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  1. My rubber gasket has came out several times, and after final repairs the gasket is exposed and visible. Pics sent to the repair person. yes
  2. what ever video I sent to people for warranty repairs only video I had. My question is still not answered.
  3. Is there no one who can share their experience?
  4. My recent issue is that after a full charge I have to turn on and turn off the device until it shows a full cahrge on the indicator.
  5. For the past 9 months I have been riding the V8 and have been impressed with its abilities however, sometimes it makes we worry for my life. Out of the box the wheel did not connect to app, had problems with sound, wobbling wheel (not due to inexperience), power bottom glitches, and turning off while riding (which is very difficult to prove if its your fault or the wheels). I have sent it for warranty repairs however, the most important problems were not fixed + additional issues arose. What should I do? Since the last repair inmotion charged me an arm and a leg for parts replacement
  6. Hey Bob, I am a noob on this forum so it does not allow me to message you. Do you have an email where I can ask you a few questions about my V8? Thank you in advance.
  7. I cannot record the battery usage because my app resets all data once the unicycle is turned off.
  8. I once was standing with my back to a wall and standing with the V8 slightly forward. While talking to my friends I was standing further away from the wall while my back was touching it and the V8 just powered of without any warnings.
  9. My V8 shut off on me on the 6th day after I got it. The limit was at 16mph with a tilt +3.3. Falling is not fun.
  10. Had a similar problem with the V8 just out of the box. Lights didnt work, did not up load or change.
  11. My gasket has been exposed (came out) several times and after the last warranty repair is visible while being tucked in.
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