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  1. Hello all, I finally got a chance to take my new Mini Pro out for a good long run. I found that if I am going in a straight line with no contact with the steering column that the Mini will drift left until I keep correcting it with gentle nudges right on the control arm. I checked the tire pressure and both wheels were at 40 lbs. Also checked bolts on base and all were tight. I know that there are adjustments in the app, but is there any for straight running. Thx for any input. Tom
  2. lol,.....they are handy, if wheel hits something they will pop off.
  3. Am a brand new owner of Mini Pro. Very impressed from the first unpacking and ride. An issue I would like some feedback on is the battery capacity. I have only charged unit three times. When light on charging brick turns green I unplug. On checking in App under Battery information, it shows 100% full charge with a 25 kms range. However, under battery capacity on top it shows only 4806 mAh while the total capacity of battery indicated is supposed to be 5700 mAh. I have seen a utube video where some guy indicated the same issue. I did call Segway Support today and explained this to the technician. He did tell me that he has had some other owners of the Mini Pro with the same question. His answer was that the App is indicating an erroneous capacity reading and this will be addressed in a firmware upgrade shortly. Hmmmm. I would be very interested to hear from other owners what their battery capacity reads after a complete charge. It is Winter or I would do some long rides to test the range I am getting on a supposed full charge. I could ride a circle indoors but that may take a while. Thanks for any input. Tom
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