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RolluS' Project: Skateboard of a future past (single wheel)


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Hello all,

I'm RolluS (real name Reynald), 35y.o from Paris,France.

I've bought a single wheel skateboard from an aliexpress seller some times ago:


It's basically a unicycle, but with a board instead of pedals, the riding position is like a snowboard.

This thing has a 500W 10" wheel, a 132Wh 60V Li-Ion battery, and a MicroWorks 30B controller. Max speed 25km/h, range 5-10km.
I was a little disappointed with the range, so I'm heavilly modding it to allow LiPo installation.

I disassembled it:


I decided to keep only the motor, controller, bluetooth audio module, and swap everything on a blank deck, with old school in mind:


Finally, after some cutting, drilling, screwing, getting a new tire/tube:



Then, I've got to install the batteries: two 8S2P 12mAh 2C MultiStar lipos, and that is the point when the project is actually:



- cuting the frame to allow room for batteries
- wiring the power cable/plugs, to allow serial discharging (16S2P), parallel charging (8S4P)



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OK, so I've cut the frame to make room for batteries


Their still some room to clear:7b6fa0126db389a54b30ad5076977fd6.jpg195ceca9ca5d70b1744433beae5e3d78.jpg

We can see above and bellow that batteries don't sit comptly on the deck beause it is concave:becaf5d8e01624cb715e8aa9a58296f4.jpg308aa2be15e82ab34708548381fd89ab.jpg12616ad9d39a765ee4858e85da7e3f42.jpg

I will shave the concave part so the deck will be flat. I'm going to remove 1-2mm.
The deck is 7 ply, canadian mapple, I think I won't hurt more than a ply.

Any thoughts?

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Thank you ;)

I think those with wooden board have a large (read, not thin) wheel.

LiPo upgrade should give me about 50 km (31 mi.) range.

Here are the progress:

I needed a frame to make room for batteries:



I've cut the sides:




Jusque là ça marche bien! Alors on coupe...










I need to polish all his and put hardware (hinges, lock, etc..)

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I love you MOD and the tire is wonderfull. Hope to see the final result asap.

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Thank you for your interest @smallexis, it's always a pleasure and a motivation source to read comments like your ;)

OK guys,
Here is some progress:



Need to finish nose and tail..


Here is the inside:


And the bottom, with the opening to access electronics:


Hardware is installed.
Electronics pending (need to lengten some cables)


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Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

That's a lot of time and a unique peace of art I think. I'm not an artist, but the work involved here is really too huge to make business with that I think.

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Oh that's too bad.   I was hoping to see some new videos or developments with the skateboard. 

On a side note,  I wonder whether you or @MattJ could take that 10 inch wheel and make your own Gotway Mten EUC from MW parts.  I guess it would be tricky to source the correct pedal supports for a project like that though. . . 

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