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  1. Hello, I have it updated and now it goes much more softer. Before the acceleration was to high. Braking is more softer as well. No error noticed. Goes fine.
  2. Hello, @steve454 I have not had any feedback from the engineer yet, but I pass you the blackbox data: Vehicle serial number (SN) : NXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Firmware version number (Version) :, 1.0.4 Total riding mileage (Mileage) :, 14.635 km Error Source (From), time (Time), black box codes (Black Code), additional information (Addition Inf) Master (Controller), 0h 45m 26s, 8,65520 Master (Controller), 0h 45m 26s, 9,2 Master (Controller), 0h 45m 26s, 10,65532 Master (Controller), 2h 4m 47s, 17,277 Master (Controller), 2h 8m 41s, 17,565 Master (Controller), 4h 7m 39s, 8,
  3. Dear Community, The day before yesterday, I finally received my monowheel after having been waiting for the ninebot one P for more then 8 months, and it does not seem to come out any more, I decided to buy the new Ninebot One S2. The first 10 km were great, I had to get used to the mono wheel. Then yesterday I wanted to start my first round of about 5 km, and first I had to ride up a hill. With about 15km/h I was suddenly listening some beeping and reduced the velocity. Suddenly with another beep the Ninebot started tilled in front and I had a quite bad fall to the ground. The result, the
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