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  1. Lander T'kindt

    New Kingsong APP (Android)

    where to find this version?? works with ks18 ?
  2. Lander T'kindt

    new subforum

    Now i have a full Helmet and full leather suit, went driving and it went alot smoother, now finding a way to get out of the suit without looking like a complete retard.
  3. Lander T'kindt

    new subforum

    yeah would come in handy, on youtube theres is no tutorial
  4. Lander T'kindt

    new subforum

    well, turning is the major reason, it still feels awkward to turn to the right with my hips, even sometimes so difficult i almost lose my balance, ( I have slightly hip problems, my hips are always fixated and i have to get them loose every morning) so beter safe than sorry, my turns are always at 12km an hour, just to be sure
  5. Lander T'kindt

    new subforum

    well, i am thinking about buying some motorsuit and motorhelmet to ride my new KS18, on the ninebot i was ok with skateboard safety gear and a skateboard helmet but now i am unsure
  6. Lander T'kindt

    Kingsong firmware v1.25

    I tested it, and indeed on Wheellog i don't get any readings from my ks18, maybe a bug?
  7. Lander T'kindt

    Kingsong firmware v1.25

    if you are on android 6.0 or above you have to manually enable the permissions to acces bluetooth and location
  8. Lander T'kindt


    You passed my hometown Zelzate
  9. Nice prices, i am considering it, does the ks18 has the seat also?
  10. Lander T'kindt

    Kingsong KS14B | €280 | Netherlands

    Still For sale? I offer 230 with included shipping to the border of belgium/ Netherlands
  11. Lander T'kindt

    NB Pro extra Battery

    ninebot one battery's are compatible ( c+, e+ p and aftermarket batteries from 1radwerkstatt all fit nicely)
  12. Lander T'kindt

    Update 1.3.5 topic ( 1.3.5 Reports of use only please)

    1. C+ 2. 1.3.0 3. havent got a clue 4. 8km 5.75kg 6. casual 7. also hearing a high pitched noise when not moving, like a dog whistle.