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Creating a Corporate EUC Mission Statement


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If you had an opportunity to address management of the leading EUC manufacturers and present them with a corporate mission statement how would it read? 

A strong mission statement should bring a company's essence into focus so it is crystal clear who they are, what they do, and why they do it. A mission statement should be able to be defined in a paragraph or so and relate to the entity’s reason for existence. It embodies its philosophies, goals, ambitions and more. Any company that attempts to operate without a mission statement runs the risk of wandering through the world without having the ability to verify that it is on its intended course.

I have drafted an example below. Please share your creative literary talents and fashion the perfect mission statement that encompasses all of the exemplary qualities you would like to see from Gotway, KingSong, Inmotion or any other EUC manufacturers.


"Our mission is to provide exceptional personal mobility electric unicycles for people around the world. We are committed to maintaining excellence in the quality of our products along with respect and integrity throughout all aspects of our company."  


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I appreciate your effort, but this example statement is just the standard, meaning-free crap that makes people hate mission statements. Could be from here: http://cmorse.org/missiongen/ What exactly does "maintaining respect" mean?

I'm not familiar with mission statements, so maybe they are good for something, but I would not know what that would be. Some kind of vague "Let's do this!" motivational statement? Just one step above "Our employees do not just shit on the floor"?


How about the following "safety-by-design goal":

We build the world's best electric unicycles. They should be built redundant, so that no one component failure can cause the wheel to cut out during riding. They should be built safe, so that no possible rider action can cause the wheel to cut out during riding, except those actions that on principle can never be prevented by the wheel. We plan, design, and monitor every part of the wheel so these two goals are always guaranteed. Our wheels must always warn the rider instead of cutting out, for any reason.

What I care about most. It's ok if the wheel can't do something, but it needs to tell me, not crash me (and possibly break in the process).

And then you can add other "statements" for model range, production/assembly, QC, whatever.

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"Our mission is to make our products safe enough that we would trust any of them to be ridden on through any harsh conditions by the owner of the company, his beloved wife and children as well as those rich, over-weight relatives who may or may not write us out of their wills depending on how well our products perform.  Furthermore, we strive to ensure that our products, when ridden during grand televised parades by Chinese high government officials, secret service and courtroom judges, will find them 100% satisfactory."  :efef927839:

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