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  1. Raptor

    Speedometer inside helmet for EUC

    Sorry ! I only pointed out the possibility of using a this bicycle wireless computer ((2,4Gh )) ! The range of the regular wireless bicycle computer is only 0.75 m. but this wireless bicycle computer range is 2m and ower . Regular wireless bicycle computer signal from the wheel does not even reach the height of the arm ! This helmet has not been sold on the Internet for sale. I bought it in Estonia. There's no point ,made exactly same assembly and it's too complicated ! Basically, I only attached it to the visible location and added a small LED light and with a separate battery and switch ( The bicycle computer also has the illumination itself but if the buttons do not touch, then it goes out after a few seconds ).
  2. Raptor

    Speedometer inside helmet for EUC

    You can already buy it but to me, however, this is too much health data and too expensive ? https://www.solos-wearables.com/product/solos-smart-glasses/
  3. Always I am disturbed by connecting to a phone app before riding. I've sometimes forgot to start an app ( Over the years EUC riding, I'm so accustomed to speed that I can accidentally cross cutoff speed.I do not notice the difference either 30 kph or 40 kph ? ) But it speedometer always starts automatically when the wheel starts moving ? Now then the speed display is continuously in sight ? !
  4. Raptor

    KS18L pedals on KS16S

    KS pedals mode for EU48 shoed 94kg guy ? 2,5mm duraluminium sheet material . I fixed the pedal KS pedals with orignal screws ( They are hiding under the slip resistant sandpaper ). To make the connection correct on the edges, I added the glass glue to the edge ?
  5. Raptor


    Maybe so : We have a lot of beautiful women, in the spring in traffic and therefore she doesn't want to let me go ride alone ? ! ( She can drive quite well, but still afraid. I still hope that it she will start to EUC ride independently once ? )
  6. Raptor


    The testing started for several years already. My friend, then, made the video : He would have liked to have an electric bike. But I bought two KS18 ? ! Also after 2000km passage He really does not want independently to drive yet, though he can do it .
  7. Raptor


    We with wife, went EUC ride yesterday .
  8. Raptor


    I'm sorry I not speak English and can not write in English. Only Google Translate ?
  9. Raptor


    Hi everybody, We already have a warmer weather and the ride is nice . I ride to work required training center and home . I also tested the camera's gimbal when driving . I would also have almost crashed because the handheld gimbal steady was stuck in the bush ?
  10. Raptor


    These helmets are 2015 year Author Hot Shot 081 . I liked that they were small and light. They 2018 year, probably can not be bought anywhere
  11. Raptor


    For example from here : https://www.amazon.com/Zefal-5642-Spin-Mirror/dp/B0040QHJ9K I cut off the bike on the handlebar for a fixed mounting part and slightly changed the the surface of the corner .These mirrors work very well for me. I like to fold them together and then adjustments will not change