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  1. WORDS OF WISDOM! UKJ I am very happy I reread this now, as again start to have to much confidence, and not wearing helmet only wrist guards and going way to fast!
  2. UKJ

    Doubting KingSong

    I would fully agree with you if I had not been able to have my bent, cracking axle replaced for free under warranty, and enjoying new mother board with new motor! Also just had to rebuild both pillar parts because of broke nut bolt heads, but now washers carefully sanded to fit perfect in spaces and loctite used with brand new strong bolts. Other than that which could be considered a lot, I still love the power and long rides my good old a few times fixed KS14c! I will say, sure sucks that I can`t enjoy a good Ios app, makes me angry! ukj
  3. Fixed and running better than ever! So after having to heat the pillar like a lot to remove the bolts from one side, I carefully filled down 4 washers to fit perfect between axle capture alu parts so no play anywhere, even and super tight. Also sourced 4 brand new bolts. Then like I do with my E helis cleaned all threads alcohol pure and loctite, as well as topping of inner tube sealent. Did note that washers between pilar and wheel, motor were unlubed so cleaned sanded as smooth as possible and lightly lubed with thin grease where it comes in contact with wheel. Also sealed wire thru oval slots with extra sticky tape and sika flex for added H20 protection. Must say again over all impressed with look of design and build considering this was King songs first E uni release. So one of my favorite toys is fixed and understood much better! Now if I can only find GOOD IOS app? U K J
  4. THX tons for replys and info! Funny that ever since replace motor axle I DO NOT jump at all and try to be extra careful to hopefully get axle to last. I think the exact same bolts we used and maybe were just old! I as said will get the two alu parts to fit perfect around axle like they do not now! I feel the play between the two parts puts extream stress on the bolts and hopefully a better fit will help! Good to see upon close inspection axle has no crack or any sign of bending. ukj
  5. Update Super easy to remove sheared off bolt heads that became studs with 2 nut method. Found in my stash one bolt exact match but miss one, no worries will find easy. I do find it interesting that K S says wheel as a unit is somewhat water proof, I must say that the one on each side oval wheel, motor passing hole is not at all waterproof and would allow water all the way up to the mother board. I will tape and sika flex when rebuilding. Also note that the alu machining work on the non broken side leaves a bit to be desired in terms of tolerence! This is where the 2 alu parts go around the axle. As I am anal I will also remove this and gently file to get perfect fit! BUT, Happy to know my beloved E UNI from the inside and sure like great quality fuses on each battery pack and on mother board! And over all impressed with build and design as she has over 3,000 Ks and other than bent, cracked axle and now this we get along well! NEVER had unexpected shut down and NEVER fell due to machine problem. Also upon close inspection quality of mother board looks great! Will say love my charge doctor! tried to upload photos but Iphone and PC do not get along as I am sure most of you know! Question only for those only REALLY in the know. Are the bearings on the axle sealed? Shall I use some ultra high quality RC heli oil or does this risk breaking down grease that may be packed in? THX ukj
  6. So after studying video and manual decided to open. Because K S France honored my warranty and installed new mother board to work with new wheel, motor , mine was not the same as video but super easy to get apart. I took photos and will post later. 2 m6 bolts sheered off where the head meets the shaft, one head still there other compleatly gone! Now just have to remove what was Bolts now "studs" hopefully by strongly cinching two m6 nuts together to remove and maybe need wd-40 heat ect but know I can make it work! Then need to source bolts of exact same length and head allen configuration to fit perfect! Was amazed just how easy to open and of course no need to crack case. As promised will upload photos later. Thanks ukj
  7. Hello, My beloved now getting much older KS14C 800w 680w needs a fix. It seems that the screws that go thru the axle holder fixing to the vertical pedal pillar have come loose and causes play. I assume this from this photo, page 13 http://electricunicyclereviews.com/application/files/1114/4444/1957/King_Song_14inch_repair_guide.pdf I think I can see play between these two alu parts. When you pull the pillar you can see about 4 mm between alu and where axle meets it. As I thought I remembered reading here somewhere ... "CLOUD"... maybe it is possible to drop the wheel, motor WITHOUT having to split case? I also found this vid, I feel quite capable of doing this repair just asking for any and all advise, tips so go into it as prepaired as possible. So any kind KS14C owners want to fill me in with any info please! What to be extra careful of, anything else to do while open? Clean well threads and bolts with alcohol pure and blue loctite like I do with ALL my electric RC helis? THANKS, ukj
  8. I was gifted an old iphone 5s with V 11. I would like to download an app that works. Have read that new app just does not work and I SURE do not want to change EUNIs firmware. I think I rembember reading somewhere that one should be able to download older app? Where to find as do not on apple store? Thanks UKJ
  9. I did ride off road a lot and jumps as high as I could so for gave it a work out! Easy to see "crack" looking from underneath where the axle meets the hub, and check space between peddle and vertical pillar. With my replacement NO jumps or off road as want to continue to have it work, so far NO bend crack. But again have a close crazy jumpimg friend with exact same and his is fine! ukj
  10. I must say my beloved KS14c, 680 STILL rides just fine!! Fast, powerful, Never a problem other than needed axle replace and got a new mother board out of the deal! Easy to replace tube and be smart and use quality flat stop product. Also charge doctor to charge to 90% and balance every 2 months. I REALLY ride mine every day for a little sea watching cruise and still love it! David, a good buy as long as one knows of axle fault and keeps an eye on it, easy to see and control! I am quite sure there were, are ones with stronger axles and also weaker, as some seem to go quick while others last and last....
  11. Must have missed quote but hope you get the idea. ukj
  12. Only thanks to this very forum did I buy local "just in case" Sure glad I did. Bent , cracked axle sent in , replaced , works even better thanks to new mother board. No need to name but will say I went as far to the top as possible. Still almost daily riding me new and improved EUC. Thanks to all who posted "buy local from reputable"! ukj
  13. UKJ

    Is counter-steering a thing?

    I hope to bring this thread back to life and pose hopefully a simple question and get more feedback please! Does one HAVE to even if just a TINY bit counter steer a E U C? Other things? I have read and reread the wiki explanation and tested myself but still not convinced either way. Also on my pedal uni and bike. Other sports snowboard, skateboard, ski, surf. It is true in real life for me that when I ride my bike at normal speed hands free and push gently the left handle bar forward ( right turn) the bike will turn left. Same on motorcycle. Thoughts, ideas, reasons why? Thanks, ukj