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[Sold] KS18A 1200W 1360wh or Msuper V3 1500W 1160wh - One has to go!


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Ok Folks,

who knows me and my wheels...Its sad, but because of the unbeatable will of Upgrading, one of my white beauties has to go:





KS18A 1200Watt, 1360wh, about 1 year old, build end of April 2016.

Upgraded with Trolley, Mudguard, Protection Foam and 2 Fans steered manuell by plugging in the USB port. 

Fans only needed when temperatures exceed 30degree Celsius outside.

Several minor improvements....









Gotway Msuper V3 67 Volt 1500 Watt, November 2016, original 820wh, upgraded with professional help from 1radwerkstatt to now complete 1160wh!, building a exclusive 820pack plus a 340wh pack, under the use of new wider white sidepads.

Also done a rubber mudguard, turned all red parts into white, 3M'd the back part to see trough black! Several velcro fasteners for the use of light, extra rubber parts for learners (which you all get)....

also other several minor improvements!









BTW: the "electro-sport.de" tapes are easy to get rid of!!!


Now the important part:

I let go...negotiable(but just a bit)...without transport:

the Ks18 for: 899 Euro

The V3 for: 999 Euro

I think that are fair prices...none of the wheels had EVER had a cut-out or any other major faults...hard to get the batteries alone for that price

Contact me via PM....

As you all now.....Sending overseas is not possible....the best would be a visit for a testdrive!


PLEASE: Only real interests...Thanx a lot!!!!







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9 hours ago, KingSong69 said:

Come on EUC riders and future EUC riders...

like said: Prices are negotiable 

Those are nice looking wheels and the price looks very reasonable for them.  Top of the line wheels with the big batteries.  If I lived in Europe I would probably buy one of them.:(

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