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New mini pro will not turn on

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@Sckid, welcome to the forum. Please ensure you post in the correct place. I have moved your post to the correct Mini pro section.

you might also want to read the posts in this section, the discussion immediately below this topic for example is discussing problems with Mini Pro’s being dead on arrival.

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On ‎28‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 8:47 PM, Sckid said:

Just assembled new mini pro out of box. Will not power on. Battery charger showing green. What am I doing wrong

I remember there were some Ninebot S2/A1 that had the same problem. Something to do with the battery going into hibernate when not being used for long time (like warehouse storage), - probably to prolong the shelf life.

Since the tek/bms in the S2 and Mini Pro are similar, it could be the effect you see on your unit?

Edit. Found it:


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From the latest Amazon review -

"The first one I got did not work. Would not turn on or accept a charge. I returned it and got another one that also did not work in the same manner. When I got the second one, instead of returning it I called segway tech support and they got back to me very fast. The service was great!

Turns out that when you leave your segway sitting in a warehouse for months on end the battery will slowly discharge. If the battery discharges to low, then the segway will go into a battery saver mode to preserve the life of the battery. If a lithium ion battery goes entirely dead, it's finished, cannot be recharged at all. The segway prevents this from happening.

The solution to fix a dead on arrival segway is to do the following:
1) call tech support and notify them, to preserve your warrrenty.
2) get an Allen wrench set and remove the battery from the segway.
3) charge the battery while it is separated from the segway for 4 hours.
4) re-install the battery

It will now work perfectly!"


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2 hours ago, Gregg said:

I'm having the same problem.  I think I am going to return it. I called Segway, but I can only leave a message.  I think I am going to return it and buy my son a 4-wheeler instead.  Service is horrible

Try hard reset with this method


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