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  1. @Dzlchef i know its been sold can u tell me how many miles u personnaly used and how often charged to 100% and would u leave it on overnight or at least for a few hours at a time? i have a 16s too with 600 miles. would love to get it to close to 2000. been thinking the charge to 80% rule is silly thank you
  2. thanks all for the helpful comments again cautioning me from doing something stupid. yes those chargers are in my cart but with aliexptess theyll take a while to get here. plus i dont k ow if ill just be wasting time adding balance leads if i end up not being able to put the battery in its already snug location again. im already concerned after cutting the shrink wrap (but not removing it yet) if itll fit after "resealing" the shrink wrap with packing tape
  3. i have 18650 4bay chargers. could probably hook alligator clips to the appropriate terminals
  4. hope theres some affordable kits in the future
  5. I used it around 20% yesterday and today went thru the same charging as yesterday. no difference i could really notice. darkness bot reporteed 66.8v and 97%, wheellog 100% leaving it on the green led balancing for 3 hrs again dipped the voltage and capacity to 94%. and high 65.x V when i unplugged the charger and waited 20 min and replugged in, darknessbot again reports 97% and 66.6v right away, the charger itself started at around 1A and over 10 to 20 min is steadily decreasing. i think i'll just try to enjoy my remaiing 420wh as much as i can, and then maybe get a new 840wh battery. Spending too much time worrying when the weather rn is amazing
  6. can u tell me how u got to that? they're both 67.2v wheels. i use the same charger on all 3 of my S series wheels
  7. interesting, i don't remember hearing much about that. is that more similar to the CX or CST mentioned above
  8. thank you for the feedback. what does an improvement look like besides not dropping down to 65.7v after a few hrs of balancing on the charger... should the charger lcd be reading not 0.00A?
  9. @stephen do you have a video like this with the old CX tire. This is very interesting to see you lean into the wheel like that. the new batch of 16x's still come with CX, tho right?
  10. on this ongoing saga of my bad battery packs, i removed my bad 420 wh one and am in the midst of balancing my remaining 420wh one. on darknessbot, I got it up to 66.6v and 97%, before it stopped charging. My crappy HF charger measured 2 of my quick chargers at 66.8 and a crappy basic 2a charger at 66.6V, and i think it's off by .2 to .3V (compared it to some 18650 battery chargers by opus and liitokala). So that part seems normal, but i've left it on the charger for several (3) hours now, and the voltage has dropped to 65.7v and 92%. The charger lcd reads 0.66 or 0.67v and 0.00A. Does that seem normal? I haven't tried this but I probably will unplug the charger and plug it back in to see if it charges back up to 66.6 or stays at 65.7
  11. @alcatraz could you look at my previous comment and let me know if you've heard of anybody in china has tried putting a 16s or 14s battery in the top pack of the 18s? i got mixed messages from two kingsong reps. thanks
  12. don't you mean higher levels of regret?
  13. oh you meant to put a period between carving and that I thought a 16x CX type tire would be better than msx for carving
  14. how do you know which batch of 16x you have? and did KS show how they fixed the water or dust issues?
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