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Found 7 results

  1. I need to sell my wheels. I'm in the Denver metro area. I will include 3d printed stands for both wheels (wheels are on these stands in the photos). I have original boxes from eWheels. Standard chargers for both wheels. Prices will be in addition to shipping if not local. I'll get shipping labels from eWheels. Both wheels still have the one year warranty from their purchase dates. KS-14D (420wh): $500. 167 miles on the wheel. Purchased January 2020 from eWheels. 84 MSX (1600wh): $800. 267 miles on the wheel. Purchased March 2020 from eWheels. Will include seat and self-standing fender. The 14D has the usual scratches from learning. Very scratched pedals. Has baby bumpers and neoprene kuji pads. Some abrasion to the shell and handle from a faceplant. The MSX also has the usual scratches and has been crashed (at 25 MPH). Has baby bumpers on it. It is missing its headlight and the shell screw standoffs are broken. It has a few scratches as well. Selling as-is. Crash details below. Photos: KS-14D MSX About the MSX crash: I faceplanted at 25 MPH. I was wearing a Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Summit mesh jacket, Leatt Dual Axis knee guards, LS2 Pioneer helmet, Demon Flexmeter double-sided D3O wrist guards. I was not wearing motorcycle boots, and should have been. The rest of the gear did its job perfectly, though lack of ankle protection means I sprained my ankle and damaged some tendons in my leg. I was on crutches for a week and in a boot for 2 weeks. As far as the cause of the crash, I do not know what happened. I thought I may have hit a bump or something. Returned to the scene about 2 weeks later when I could drive again, and it was a perfect bicycle lane. Machine malfunction cannot be ruled out. Would probably be fairly easy to repair and make a great spare/project/beater wheel, just GEAR UP and BE CAREFUL. I think riding around cars is just plain irresponsible now. I am lucky the wheel harmlessly flew off the road into the grass and not into a car or pedestrian! Probably not the best story to sell a wheel... But full disclosure is always best. As far as the 14D goes, it's just no fun to me after riding the MSX. Plus, I cannot be trusted on EUC's. I'd rather just quit while I'm ahead. If anyone wants any more photos, I'm happy to share. Shipping update: eWheels requires name, email, phone number and shipping address in order to quote and generate shipping labels. SOLD: The 14D shipped from Colorado to NYC for $39. I left the wheel with Fedex at 5pm on Friday. The buyer, @Seahorse_Dimples, received the wheel Monday at 10 AM. That's awesome... eWheels shipping is fantastic! MSX update: I ordered the headlight parts from eWheels. Missing headlight seems to be a sticking point, so I'm going to repair (or replace, if it comes to that) the shell and reinstall the headlight and then re-list. Probably for a higher price since I will have done the labor and bought the parts I was discounting for. SOLD: MSX sold to @Bao Nguyen as-is for $835.
  2. Hi everyone, It is hard to make magnetic pedal modification for KS16 without any additional elements on the shell. This is much easer for KS14D or KS14S because small side pads are bigger and they are otherwise placed in relation to the pedals. At the begining we use milling machine to make a hole in small side pads. Then we paste magnets on the pedals. We recomend use silicon as a glue because it is flexible and duriable. Even child can handle it: We offer magnetic pedals modification to all KS14D and KS14S for 60 Euro.
  3. The King Song manufacturer declares that from the firmware 1.7 the maximum speed of KS-14D is 30 km/h (before was 28 km/h). Please check and give feedback.
  4. How much damage have you done to your EUC? Even if you don't do tricks like me or ride off road, even the best of us fall and subsequently do a little beating up on our wheels. Well....I don't know if anyone wondered what happens to my wheel after doing what I do. Well here's a couple pics folks. EUC Street Pedal Grind before and after. Here's some pics. There's a video rundown on it's way for the almost indestructible KS14D. Wheel aside....I was really damn proud of getting the before and after pics into the same perspective.
  5. Look what the mailman brought us today. A brand new KS14S from KingSong, where the S stands for Sport. This is the latest Electric Unicycle from KingSong and I’m pretty excited as one of the first to review this unit. Let me know what you think about KS14S?
  6. I have had my KS14D almost a month now and have done 798km on it (aiming for 1000km by Feb 3 as I got it Jan 3) I absolutely love this wheel and wanted to hear what other users thought and if they have found any problems? mine has been perfect. the handle could be a fraction longer but its not even a real problem, the casing is pretty tough, have dropped it several times trying tricks and besides a couple really small dents on a couple edges it still looks brand new. speakers are plenty loud enough to hear at 30km/h I rate this wheel 9/10 and if it had better speed and range it would be 10 but adding those things also adds costs and bulkiness King Song really are a quality wheel and well worth the money, a beautiful safe feeling comfortable ride.
  7. Hello ! As partner of Kingsong Italia we have the new ks 14D available in stock. Buy at eRuota.com
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