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You can read my conclusion about the Mini here

but sorry for translating errors


This is my conclusion regarding the Ninebot MINI
I have based myself on all the elements I have since buying my Mini and creating my blog which has 3800 visitors from 75 countries.
I read the testimonials and answered questions from users of Ninebot Mini on EUC FORUM and URBAN360 FORUM
I created many topics to inform, help, advise Mini users.
This is my final conclusion regarding the Mini that I share with you today, this is my personal opinion on my feeling of Mini owner.
But if you were a friend, I'll tell you not to buy it.
If you were a friend ...

MINI PRO CHINA says "hybrid" = N3M260 - PRICE FROM 350 EUROS
If you were a friend who has 600 euros, 700 euros, 800 euros or 900 euros to make you happy, and who would like to buy the same gyropod that I own, today, honestly, I will tell you not to buy it .
I will tell you to buy a nice camera, or a drone, or make you a trip with this money, but surely not to buy a Mini.
Even if it's a nice little machine with which one has pleasure, the disadvantages are enormous. And the fees do not just stop at his single purchase.


First inconvenience: the price!
... Is not for everyone, the guy who earns 1200 euros of base salary will neither put 550 euros in a "Xiaomi" Mini N3M240 nor take a Mini Pro N3M320 to 799 euros or 899 euros etc. .
So what do we see?
Modest people love this machine but can not buy it!
And consequently there are very few users in the streets!
Few user = invisible product = unsalable product!
So, you are alone in the streets, and looking into the app, which is connected nearby with an identical craft, there are still few people who owns it.
It is not only my testimony, but that of users abroad who find themselves in the same situation. They are isolated.
You will be able to enjoy yourself, in the woods, in the city, in the roads, you will receive the sympathy of curious people, you will exchange with them, but when you announce the price: it is crippitoire!
In addition, there is a general disgust by those who paid the price, the official price fluctuations is the pompon!
USA, Germany, Spain, France, the Mini Pro was first announced at 1199 euros, then 1099 euros, then 999 euros, 899 promo, then 799 euros in September and can even find it at 599 euros flash promo on Amazon.


A shocking price change!
In six months, the value of the Mini Pro loses 45% of its initial price!
Over the last three months it is 30% of the price.
Many buyers are unhappy with this rapidly decreasing price, they feel cheated!
The feedback from users unhappy with this loss of money is numerous and it is testimony at the international level.
You would like your phone to 400 euros to be sold 150 euros 3 months after?
My personal opinion: the Mini is not worth more than 350 euros!
And I base myself on all the prices of spare parts, Mini Fluctuating prices from their home China to the four corners of the world: it is worth no more than 350 euros!
"Yes, but the battery, the firmware, the technology, the brand SEGWAY NINEBOT!"
But NO ! The Mini is already a year old, it is old! One year is a year of technological progress, improved batteries. But in a year there will be no follow up on the firmware!
It disappoints as it imposes additional charges (tires)!
It disappoints because its price varies from one day to the next!
It disappoints because its speed is limited!
It disappoints because Ninebot does not ensure positive communication with its customers either at a country level or internationally.
The Mini is only a disposable product for the rich!
There are still several models that already have the approval to be marketed in France and that have not yet been released.


A NINEBOT dealer from my country told me on the phone that the NINEBOT "Xiaomi" Mini N3M240 is not the same brand as the NINEBOT Mini Pro N3M320!
It's wrong !
This is certified by the FCC but also by the European certificate issued to Ninebot concerning the "Xiaomi" model N3M240.
The N3M240 was actually well authorized for sale in France but they preferred to target a category of more affluent buyers!
You realize we could have our Mini "Xiaomi" for up to 380 euros sold in France? 275 euros in China!



Second disadvantage: the quality of the tires and some parts

For 2 tires: allow between 20 euros and 100 euros!
The wheels wear too quickly, it is the general observation of all the users in the World.
Over the kilometers traveled, your attitude of driving, the style "pivoting on the spot" helping, the tires wear out quickly, and to replace them, it is a little difficult.
Either you go through the AFTER SALE SERVICE of your country, which will invoice you anyway, either you do it yourself and between buy import, which is cheaper or buy locally whose price can go up to 50 euros the tire !
You already have 100 euros of tires to change (in the worst case)!



Third disadvantage: spare parts and customization
The Mini is solid, but it is with the first bowls that the break can be expensive.
To protect it, it will be necessary to spend!
And to replace the deteriorated parts it will be necessary to buy again!
The purchase of the spare parts in import is worth the blow but one is not sheltered from cloned parts.
Buying and repairing by the after-sales service of your country will be expensive!
And if you find spare parts over-the-counter, the price compared to the original price can be multiplied by 5 or even 10 in some cases I have seen.
And for the owners of Mini N3M240 said "XIAOMI", in general the local NINEBOT their refuse the sale of spare parts!
I was in touch with the official Ninebot dealer in my country, I thought I could buy them a battery and tires, they refused me to sell these spare parts on the pretext that I am not a customer at home but Also as my model, the "Xiaomi" Mini N3M240 is not the same brand as the Mini Pro N3M320 !
It's wrong!


This is a very bad trade policy and it is a shame, it would have been advantageous for Ninebot to sell spare parts to buyers who imported their mini, they would have earned money. Currently at the U.S.A we can order spare parts of Mini over-the-counter.
All the people I had contact with, including myself, needed to tamper with it, customize it, improve it and all this is an extra cost.
This remains a solid product as long as it does not take a "bad shock".
At the material level, the Mini Pro steering barr is of poor quality, inconvenient for some, that of the Mini seems to satisfy the greatest number.
Plastic parts including lighting are of poor quality, you can break them fast enough at the slightest shock, that was my case.
You break a motor-wheel: it's 180 euros minimum to redeem one !



Fourth disadvantage: the performance of the Mini
We swim in full delirium when some announce that the Mini Pro has a range of 35 kilometers!
It's wrong !
The autonomy of a Mini Pro is 30 kilometers and the Mini simple it is 22 kilometers but it is necessary to remove them 6 km, it is related to accelerations, decelerations, obstacles obstacle, weight, outdoor temperature, Bluetooth connection, Etc ...
All this eats the battery.
Speed is also the biggest disappointment of users, do not dreams, you will never go more than 17.5km / h, you can make peaks at 18km / h, nothing else, no cruising speed beyond Of 17.5. Without counting the incessant beeps of the Mini, that you roll in reverse, that you take two bumps in a row, it is heavy, permanently it is swelling, and people look at you.
(I tell old women he does this when he passes by pretty girls)
And do not hope to buy a second battery, already they are between 220 and 350 euros, and disassembling / reassembling a battery can use the steps of screws.


Fifth disadvantage: firmware and application
For the application that uses your GPS and Bluetooth, it can eat quite the battery of your phone!
The firmware unfortunately have issues, and nothing will be done by Ninebot to meet the expectations of the users, ie increase the speed, decrease the restrictions therefore the alarms concerning driving ...
In addition communication level with the developers of Ninebot, it is unanimous throughout the world: they do not answer!
The version of my firmware is V1.1.7. When I switched to version V1.2.8, I was disgusted, I could not do anything with my Mini!
It's like I've lost my money.
My call to the Electric Unicycle forum was heard and seen 20,900 times and thanks to two developers, I managed to downgrade to version V1.1.7.
On the part of Ninebot International, no communication on this subject, nothing was proposed to remedy the defects of V1.2.8 before version V1.3.1, which is still restrictive in the use of the Mini.
For you to understand, upgrading the firmware V1.2.8 (including V1.2.7) was like updating your phone from a 4G to a 3G version.
I also stayed in version 3.4.1 of the application.
At the firmware level, my Mini works well, despite some small bugs, sometimes it loses the balance, and that worries me because if it came to disconnect in full ride the accident is assured!


Sixth disadvantage: the relationship with NINEBOT
Testimonials from all over the world, Ninebot service providers are generally odious with their customers, take a long time to answer, if they answer, after there are happy issues but it is not generalized.


Finally, what about a brand like NINEBOT?
I have a Mini N3M240, which I imported from China, in March 2016 I did not buy the Ninebot Mini Pro N3M320 for two reasons:
Its launch in France was continually postponed and its price is still excessive today.
So, knowing nothing, I found that the price of the Mini N3M240 was affordable ...
Today, I find it excessive!
I was well aware of the risk of not having a warranty or after-sales service.
Yet, this Mini that I bought from a Chinese dealer, I still paid money to Ninebot, indirectly!
I had to pay 140 euros for postage, I realized that I got scammed:
The Mini were already in stock for a long time in the Netherlands!
With all the Mini N3M240s they have sold around the world, do you think NINEBOT was not happy?
It's been 10 months since I've traveled with 1460 kilometers of traveled.
I was lucky to have bought it before Ninebot blocked the activation of so-called models reserved for China last April.
Many buyers have managed to activate it through their contacts in China. But it was problematic, one more worry.

There again it is a shame this kind of attitude!
Block the Mini, while it brings them money, while the Chinese Mini is normally allowed to be sold abroad with its certificate of conformity:
Ridiculous, they are ridiculous!
And all those buyers who have seen their Mini blocked! What a shame !
#I am a NINEBOT customer, I am a SEGWAY customer, I am a XIAOMI customer, and I am still treated like shit!
And this will be my first and last experience with this brand and its very conservative policy!
So if you were a friend, I would say to you: Do not buy Mini ! Keep your money for a better ride



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Indeed, you do need to be not poor to afford it.  I paid $1700 for my miniPro (Australian dollars).  I just keep my fingers crossed concerning tires and battery.  I have no regrets about buying it at all.  I am entirely happy with the performance which takes me as fast as I would care to travel on most of the surfaces around here.  YMMV and clearly does.  Would I recommend it to a friend?  Probably not because they are illegal to use over here and almost impossible to buy.

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On 12/3/2016 at 4:39 AM, jojo33 said:

Me too im happy with my Mini, but sometimes im worried with tecnical issues....very worried

Read over your list and almost all items are acceptable.

Yes, the speed could be bumped up a bit.  Not a big issue in city riding.

At the current price point, it's still the best deal around.

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