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V8 LEDs all stopped working


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A few weeks ago my LEDs all stopped working on my Inmotion V8. I get an error in the app when I try to turn them on or off, and handle+button doesn't work either. I know the LED strips are still good, occasionally when powering on or off I will get a flash of LED lights. Reseller extraordinaire @Jason McNeil suggested I try re-uploading the default lighting scheme to the wheel, which threw an error in the app. I've read about the memory shortage issue but would be surprised if it applies here since I only had a handful of custom schemes, including two that were just simple, steady blocks of white/red in the front/back. Has anyone experienced a similar issue and, if so, have you been able to resolve it? The LED lights are fun but I also value them for visibility during night riding. Thanks!

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half mine quit on one side, then the outside quit on the other, then all quit back on the original side.  I know the issue with firmware and reloading, the led code is less than reliable, but mine are legitimately quitting on a non-abused wheel.  I bought this thing because of the cool leds and they are turning out to be a pita


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On 5/25/2017 at 3:06 PM, Jason McNeil said:

@Brian Morris, sending you out a replacement set tomorrow, it's a hardware problem. The first V8s had LEDs which were, how can I put it ... basically cr*p.   

back up and running! best customer service ever ;)

only gotcha was removing the handle side cover, that took the longest.  had to find a video on youtube that took off that side, which was only in Russian :)


Thanks again @Jason McNeil

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Thank you a lot. I was exactly the same problem mentioned in the post, even the voice didn't work but i uploaded the lights DIY and press the handle button + power button and it works perfectly!! Thank you. For the voice i will reupload the voice too.

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