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Found 11 results

  1. https://www.khon2.com/local-news/man-on-an-electric-unicycle-dies-after-being-struck-by-car-near-airport/ RIP 😞
  2. Waa - I experienced my first cutout this morning. I started my usual loop, which is about 40km into the hills, some beautiful scenery. The route starts along a bike path, I connect with a quiet road, then loop onto paths to the hills. Fortunately, I was not going fast at the time of the cutout, under 15 mph. While on the bike path, I slowed down to cross a road, crossed, started accelerating on the other side. Next thing I'm sliding on tarmac. I didn't get any indication from the wheel that there was a problem. Unfortunately, I didn't have darknessbot on at the time, but when I did connect it, it showed battery at 95%. I have a full face helmet (Bell), chest and back/chest protector, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards. The helmet slid along the ground, one knee pad broke, but did its job. This gave me all the protection I needed. My pride and confidence, however, has been dented! I got my wheel from ewheels about a year ago. It was one of the wheels from the batch that experienced smoke damage in shipping, so I was extremely worried about the battery packs to begin with. I have worked out a safe way for me to store the wheel. I noticed that Jason posted on this forum about a battery recall, however, I have not seen any communication to change the battery in my device. Would anyone in the community be able to suggest what actions should I take to restore confidence in my wheel - should I look to replace it? replace the battery pack? the control board? change the type? My main issue is that I absolutely love the design of the RS, it seems to sit just right for me, the size, power, pedal height, dimensions and weight. Gotway RS HT: Age: One year Approximately 1800 Km on the clock Charge: 95% Other notes: 1. In my previous ride, it got quite wet and muddy. 2. I noticed that I had issues turning the RS off after the incident. It lay on the ground beeping, I picked it up and depressed the power button. That cycled the lights, but had no effect on depowering the device as per normal. It did eventually depower.
  3. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/05/05/san-jose-man-killed-by-car-after-falling-off-electric-unicycle/ SAN JOSE (CBS SF/BCN) — Police are looking for a driver who drove off after fatally hitting a man who had fallen off his electric unicycle in San Jose Tuesday night. Officers responded around 9:55 p.m. to the collision reported in the 1500 block of Kooser Road and found the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene and has not yet been identified by the Santa Clara County medical examiner’s office. Investigators determined the man was riding the electric unicycle east in a traffic lane when he fell and was then struck by the vehicle. Police have not released any description of the vehicle or driver. Anyone with information about the case, the 16th fatal collision on San Jose city streets in 2021, was asked to call Detective Malvido at (408) 277-4654. © Copyright 2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. and Bay City News Service.
  4. I'm posting here because I would love some thoughts from the community to help strengthen my relationship with these wheels. After putting over 4K miles on my Ninebot Z10 and loving it, I purchased an S18 in hopes of not face planting as often when hitting these huge potholes in Seattle. Shortly after falling in love with the S18, I send the thing into an accident by over-accelerating and inducing a strong pedal dip. This destroyed the trolley handle and ripped me to shreds. Diagnostics showed the unit was working fine after this. After a week of bandages I hopped back on to test if it was working. It appeared to drive fine and then suddenly locked up without warning and sent me into a crash at about 15mph. It was a brick afterwards. Huge props to Rev Rides for taking my wheel in, examining the issue and replacing the board with KS's latest one. It turns out the first accident damaged a capacitor on the board which caused it to fry later when I was testing the unit again. Now (again huge thanks to Rev Rides) I have a beautiful working fixed wheel and I am scared to death to use it. I would love some thoughts on these units so that I can stop worrying about it. Is there any chance something like a lock-up could happen again? Does anyone know if these boards typically have backup or redundant circuits that kick in if something fries? Should I be worrying about any water getting to the main board while riding in Seattle? I'd love to stay safe and sane as I'm tired of nursing injuries and replacing clothing. Thanks.
  5. I don't want to evaluate it, I have no right to it, I'm sad about it, it could have been me or you. Please drive carefully. Adam says everything important in the video.
  6. I’ve had a Solowheel for several months and use it to get between buildings I work in in Seattle. A few nights ago I went on a 5mile journey and right before I got to my destination it suddenly shutoff causing me to face plant. Luckily I wasn’t going full speed but I’m shocked that there is any possibility of these devices doing such a thing. I can’t find any other posts of this happening to others so I’m a bit mystified. The best theory I have is damage from water spray but all the manual says is don’t ride in heavy rain. The streets I rode on were still damp from earlier rain but nothing like heavy rain, plus I see others riding these wheels in Seattle all the time and in the rain. The unit is now dead and doesn’t turn on or charge. Just curious if anyone has heard or situations like this? I’ve contacted the company and I’m waiting to hear what they have say. Heres the post I made to my friends about the incident if you care. Had a bit of a nightmare situation last night. Some may know that I bought a Solowheel a while back and I’ve been using it to get around the Amazon campus so I can get to and from back to back meetings in different buildings. Last night we had a team dinner that was 5miles from the office in Seattle and with traffic being so bad I thought this would be a fun opportunity to ride it there. I’d never ridden it so far and I wanted to see how it would handle on the rough city sidewalks. Well I was doing just fine and was only two blocks from the restaurant when suddenly I found myself flat on the ground and sliding to a stop basically on my hands and elbows. I think I was going around 10-15mph. Evidently the unit decided to shutoff with no warning. It’s a direct drive motor which means when it shut off the wheel stopped turning. I had zero time to react and fell like a tree except a tree travelling at 15mph as it falls. I had thought about what would happen if the machine malfunctioned and turned off and had naively thought I’d have time to react by running forward to catch myself. Boy was I wrong. I don’t even remember falling, one second I was whizzing along and the next I was sliding forward on my face. Actually it’s amazing that I didn’t face plant I must have instinctively placed my arms out as I ended up sort of in the plank position. So what happened? Best I can tell I think the unit shorted out from water. The streets were wet from earlier rain and a few times I went though some pretty wet spots. It’s also a possibility that the battery gave out since near the end it was getting low but I don’t think that’s it since a low battery is supposed to result in a gradual slow down in speed not an immediate shutdown. Overall I’m amazed I’m not more injured. I ripped my jacket and jeans and I have scrapes on my hands, elbows and one of my knees. This morning I’m really stiff and sore but thankful it didn’t end worse. As for the solowheel I left it plugged in at the office last night but there was no sign of life so I may have fried the electronics. Not sure I can trust it now even if it comes back to life.
  7. As promised last night I will share a bit more from my accident this summer on my Inmotion V8. First off I am much better off having that accident. So despite the pain and temporary problems it caused and a few days of sick leave from work. I am lucky on how this happenen. And that I had @Scatcat there to observe what happened. The short story is we decided to go practice emergency breaking aka test out how hard we could break or how short a distance needed with out wheels. His was a GT16 and mine was my Inmotion V8. At the time I had only clocked around 350ish km and still learning every time I took the wheel for a ride. I promised a picture of how bad the injury look like. So here goes....this is the concrete chip that I hit more or less at full speed 30ish kmh in a massive wobble caused my wheel slided sideways in a oval track going around a enclosed trailer parking lot. As my wheel cought traction again my velocity vector was different from wheels traction. I were worried at the time but still keeping cool up until I then hit the rock instant deflated the tube due to the force of impact. Even though the tube was slimmed it cold not seal a almost 2 cm tear in the tube. Tyre was all ok as it turned out. It caused me to land flat almost on my button and backpack. The injury picture is about 3 days after. The brick sized impact from landing on my pus do not show anymore at this time. At first it was that bad on my tailbone. But you can see the bruising starting to show at this point. As promised @Rehab1 and @Hunka Hunka Burning Love and @Scatcat Map view of the parking lot: https://satellites.pro/#57.646853,11.989175,18
  8. EDIT 12/2018 There were humorous certificates embedded with these posts but the links have timed out over time. Sorry. I think it's high time we "Planters of the Face" be recognised for our achievements, and contributions to the merriment of our fellow EUCers by sharing, in excruciating detail, our pain and injury, in the futile hope that they might not follow in our face foot steps. towards that end I have created this FACE PLANT WALL OF INFAMY. If you believe you deserve a certificate for you contributions to face plantism, pop me a private message, simply stating the approximate date, (month, DD, YY) and I'll create a certificate for you, and carefully hang it on the "wall" for all to laugh at admire, just like mine EDIT. Classes added. 1st. Class for actual face contact. 2nd. Class for no face contact. 3rd. Class for full face helmet contact. tell me what class you achieved, and also your approximate speed.
  9. Hello, French Wheeler, but not as good as some other, I had a bad accident (broken shoulder, now with some metal!!) with my small ninebot one E+... and I spent some time in order to understant why we face cut out or accidents. So, on the forums, I could recognize 4 kind of accidents : 1- Pilot did ignore alarm.... nothing to say.... too optimistic, 2- driving accident (bumps....), 3- Sudden cut off.... (looks like my accident, but I'm not sure it wasn't a technical failure), 4- Technical failure. Rare since construcors did improve the safety...or correct bugs (BMS for instance). For the point 3, I did some calculation, that shows that specification of constructors seems to be far too optimistic, and the speed alarm does not consider the wheight of the pilot... which has a huge impact. What I did consider is a common case of accident : you run on flat road, no alarm, straight... and you have a small slope (not big, couple of meters long!). So immedialtely, since you do not consider you have to slow dow, your Wheel has to give all power in order to maintain the speed during the slope. In this condition, considering a 10% slope (not big at all, it is a 6° angle road), what is the maximum speed you can run? I did consider air drag, which has a big influence over 30 km/h), the solpe that I consider as a safety margin, and the wheight of the pilot. The power was considered as constant whaterver the speed is (optimistic), and, since nobody know the duration of the peak's power, 0,5 second for this peak (which is only use for bumps in fact!). Yield of the Wheel in order to transform electrical energy to mechanical energy is estimated at 75% (tests on some gotways). What do we calculate show that with a 500 W, at 25 km/h, you're not save at all... except if you are a kid. On a gotway ACM our MS3, 45 km/h is not a realistic speed since air drag consume most of the power... What do you think? Conclusions : - Power, and slow speed is the key for safety... - Adapt speed limit cosidering your wheight, - If you want to keep the hight speed limit, go quiet, and in all case, use protections!!! Of course, this is only my caclulation, an you can disagree! EUC safety speed.xlsx
  10. I'm currently typing this on my phone from a hospital bed. Just got my knee stitched (and some patches for road rash). So earlier tonight I decided to go on a ride on my Gotway Tesla, around the neighborhood like any other evening. I know these roads pretty well and there's a few spots of smooth, quite new asphalt. I've been wondering about the actual max speed of the Tesla, as it just doesn't seem to run out of power. I've previously pushed it over 55kmh, which already started to feel iffy, but hey, I managed it so it must have more power, right? Sudden breath of bravery came out of nowhere and I decided to do it. Make a new personal speed record – it's now or never. Obviously, that was a very bad idea, especially when the only safety gear I've acquired is a helmet. Ignoring the beeper, I pushed forward until I started to feel the pedals dip, but unfortunately that was the point of no return already. Down I went. Judging by the injuries I sustained from my fall, I would say that I managed to roll pretty nicely. I didn't take the fall on my wrists (though I did hit my hand somewhat), but on the knees and elbows. Both my knees are pretty roughed up, other needing a single stitch. Elbows and back have some road rash but nothing major. Sprained an ankle too! I was very lucky. And stupid. Right after the fall when checking myself and my phone up, I grabbed a screenshot from WheelLog (logging was not on). WheelLog said my top speed was 62.9kmh (, or 39 mph) which I believe is the cutoff speed. How on earth am I alive after falling at that speed with just a helmet.. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you ever feel like trying out the max speed of your wheel – don't. You'll only regret it and possibly injure or at worst kill yourself. And if you still feel like doing it – just don't. No safety gear will protect you completely at those speeds. I don't know how my Tesla is doing, as I don't really care at the moment. I would say it's doing okay though, as I did ride it home from the site of incident. The shell is probably done for, but what wouldn't a roll of duct tape fix? Ride safely.
  11. Hey everyone, I decided to share today ride (not sure if was the same topic or similar) but today i decided to do most of riding out of the hard track so i went to park. Nice smooth and green grass, having ninebot one e+ U can't go for properly 4wd but that was ok and easy to manage to my skill level. So after around 30 min of riding i decided to have a short break to rest my feet on local bench and when i parked my unicyc i noticed terrible smell... ok so i went to another bench which was like 50 meters away, the smell was following me as well. I check shoes and my back t-shirt (when i ride i had some small "crashes" on the grass) all clean, so i looked on wheel, turned around and here its is big soft (at least was looking soft) poo on my tire. Well not much can be done without anything to wash but i went to local playground and dip into sand , let spin for few second and all done... check tire - all clean, still stinks, so i went home, put my wheel inside garage, had lunch, go back to garage and whole garage stinks. Solution if someone will have similar problem: I opened wheel and inside poo was everywhere, cleaned and smell is gone. I wish that wheel would be completely waterproof so i could use my karcher so i did not have to spent time pulling this apart. Conclusion: Avoid riding in parks for dogs. Does anyone have any similar experience or maybe i just had a bad luck. Or maybe different story which my bring sth interesting to attention?
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