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  1. Hey @MaxAB Hows your wheeling coming along?
  2. I've lost the left side light ring. A new (updated) motherboard didn't cure it
  3. I even tried spinning the other way for 10 spins (on foot), then getting on the wheel (with the intention or 'un-dizzying' myself - yeah, that didn't work
  4. I've still got work to do - I'm upto 10, but still in the back garden.
  5. Haha. Thanks. That did cross my mind - but it’s not until you see it back on video you can see how squished the tyre is. Dont worry about the pedals - it’s if the patio slabs, if I damage them I’ll be in trouble!! Ill give the 35psi a go tomorrow. Cheers
  6. Yes. Basically Thurs night I took out the new (used) msx fri night spent dismantling the msx Sat night - Playing with the Mten3 - I daren’t leave the garden!! Im going to try somewhere with plain flooring and put a cone on the floor - then just focus on the cone and go round and round... that’s my next plan anyway.
  7. Lol. Funny thing, that was my first attempt - after that I moved the camera. Here’s my further attempts.
  8. Did I read somewhere about only 2 entries per person? Thats why i'm holding off.......
  9. My effort is on the Mten3, If I can keep the speed up (which I doubt) it'll be about 21 rotations in 60 seconds.
  10. Most I can manage is 9 in 28 seconds. With plenty of time to spare - so I just need to work out how to stop getting dizzy, I don't think my narrow garden and flagstone flooring is helping. Video to follow once I can last the whole 60 seconds!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/010a3a70-0705-4b7c-be99-3e260f5916b3
  12. We do regualr(ish) rides at Leigh Woods / Ashton court - join the whats app group to be kept up to date. https://chat.whatsapp.com/0M1Uql90FGWEFtHpdAou11
  13. Definitely easier on the M10, for me it was practice, practice and more practice. I've pretty much sussed it - but it would be much easier if I had eyes in the back of my head. (Turning your head behind you can knock you off balance)
  14. Here is my MSX review - when compared to the V3S+ I think Gotway have missed a trick here - having owned the previous MSuper V3S+, why would I want / need this wheel? The MSX is just like the previous model, but All New - it's been re-invented and modernised from the ground up. A few of the 'winning points' for me are.... Cut off on tilt over. Previous MS would fall to the side and have a crazy hissy fit spin out / ankle mashing session - this one simply cuts off, which limits damage to the casing. Internal FanSaves from worries of overheatingQuiet as a whisperNo longer do local dogs come chasing - this wheel zooms along almost silently.Better fixingsIt's held together by proper machine screws - longer lasting. Higher & Tilted footplatesAllows for better off road stance, meaning crunching the footplate on rocks / path (when making a U turn) is a think of the past. Chunky larger tyreAllows for better speed and smoother rideBetter firmwareSmooth and consistent power delivery (the last wheel is great - this one is better)What could Gotway do better?I'd like to see better side pads - the existing ones aren't up to the job. What works for me? Having already bought the 4 pin fast charger (84v) It's also compatible here - so I've saved myself from buying any more chargers, Although I only use the fast charger when necessary, It's handy to have.
  15. Its the earlier version - no cooling fan, plastic screws, smaller tyre, no tilted footplates.
  16. You might not have to wait too long - Ford have recently invested in 'spin' the electric scooter rental business
  17. It'll be you - you just need to relax and practice. You'll soon get used to the wheel and the wobbles will go. Even so, you're happy with the height for trail riding and rocky paths?
  18. Anyone know if there is a difference in pedal height between the Nikola and MSX?
  19. Lol, I'd just had another read through.... I think you've summed it up perfectly. It's petrifying, spending that kind of money - only to find I preferred my old wheel.
  20. Thanks, I did scan through Martys video - but he hasn't had a review after riding it yet... Ahh well... If I know Marty, it won't be long :-)
  21. Morning all, I've had an offer too good to refuse on my MSX - so I was planning to sell it and get a new one.... However, I was wondering if I'd be better off with the Nikola? My main use is 10 miles on road at high speed twice a week, then off road / messing about / polo as and when I can. The body shell of the Nikola perhaps lends itself to fitting a cover (like the kingsong ones) as/when someone makes one, other than that I don't know much about the Nikola... Would you get an MSX or a Nikola? Looking at the 84v 1600wh so that I can keep hold of my fast chargers.
  22. I just use mine for messing about on - not for serious travel.
  23. the 3d printed ones work for me, try Euc guy, Duff or Speedyfeet for a stockist.
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