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Don't buy Euc Seat


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Ugh. I need some type of flexible foam to fill in the seat!!! I bought this seat on etsy from eucpip... Do not buy soft version of seat no support what so ever!!! And seller/maker is not helpful either... You can pinch you skin sitting on the damn thing... 



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Looks like a tpu print with no/very low infill? It's tricky because the material itself is hard so it needs the give to feel soft, and significant infill makes it very stiff quickly. Been trying to make something like that doesn't suck myself. Yeah you could try making a hole in it and fill with expanding foam or something

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For this very reason, I'm in the process of making a seat for the S18 that has a base of hard plastic and then gets a soft printed pad of TPU on top. If it doesn't work with TPU, I'll put 4cm of EPDM foam on top, which will then unfortunately require extensive manual work again. 

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It is possible to make a good 3D printed seat @MetricUSA but the one you show is poorly implemented indeed. It's not acceptable and I hope you will get a refund.

This one can't work correctly, here's why:

  • Has vertical walls
  • Perimeters vs infill ratio is too high. If perimeters are not as flexible or elastic as the infill the whole part will crumple and collapse in undesirable ways like you showed
  • Too high for its dimensions
  • Too soft

Total fail, must be redesigned and slicing be highly optimized during printing. It also means that printing will be slower, so the seller might not want that.


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That isn't a seat.. That's a washing sponge... :D 


Google: Yoga block.

Quick, easy way to make your own seat. Form and size is already perfect. Put some "softer" filling/layer on top of it. And then rap it with fake leather or something. Your imaginations is the only limitation. (Pretty easy to cut the cork block.)


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Thanks I was thinking of flexible mix, but it is too finnegie and you have to get the mix just right... And too expensive... How about a water and cornstarch OOBLECK SEAT!?! Might be too heavy and a hard bounce 😂

The 'cushion' is too tall for me on my s22 when standing on the ground and straddling it, it is actually too hard to push off with the seat on...I think I gong to reduce height and split it roughly in half add firm packaging foam sheats, then sliding the top half down overlapping bottom. I have a soldering air heat pencil to heat and melt the two halves together... Frankenstein style... 

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On 4/17/2023 at 9:45 AM, Cyph said:

I just made a T4 3D printed seats that work really well. I used a PLA base and then the top is TPU infill. Had no issue with it getting squashed.

So it is possible to 3d print a seat? That is great news! I really just need the base part so I don't accidently hit the button on the trolley handle of my KS16x and then I can put on a more comfortable seat from there! I just was discussing this at the library omw to work today. My jump pads should be done by friday hopefully. But then I got to thinking, "If I can print jump pads, why can't I print a seat?" then was disappointed when I searched because no one has a design for them.

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