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  1. does this exist yet on any noncustom EUC?
  2. dang those pedals are way too high...and i thought this was gonna be my next wheel
  3. are you a reviewer/tester/enthusiast of helmets? guess im wondering why did you decide to buy it, when the proframe is their lightest model i think, which shoudl be good for summer and the tsg pass should be decent for colder weather riding?
  4. If someone can design a trailer for it, that might be the last straw for me
  5. i see 16s wheels with way less mileage than 3500km on ebay for around $700 usd in the US...not sure how much that price will cost when factoring shipping but it's worth constantly looking
  6. im coming from a ks16s, aka 2 or 3 generations back...i'm sure a lighter 16inch sherman version with less battery will be an improvement...plus i never tried to imply that a smaller wheel would ride just as nice as this one
  7. thanks for all the hype vids on the sherman...hopefully this is enough money for veteran to fund a lighter, smaller wheel with similar aesthetics or make the existing companies up their game!
  8. 3500km is quite a bit. the risk is not knowing how much life that battery has left. also how much wear is the tire and will that need replacement. to me that 16s for the risk and wear is worth about $500, but im a cheapo. not sure why you wouldn't sell the v8 and buy a brand new 16s, or better yet, a tesla v2 for a substanitally bigger battery.
  9. posted in general, but maybe that's not really the right place for it. Mods feel free to delete the one that doesnt' seem to be put in the right location, hope it'll prevent someone from buying from this person and maybe waste some of his time leading him/her on.
  10. i would imagine it's only going to work once ur device gets under 60v as im assuming ur trying to plug the external into the normal charging port
  11. that's insane $40 to ship from Co to ny is a great deal... if it works for vacation that'd be even crazier. now i wonder if it'll work for the person you sold it to without restriction or only during the warranty period.
  12. i did not send the "seller" the ebay link because i don't want him to smarten up and become better at scamming
  13. https://offerup.com/item/detail/901219170/ he was trying to sell an msx a few days ago for the same price, but took it down for some reason. He got fed up with my questions and also ignored many of them. He asks to be paid on zelle and doesn't ship thru offerup. the reason i suspect scam is his pictures are taken from a ebay french listing, which i guess could be his. also it's not a full out scam if he was too lazy to take his own pictures, but it's dishonest. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gyroroue-Gotway-Nikola-Electric-Unicycle-Elektrishes-Elektro-Einrad-Monoruota/1743315
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