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Finally, bigger pedals! Do it yourself solution

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I have been riding my kingsong 14c for a few months and It drove me crazy how tiny the pedals are. Obviously, I am not the only person who thinks this. 

Used 1/4 inch think redwood planks, VHB mounting tape, gorilla glue tape and covered it all with grip tape. It ride so nicely now. Center of gravity is a little bit high, but its not bad. Ankles do not hurt and its just great. 

Main piece of wood is 10 inches by 4.5 inches.

I also made a video showing it all: 




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I also finally made pedal extenders for my Lhotz. This truly is an absolute must mod for anyone riding daily with larger than asian feet. Now the ball of my feet doesn't hang in the air, nd shoes feel a lot nicer as they don't squeeze my toes. I did calibrate the wheel to have about 2° more forward tilt, as the extenders lift the front of my feet. Or finally keep them level, to be precise.

I felt like I was standing on a skateboard instead of the original bicycle pedals. I used to have only one precise barely usable position, now I feel like there is more space in every direction, and the precise location of my feet doesn't matter nearly as much. I often got numb and aching feet already at around 9km, now I just made a 20km trip with zero numbness or foot pain!

I also feel the control got quite a bit better, and perhaps because of that my Lhotz felt ever so slightly more powerful.

I saw'd the extenders from a 30*30*3mm aluminium L-rod, and since most of my stuff is still at my old house, used just two M5 bolts secured with a lock washer and a nyloc locking nut. The Lhotz pedals are pretty much made for bolting through like this. They don't close up completely, but well enough not to be an issue.

1 2017-06-26 14.52.38.jpg

3 2017-06-26 14.54.12.jpg

4 2017-06-26 14.52.59.jpg

5 2017-06-26 14.53.20.jpg


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