every day on the cement downtown. Almost immediately I noticed riding an EUC helped relieve that pain, then after a couple years I noticed significant improvements to about 90% painlessness. And then, a couple months ago I started taking some pain relievers for various other aches and pains ( I can definitely recommend NOT falling on your knee to the cement!) and after about a week or two noticed that was also helping my feet heal! Much less foot pain! Being a person that usually avoids taking medication....I can now say that some extra strength Tylenol or some acetaminophen can be very helpful!
  3. Circuitmage

    KS16S or KS18L?

    I was really happy with my 16S. Having had both I would also suggest 16S for you. For me, I am heavier, so the extra weight of the 18L is more welcomed, but the 16S is an amazing machine. The 18L is not quite as nimble as the 18L, and the 16S is a bit more portable in case you want to stow or transport it.
  4. Circuitmage

    TO KS18L OWNERS: cutoff fonction unreliable. U2??

    For me, the lift sensor has been disfunctional. I've seen different issues with this reported. I've really tried to use it...and it was one of the reasons I bought this wheel. Sad to say it really does not work well. At best I had it working about 75% of the time. Now, that one sensor has died, it is causing even more problems. It's a great idea, but not implemented very well. Not surprising given the response requirements of the wheel. Some people say it works great...wish mine did. I just updated this thread with some new related findings;
  5. Circuitmage

    failure in pressure sensor A

    So...after about a week of noticing a lot of issues (related to my "beeping" thread)....I was seeing; 1) beeps and cut-outs while at stand still with 1 foot on wheel (2 or 3 times) 2) beeps while trollying my wheel up and down steps 3) beeps while lifting my wheel when it is on After the last beep and cut-out when getting on wheel, I quickly decided to disable my lift sensor. My thinking is that with the "pressure sensor B" defect that is currently on my wheel, it is causing some bad sensor readings with the lift sensor. It's only been a couple days, but so far so good....I should probably figure out how to fix that sensor problem...not motivated enough to open the shell again.
  6. Circuitmage

    Welcome, Irina!

    Wow, amazing pictures. And nice to see good safety gear. Obviously some experience there. I always thought women would have a better time at EUC riding than men, due to natural physique. Lower center of gravity you know. Like the old trick where women can pick up a chair from behind and men cannot.
  7. Circuitmage

    KS18L latest firmware

    I just ug'd to 1.12 on my 18L. All good, save my pressure sensor B is still defective. Had to reset my speed settings. Right after I upgraded and powered on my wheel it kept the beep tone on for about 10 seconds until I recycled power again...weird. Also, I should add, that when attempting the lift sensor calibration on my wheel, a Chinese text box pops up. Please fix that. I must say the communication does seem better the few times I've used it and the new format is pleasing.
  8. Circuitmage

    failure in pressure sensor A

    Can someone provide any wiring or repair details on this? My sensor B is defective. I've had so many issues with my 18L, I am tired of bothering the seller about issues. I assume when I take the shell off I can trace the wiring and find the component, but if anyone else has gone through this already, may save me some time.
  9. Circuitmage

    To beep or not to beep...18L

    So...still working on this... When I say it beeps 12 times...it then goes directly to "error in calibration". Also, I contacted the local sales rep I have and he suggested I use the new app. So, I dl'd the new app, and it's doing about the same thing. I also looked at Device info and there is a section at the bottom for "Defect Indications". It shows Pressure Sensor B: Defect.
  10. Circuitmage

    To beep or not to beep...18L

    It beeps quickly, then tells me to lift it. When I lift it it beeps about 12 times then says calibration failed. It does not do the 2 beeps while lifting to end the cal. I'll try it a few more times, but ...yet another issue with this wheel. And this is with a relatively new control board. Could it be something inside the motor causing this? I found the video here;
  11. Circuitmage

    To beep or not to beep...18L

    @US69 I tried 3 times, it failed calibration all 3 times. Kinda weird, app says keep wheel "horizontal", but according to your directions (and what makes sense) is to keep wheel vertical. So..yeah...
  12. Circuitmage

    What's the motivation for the 16X

    Personally, the 16S always felt a bit small to me, however I am guessing most of their customer base is fine with a 16" wheel. Add the bigger tire, battery, various HW, SW and FW improvements, and you call that....progress.
  13. Circuitmage

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    So, a button in the handle sounds better, but that also means wires would presumably need to run into the extension rods, which could be another wiring/contact issue to engineer. Overall, the 16X sounds very interesting so far. And the video I saw of it spinning out on loose dirt and going up steep slopes is impressive. Although I must say I'm not a fan of the LED placements. Not a huge deal but I really like the current placements.
  14. Circuitmage

    To beep or not to beep...18L

    @Lutalo Thanks for your concern. Yes, about 3 weeks ago I changed the controller, but have seen several similar issues continue (1 vibration after power on, 1 red led lock up after power on. The next step is to replace the motor per a newly supplied replacement, however I have not done that job yet. Also, I don't recall calibration of the lift sensor being explicitly stated as part of my control board replacement instructions....but being a noob to disassembly and re-integration that may be implicit. I will research that tonight. @US69 I am really happy with the ride-ability of the wheel, but not so thrilled with the various issues. I must assume the general customer base is experiencing the same thing, I have no idea. With the original control board I had 3 months of almost no issues, save for the lift sensor. I probably need to do the lift sensor calibration, but have not ever done that.