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Found 19 results

  1. FIRST SOLUTION : AN EXTERNAL DIY BATTERY Today I thought I would do a small external battery for my 9Bmini. I had already bought a small pouch (for bike) in this regard, I still have a good stock of cells (NCR18650B 3400mAh), a compact BMS with wires and all consumables. So no excuse not to put it. And here's the result : Here the challenge is to be able to put 15 cells (for just a 190Wh) following the format of the cover (yeah otherwise there is no point) So there are two sets of six cells glued offset (to make it more rigid) and at the end, there are 3 cells (glued in triangl
  2. Today I have found the solution to put in parallel my external battery with the original battery. The goal is to raise battery capacity to have longer ride with my mini. You can see on this picture that the orignal battery is missing but the Mini still switch on. This is the first video about my hack, more details will follow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whoXj2hsboA
  3. Hi, this is the unknown error which never happened before. After parking for 3 days with a fully charged battery, I turn it on today and it is like this video clip. I don't think the battery is out of order because previously I use and charge it daily, moreover, my other 4 Ninebot mini which have been activated at the same day still have no problem. I tried to charge it but nothing shown in a battery display. Any idea?
  4. Hello I bought 30 MINI ninebot on alibaba and I have a problem with unlocking the barrier, the equipment is maximum 4 km / h because i can not enter the Polish phone number, only shows me directions +86, 86, 886, 852, 853, how can i activate ? I need quick information because I have rental equipment and want it to work Tomek
  5. Hey Ninebot, Xiaomi, Segway Mini / Mini Pro users, here is the downgrade pack for your device (Xiaomi, Ninebot, Segway Mini / Mini Pro) with an documentation how to do it. It will downgrade your device from firmware version 1.2.8 back to 1.1.7. YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKED DEVICES OR THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR DEVICES BECAUSE OF THIS DOWNGRADE! It looks like Ninebot has changed something in the App. You need the Ninebot App < 3.6. For Android you will find the old APK's here apkmonk.com/app/cn.ninebot.ninebot/#previous Please read
  6. Just here to give my opinions on the Ninebot Mini and why its a more dangerous than any other EUCs and see if anyone else here agrees with me. The argument: Last year before Christmas I bought a Ninebot Mini I had a go on it and realized not only was it less fun because you were required to go in a straight line but significantly more dangerous over riding any EUC. In fact I think the Mini should be speed limited to only 10-12km/h max and not 18! When riding at higher speeds and the floor is uneven you are having to adjust your body to the way the road is. For example whe
  7. i just started this topic just for a place where everyone can share their customization ideas i am exited to see what people have done ?
  8. For kickstand look the holes in pictures they are good in case where a lot of rain ingress inside for evacuate water in each "block" if you fix your kickstand with these holes, and if your mini take a lot of water, i suggest you to remove your kickstand for clean inside Here 3 links Smallexis's kickstand https://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/topic/729-ça-commence-par-b-et-ça-fini-par-e-ce-que-jai-ajouté-à-mon-mini/ original pictures are from http://www.ninebotkorea.co.kr/product/detail.html?product_no=137&cate_no=1&display_group=3 on my website: http:
  9. Are the Ninebot One and Minipros legal in NYC, as in riding in the bike lanes? Thanks! I'm torn between these and an ecoreco electric scooter or an URB-E for commuting.
  10. You can read my conclusion about the Mini on my blog http://mini-j.jimdo.com/home/mini-j-my-conclusion-about-mini/ or here but sorry for translating errors ........ This is my conclusion regarding the Ninebot MINI I have based myself on all the elements I have since buying my Mini and creating my blog which has 3800 visitors from 75 countries. I read the testimonials and answered questions from users of Ninebot Mini on EUC FORUM and URBAN360 FORUM I created many topics to inform, help, advise Mini users. This is my final conclusion regarding the Mini that I
  11. He is back ! Largest (+100 pages) More detailed: every spare part has a dedicated page, there is even a wiki for an alphabetical search of the parts or subjects, supplemented by the links to the subjects concerned in the forums Easier to navigate But I had to sacrifice the pages in Spanish, I'm sorry, it was to save space. Each page has - the automatic translator - some pages have the search engine integrated to the site There is only the home page to finish, and some details in the site Thank you very much for your visit, I hope that all this will be useful to yo
  12. 144 Prismatic 103450 Lithium ion 1800mah cells in 6S24P packaging. 3D printed battery cases. Constant Voltage/Constant Current Boost converter to convert 6S to 15S voltage. Connects output to Mini charging port when riding. 90/65-6.5 All terrain tires. Handlebar, drink bottle holder and 6S to 4 x 5V USB converter.
  13. Hi guys, I have the max speed at 10km/h after the passing the tutorial and driving for more than 11km. i am using nnebot min Firmware v 1.3.1 and activating date 2016-11-05. any suggestions? best regards, Ima2
  14. Unbranded Lithium battery charger adapted for NINEBOT products like NINEBOT MINI (PRO or Xiaomi*) NINEBOT ONE A/S (and SEGWAY MINIPRO) Max output for voltage is 63V, Max output for intensity is 2,05A (measured with CHARGE DOCTOR) GX12 -4P for out plug, EU plug for input. (I can't make any change, sold as is in a "close to new condition") Selling price $80. (I can ship worldwild for $20, paypal payment only from verified account). * : just to show what is the interest for your NINEBOT XIAOMI MINI to use this charger With this ch
  15. Time to start a new topic. I have 4 ninebot tires (as you know I own 2 Mini Pro) which loose constantly pressure. The tires get holes very quickly. I'm not sure, but I thing the valves aren't the best too. I always have a little CO2 pump with me and a small bottle of Stans NoTubes Milk, but I can't get the tires tight completely. Do you have the same experiences? Any better tricks?
  17. Found this nice video about the Ninebot Mini. Basically it says like "Don't treat this like an electric unicycle".
  18. I get use to control my 9B1 battery level with the famous "HOBBY CHARGE DOCTOR" (Many thanks to Hobby for this wonder ) and I would like to do the same with my 9B mini (Xiaomi version). As 9B mini's load jack is different from 9B1's lemo jack (still 4 pins but not the same shape & system. I imagine the plug of mini pro version is the same as Xiaomi version), I have to add lemo jack on 9B mini charger. I choose to cut wire close to the charging plug in order to weld a LEMO female plug (picture 1). And on the wire I weld a LEMO male plug (picture 2). It's always the same polarity
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