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  1. I didn’t really know this. Of course, riding on the beach is slow and difficult. I didn’t think it would be corrosive to the MinPro ➰
  2. I’m curious, what would you do with all that extra speed? ➰
  3. I would do this if I had youngsters still with me. ➰
  4. Yes, I’m considering the Segway Z10. Maybe. One day. Until then no brute force is needed with the MiniPro. It just works and runs. Plug and Play. Not much protective gear needed, other than a helmet. Works for slow city sidewalks and bike paths. ➰
  5. I wonder if you could resolve the puncture by using a sealer and not have to dismantle the tire? Others recommend this. ➰
  6. It’s possible that the public will discover scooters and then venture to the Segway family of transporters. Segway wins. People discover. Some generate revenue. Here’s an article reviewing the scooter experience. https://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2018/07/31/test-drive-limes-electric-scooters-are-fun-and-easy-but-are-they-practical-for-chicago-commutes?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Recommends 7.31.18&utm_term=Reader Recommends ➰
  7. I just finished adding air to one of the MiniPro tires. I just noticed the lower battery range that I was getting and corrected this. I did have a motor go out on a different MiniPro that may have been a combination of stretching it’s capacity. I had been riding with an extra 20 Lb vested weight. Additionally, it was a rainy day when it groaned to a loud noise and stopped. Yes, I flipped backwards to the ground also. Now, I have an unexpected backup MiniPro for parts. I do use the extra battery for longer distances and the speed is good enough for my travels: business, social or fun. The bikes seem old fashioned now, and I have no interest in their limitations and bulkiness. The Loomo Robot piques my interest as it may become more programmable and flexible with transport capabilities. Combining it with better drones, than what I have, may provide enhanced video recordings. We’ll see what the future transport devices appear that match my changing lifestyle. ➰
  8. My wife and I ride the MiniPros continuously in a downtown Chicago area and Lakefront. In the past year, they are reliable, plug and play transporters. More so than our bikes, e-bikes and roller blades. I did see a couple of scooters on the bike trail today. With the MiniPro, there is no interest in a scooter to get around. Already, we’ve eliminated the use of cabs or Uber, dramatically reduced local public buses & train usage, and complement long distance driving or train riding with the MiniPros. I’ll watch and notice how all this transporter evolution shifts the way people get around. ➰ ➰
  9. I’m viewing a lot of Segway NineBot activity lately: MiniPlus, Z10, Drift, race kit and the emerging scooter revolution supplied by Segway. Much activity and visibility in the transporter space. This can only be positive for us, the consumers and mobile segment. I’m also starting to notice more regulations to occur. ➰
  10. This remote feature becomes much more critical when the user becomes dependent on full functionality. When used as a robotic device then there is little/no room for mistakes. I wonder if Loomo, the robotic version, also has the same inconsistencies. This is still an evolving technology before it becomes a reliable and flexible tool for all of us. ➰
  11. I’m rethinking that this could be reapplied to an elderly population in retirement with difficulty getting around. It’s sitting without the stigma of a wheelchair. And lower cost of entry. ➰
  12. Rocky Romero

    How to be heard by Ninebot ? (or other brands)

    Segway NineBot will continue to dominate the transporter marketplace, especially if they continue to provide scooters for the growing scooter sharing market. A user association that has influence would be years into the future. ➰
  13. The same rule seems to apply in Chicago. The scooters are coming and hopefully problems will be less than other places. ➰
  14. Rocky Romero


    No choice but to drop the price and eventually yield to the better product and competition: Segway. Segway is positioned to dominate the transporter market in many areas that they touch. They already provide all the scooters for Bird. Once they do the Segway Robot, Loomo, correctly, it could be everywhere. ➰
  15. Rocky Romero

    Hovershoes / e-skates

    Yes, cracks and sidewalk bumps could be an issue due to the small wheels. On smooth pavements, as is more the case in recreational areas, it may be a fun ride. Agreed that similar to the MiniPro, the Drift is built to stop/start easily in crowded areas. This alone is a huge benefit for city sidewalks, especially during rush hours. Speed is not the feature for the Drift, more so is agility in crowded spaces. ➰