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  1. Thanks @Lutalo . I would add that some NEW signs in the small town I live in now specifically state "scooters" in addition to mopeds and skateboards as being not allowed in some shopping center parking lots. While they don't specifically state "EUC"''s , they do appear to be attempting to list more ride able things to keep off their property and "scooter" looks to intentionally cover many different things. Previously I was noting that the city park signs and other parking lot signs did NOT include scooters or other "electric" personal vehicles. I believe they also state "bicycle" so if I ever get stopped for riding in their shopping center, I will be specifically asking about bicycles not being allowed either. What is this coming to? Buy a car , walk or nothing?
  2. Yeah man. Cars kill people. I stay away from them.
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    In the news...

    @Girth Brooks darwinawards.com
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    In the news...

    Oh yeah...that's what I meant by "we"...just Austin. It amazes me how many people drive these scooters on the main roads with traffic here. Technically they don't want them on the sidewalk, but there is no way I'm driving anything limited to 15mph that weighs less than 100# on a regular road. I see people all the time driving around corners on the street, I'm sure the actual number of accidents is in the 100's by now, either auto related or people just hurting themselves. Not to mention the guys on a Sat. night doing 3' jumps and stuff. I pitty the repair guy on these.
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    In the news...

    We have had our first documented death on a rented scooter last week; http://www.kut.org/post/austin-records-first-traffic-death-involving-rented-scooter "Police say <he> was riding a Lime scooter on the wrong side of the I-35 southbound frontage road at around 1 a.m. Friday near the on-ramp at Fifth Street. An Uber driver traveling in the right lane changed lanes and hit him. Police say the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating." Sad...but driving on the wrong side of an interstate frontage road...really?
  6. Ok, so maybe not a slow speed activity for some people. So, I spent about 20 minutes jerking my wheel around, without and with the handle extended. I did 5 tries, recycling power, moving unit, letting it sit for 30 seconds, then moving it quickly like I did last week. Both without and with the handle extended. I could not get it to repeat the freak out. I then geared up and took it for a 10 mile ride. No problems. I dunno...
  7. I have another idea about these vibrations and possibly lock ups. Just throwing this out there, as it is purely speculation based on my experience and observations. Going with my idea that this a controller PID routine issue, it could be that these wheels use the "true, tried and tested" routine for controlling the wheel while moving (quickly)...which means they're fine to ride. And, if you accept the fact that the at-still state is more difficult to control than the "while-moving" then it could be something as simple as the handles giving extra leverage to the wheel , causing an increase in movement off the center axis. In other words, the "at-still" state has certain expectations for the limits of movement from the still state. If you exceed that (leverage from long handles could cause this), then it may exaggerate the difficulty of maintaining balance and throw the unit into an unknown state. Evidence for this comes from A) My 16S had severe vibration when it hit slow speed. Something in the control board was causing this as it was fixed with replacement, however this still could be indicative of the difficulties in maintaining the speed state at slow speed, B).Both of my 18L lock ups were at similar locations, with the handle fully extended. I suspect I was moving it rapidly while trollying. Trollying is a slow speed activity, however having the handle extended may be putting the machine in some "other than riding" condition with excessive leaning. and C) My vibration issue happened after the wheel was sitting perfectly still for at least 30 seconds and I quickly grabbed it to move. Again, a similar situation. This CAN be tested. When I tried to duplicate my vibrations I had the handle down, and was simply pushing the wheel around in a state it should be comfortable with. I will try to duplicate this vibration by extending the handle and pushing the wheel outside it's comfort zone (probably leaning it more rapidly and in different directions as I move it). It is my supposition this is a known issue at KS and if I am able to duplicate it in this manner it will at least give some insight as to what is going on.
  8. I checked into those wraps...several $$$ . I will use a black perm marker :).
  9. The good news: I tried to duplicate what I did 3 times, indoors only, and was unable to. It appears to be one of those isolated incidents so far. I reported this to my vendor and they are shipping me a new controller board. The bad news: I got back from work last night and took a closer look at it. From the drop , my wheel in otherwise very good condition now has new scars down the front of it, and the front port cover broke off from the fall. I was able to find the cover outside. It was quite a violent jerk out of my hands , so understandable it suffered some injury.
  10. Right, so...guess what.....at 6am today I get ready to leave, lean my 18L up against a wall after turning it on...and when I go back to grab it , it starts shaking so violently that it moves out of my hand and falls, with the wheel spinning and jerking in both directions. I was able to get it back up and hit the power button and it did shut off, but yeah...still something going on with these. I blame this thread for bringing it back up...my wheel heard you. Again, this is a trolly mode/ at still failure. It seemed to be just when I started to move it again after it was perfectly stopped leaning against the wall. This still points to a PID routine FW issue to me, but I will be wearing my armor more as I ride in the future. This morning I didn't even want to deal with this and just left without riding.
  11. Circuitmage

    Remind me why a KS 18XL is worth the price...

    For me, riding through the gas station every day while everyone looks at me wizz by is worth it.
  12. Good comments on the clocking. That all sounds familiar. Still, I have over 1300 miles on my 18L with no lock ups and no controller changes since the two initial lock ups...pretty happy so far. And, if you factor in ride time versus trolly time...it's looking really good. I usually ride for about 15 mins a day, and trolly for about 1 minute. On weekends I can ride for an hour with less trolly time. So if it is a timing glitch...still seems like it is only while trollying. Just put your armor on and watch it the first 50-100 miles.
  13. Circuitmage

    Remind me why a KS 18XL is worth the price...

    "worth" is a personal value claim. Maybe run a cost-benefit analysis and include subjective value statements?
  14. @Seba Ok, up front I'm not trying to argue with you, these are some of my detailed thoughts on this (being a still concerned rider)... If it is a HW clock issue affecting the STM32F103 , then wouldn't that also mean it could not run the FW code fix? It's only a few seconds between the lock up and the reboot now (which I have not seen mine do since the FW fix). If the crystal is dead, then it could not run again. If it's an intermittent clocking issue, then it SHOULD crop up while riding (at approximately the same rate it initially did before the FW fix). I have designed and debugged embedded code one a few things myself. I don't know all the technical details on this unit...but it sounds like you are familiar with the clocking requirements. From what I can see on these wheels (Both my KS16s and 18L) and my experience with control systems, their PID routine at stop and slow speeds appears very jumpy and possibly prone to error. Both of my new KS's had catastrophic (I mean catastrophic as in not able to ride) issues at slow speeds. This makes perfect sense to me as you want a wheel that is very responsive and reactive, however this can also cause control problems at slow speeds. Both riding and PID computing the wheel at fast speeds is easier, compared to stopped or slow speeds. In other words, when designing a robot that moves, getting it to go "the right way" initially is more difficult than keeping it on it's track or modifying that momentum(speeding up or slowing down). At stop, you have forward and reverse to deal with...which I am assuming is causing the FW error in the PID controller when trollying. Please , correct me if I am wrong. And (now for some maths). I was going to try and estimate the frequency of failures over a number of units, but 1) I don't have the failure rate information and 2) I want to take this from an isolated HW issue from your POV. If MY unit even failed 10% of the time while riding compared to trollying, then I would have had 5 lock ups while riding (10% of 1300 / ever 25 miles) so far this year. And, again, the last example stated above is still a trolly lock up, not a riding lock up. With all of that said, I still see possible HW failure. My 16S was fixed with a controller replacement, and there are probably lots of opportunities for failure on these devices.
  15. I don't see how @Seba can state he is right about this being a HW issue that can lock up while riding. So far I have not heard of any lock ups while riding, only trollying. And, the longer time goes on, the less likely it appears to be a HW issue. I have over 1300 miles on mine after the first 50 where I had 2 trolly lock ups, and no controller replacement. The FW seems to have fixed it for me, though I am still (very slightly) cautious. Seems to be a good wheel...so far.