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Magnetic pedals for KS14D/S - invisible modification


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Hi everyone,

It is hard to make magnetic pedal modification for KS16 without any additional elements on the shell. 

This is much easer for KS14D or KS14S because small side pads are bigger and they are otherwise placed in relation to the pedals.

At the begining we use milling machine to make a hole in small side pads. Then we paste magnets on the pedals. We recomend use silicon as a glue because it is flexible and duriable.

Even child can handle it:


We offer magnetic pedals modification to all KS14D and KS14S for 60 Euro.








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Ok now I understand this just makes lowering and raising pedals easier and faster.

I guess I am used to having to do this by hand, but maybe this winter will look into doing this on mine, thanks!


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Is this necessarily such a good idea?

I'm not sure how much you can adjust it on a KS, but on my Inmotion V5f+ I purposely screw the pedals extra extra tight. As tight as they will go.

Although it makes it a little bit stiffer in bringing up/down, it means that if/when the wheel falls on it's side (as it always obviously will if it's still functioning), the pedals will take the brunt off the impact/shock.

If you have the pedals so loose, every time the wheel falls on it's side, the whole chassis is dispelling the energy of the collision with the ground. I mean obviously if you pad/protect your wheel then all that is irrelevant I guess. But anyway....

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