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Ninebot One S2 - Second day and bad accident


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Dear Community,

The day before yesterday, I finally received my monowheel after having been waiting for the ninebot one P for more then 8 months, and it does not seem to come out any more, I decided to buy the new Ninebot One S2. The first 10 km were great, I had to get used to the mono wheel. Then yesterday I wanted to start my first round of about 5 km, and first I had to ride up a hill. With about 15km/h I was suddenly listening some beeping and reduced the velocity. Suddenly with another beep the Ninebot started tilled in front and I had a quite bad fall to the ground. The result, the ninebot one s2 has scratches everywhere, and even wearing helmet, knees and elbow protection, I broke my wrist, being almost knocked out for the next couple of months.

I want to remark, when I was first trying the monowheel in my flat, I noticed trying to role over a border of a door, as it was not able to get over it, suddenly tilled in front, like a reaction to overload. I remember that I thought, if this happens on the road then I would have a big problem. And it happened. The same reaction rolling up hill. (Please refer to the photo to see where it happens).

I have already advised the shop who are going to check the 9bot and have send the blackbox report to the 9bot engineers to check this behaviour.

Battery Power when I raised up the hill: 45%

KM: about 10km.

If you want to know any more details feel free to ask.





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That seems very strange behaviour, I ride an E+, which has no problems with hills like that. 

The only thing I can think is that you were riding too fast, and tried to accelerate through a tiltback. I've ridden up much steeper hills than that, with no problems whatsoever. What you say about getting over a door bar is fixed with a bit more speed, and a little jump from you, the wheel soon powers over.

Here is an example... 
0.4mi, 7% Grade, 174ft



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@Alex2002 would you please tell us what the engineers tell you about the black box data?  It seems the app reads the status of the wheel and generates a file but I don't know if there is anyway to open it.


Correction, I installed an office suite (WPS) to my phone from the google play store and was able to open the file. It shows the serial number, firmware version,(1.4.0) the total distance traveled (148.847 km) and then a list of time duration and another two columns with numbers.  I guess that might be useful to the engineers.

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@steve454 I have not had any feedback from the engineer yet, but I pass you the blackbox data:

Vehicle serial number (SN) : NXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Firmware version number (Version) :, 1.0.4
Total riding mileage (Mileage) :, 14.635 km

Error Source (From), time (Time), black box codes (Black Code), additional information (Addition Inf)
Master (Controller), 0h 45m 26s, 8,65520
Master (Controller), 0h 45m 26s, 9,2
Master (Controller), 0h 45m 26s, 10,65532
Master (Controller), 2h 4m 47s, 17,277
Master (Controller), 2h 8m 41s, 17,565
Master (Controller), 4h 7m 39s, 8,44
Master (Controller), 4h 7m 39s, 9,0
Master (Controller), 4h 7m 39s, 10,65532
Master (Controller), 4h 46m 25s, 8,65520
Master (Controller), 4h 46m 25s, 9,13
Master (Controller), 4h 46m 25s, 10,65518

Unfortunately I don't have any clue what the codes means. I have opened the file with excel and downloaded them with an android device.

@Scully Now I have clear, that from now I have to raise a mountain with 5 km/h, so that this does not happen again, but normally, the device should not have this behaviour in any case, tilting frontwards during driving. Security first.

@dmethvin My weight is about 90kg.



I have bought wrist protection as well, hope next fall will be with less injuries.

Regards and thanks for the feedback,

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 22.17.18.png

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