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  1. wireless hdmi dongle + Vufine ( not attached to the goggles, but attached to the helmet ) . Vufine is like just a display and it shows everything that is like a phone screen. I've been thinking about trying it for a while or not
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/q34HERMkJbxCDJEk6
  3. Raptor


    We here in tiny Estonia are still driving in the nordic climate . It is not very cold this year
  4. Raptor


    We went for a ride and took a couple of E scooter men with us !
  5. Raptor


    Veteran Sherman alone
  6. What happens when I drive 60kmh and press unintentionally a button enforce regulatory compliance ???
  7. My Lemfo Lem T / Ticwris Max has been ordered and already shipped . Unfortunately, the eucworld app is not full screen . I just read that a third party application doesn't show in this device in full screen. Can it be done in full screen ( For example, I have poor eyesight and every pixel is important ) ? Sorry but this screen is probably just that sized and not symmetrical !?
  8. Unfortunately not. I found them by chance at a local building materials store .
  9. These are just reflectors, that I glued to myself . when i had pasted them then the idea arose to make them lights later .
  10. The same yes and the originals pasted on
  11. My MSP deluxe version : https://photos.app.goo.gl/CTC3BD6WoYbmUh7o8
  12. Hi everybody ! Can anyone tell me Ticwris Max 4G Android Watch would it be a clock that would same Lemfo Lem T ? The descriptions seem to be better than Lemfo Lem T, but would it work with EUCWorld as well ?
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