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  1. Hey @MaxAB Hows your wheeling coming along?
  2. I've lost the left side light ring. A new (updated) motherboard didn't cure it
  3. I even tried spinning the other way for 10 spins (on foot), then getting on the wheel (with the intention or 'un-dizzying' myself - yeah, that didn't work
  4. I've still got work to do - I'm upto 10, but still in the back garden.
  5. Haha. Thanks. That did cross my mind - but it’s not until you see it back on video you can see how squished the tyre is. Dont worry about the pedals - it’s if the patio slabs, if I damage them I’ll be in trouble!! Ill give the 35psi a go tomorrow. Cheers
  6. Yes. Basically Thurs night I took out the new (used) msx fri night spent dismantling the msx Sat night - Playing with the Mten3 - I daren’t leave the garden!! Im going to try somewhere with plain flooring and put a cone on the floor - then just focus on the cone and go round and round... that’s my next plan anyway.
  7. Lol. Funny thing, that was my first attempt - after that I moved the camera. Here’s my further attempts.
  8. Did I read somewhere about only 2 entries per person? Thats why i'm holding off.......
  9. My effort is on the Mten3, If I can keep the speed up (which I doubt) it'll be about 21 rotations in 60 seconds.
  10. Most I can manage is 9 in 28 seconds. With plenty of time to spare - so I just need to work out how to stop getting dizzy, I don't think my narrow garden and flagstone flooring is helping. Video to follow once I can last the whole 60 seconds!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/010a3a70-0705-4b7c-be99-3e260f5916b3
  12. We do regualr(ish) rides at Leigh Woods / Ashton court - join the whats app group to be kept up to date. https://chat.whatsapp.com/0M1Uql90FGWEFtHpdAou11
  13. Definitely easier on the M10, for me it was practice, practice and more practice. I've pretty much sussed it - but it would be much easier if I had eyes in the back of my head. (Turning your head behind you can knock you off balance)
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