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  1. im a searchaholic with too much free time that i should be enjoying my wheels vs trying to find the best deal on safety gear
  2. is it good enough for reading license plates?
  3. someguy152


    this was before ur sjc5000x? i want to be able to read the license plates on cars
  4. so does that mean if we're shopping for parts and need to know Amp ratings to look for, we should use the Max power / voltage of machine? is the max power usually listed in the specs somewhere
  5. so if my motor/wheel is rated for 1200W, do i just take 1200/the voltage of my wheel to get the max current and then get a BMS rated for higher than that current? or do these W numbers not equal the maximum/peak W and that's the number i need to find.
  6. this looks compact enough or 16s at least https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000423794343.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.cf811c8bDBsvQ6&algo_pvid=a03b3336-3f1a-4265-a0c9-7d158b68fb86&algo_expid=a03b3336-3f1a-4265-a0c9-7d158b68fb86-9&btsid=0ab6d59515859180575224557ec995&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ wonder when we will start seeing them
  7. i got my 14s last week for $300, 840wh, 100miles. glad i had my alerts set up... a couple days later another one brand new went from $250 to 430 in the last 5 min of the auction. was very tempted to say the least. it's a phenomenal deal i think
  8. yea there's one user who constantly sells refurbished s1's. i have alerts for many of the wheels im interested in on ebay, so yes there arent a lot.
  9. it depends on the app and when someone installs it. my darknessbot app measures 5% below my wheellog app for all 3 wheels. When i first got my wheels, i didn't even know of an app. mabye by the time i install it, i wouldn't be able to tell what 100% means. yes one can look at voltage, but for kingsong S wheels, they already measure 66 at full on the app. I can imagine ppl can look at the numbers and not know what full is. I wonder how long that will take to discern. If ur a casual rider, which i imagine most ppl to be, and ur wheel can do 20 to 30mph max, but you only usually go less than 75% of that, then i'd imagine it'll take a long time for you to experience that feeling of not having fun. The demographic of users on this forum I wonder if its representative of all people that buy these devices.. Maybe there's a lot of ppl who just run their devices to the ground instead of selling on the used market
  10. so something i don't get is, for the general population who have these devices who aren't reading these forums but just go out and about with their devices with normal chargers, how would they ever really know that something is wrong with their battery besides noticing less range, cutouts, or the device stops taking a charge (or rarely, fire). I'm wondering if there's enough safeguards that kingsong or any manufacturer has in place for these batteries where for example , if a parallel pack does go to 0v without me knowing, can or will the charger and bms combo still charge the device safely and we can ride normally until the device stops taking a charge or the range is so much less that we investigate. are we just being too anal? I mean the device doesn't exactly need all 67 or so volts and can still run on less, right?
  11. am i looking for 0deg bent valve inner tubes for Kingsong wheels (the S series), i know i can visually look at my wheels, but that doesn't mean i can tell what angle they're at
  12. ah i see, im currently a kingsong 67v guy so wont' need those for a while. you got on aliexpress?
  13. i need to remember not to sweat the small stuff. that's why i think it's just better to just charge with dumb charger every time or every other time. at least it'll keep them balanced more likely than what i was doing before, trying to just do 80% and then do 100% every 10 or so times. I think i've "ruined" parts of two batteries, vs having decreased range
  14. interesting can you give me an example as i've never heard of these adapters for chargers. they are safe?
  15. im very grateful for these practical answers for my peabody brain.
  16. super helpful thanks! do you have any stores you particularly like on ali or ebay? I think im mostly concerned about getting an inner tube with the valve them that can go thru as usually they are bent. so not sure how to filter out those types
  17. i think im gonna buy this charger. i couldn't find ewheels shenzen fuyuandian charger on aliexpress or ebay nor do i want to spend 3x as much for what should be a $15 to 20 charger with free shipping https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000101621951.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.7e5a6628KRP54t&algo_pvid=ad206e20-45e9-4987-b050-feeb88269f17&algo_expid=ad206e20-45e9-4987-b050-feeb88269f17-1&btsid=0ab6f82315854997880923366e26d4&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  18. i bought mine all used and they all came with "smart" chargers thanks, Marty for more feedback and evolution of ur expereicnes
  19. currently on my ks16s, the 5th gen ewheels charger shows 0.00a but the voltage keeps fluctuating from 0.67 to 0.71
  20. as measured iin wheellog or darkness bot?
  21. those boards are cool but now i'd have to remove the shrinkwrap to solder them on
  22. I'm trying to isolate whether my battery is bad or the charger on some of my wheels. all of them were bought used and they all came with smart chargers, but I'm not actually sure they are getting to the balance phase despite being set at 100% for example in my 16S one of my chargers at "full" with green led on, when i noticed the charger first stop wheellog measured 66.12 and 100% darkness measured 66.06 and 94% before sleeping after 4 to 5hrs of leaving the charger on darkness said 65 and 89% wheelog says 65.2 and 95% I unplugged the charger and after letting it set overnight, in the morning darkness 65.2 and 89% wheellog says 65.2 and 94% I don't know if this is normal or not. I guess next time i'll try one of my other two chargers and see. I know with one of my KS18s at around 63 to 64v, when i set all 3 chargers to 80%, one of the chargers would not charge while the others did, so clearly i have some variation in the chargers, possibly a bad charger. Anyway, Please Recommend me a 67.2v decent quality dumb charger as that might further provide clues. update: I have plugged all 3 of my chargers in and the lcd readings on the 4th and 5th gen ewheel charger says 67 or 67.1v, while a different 5th gen one says 64.1v. Measuring with a crappy harborfreight multimeter, i was getting 66.6ish on the first two, and 63.6ish on the 3rd.
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