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Is my commute viable? 20k + 214m net elevation, twice.

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So, I'm sorry to ask a question that could maybe be reduced to a calculation, but I can't find find how to make how calculation, nor can I afford to buy an EUC 'just in case'.

I'd be commuting 20k accross, net 205m uphill (214 up, 173 down) to a class, then the reverse back home. It's not the sort of school that remotely lets you do anything I want to do or that makes sense, so I won't be able to charge in between.

I weigh 75kg + maybe 10kg of kit, including clothes and shopping.

Do you think this is achievable on a EUC? An E-bicycle?

Has anyone here done something similar.

Thanks so much for any help, I'm getting really stuck on this one.

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Achievable? Easily. 40km is no problem for a EUC with over 1000Wh battery (you might want a bit more for reserve and maybe to go 40km with higher speeds, but if you can charge at school this is moot), and the elevation changes are essentially neglegible.

It's going to be like 45mins probably, unless it's a route where you can just go fast with no disruptions (e.g. empty country roads) which might be a little quicker (but not too much realistically). That's not short. So you have to think about whether you might prefer a quicker option (if you have one) like a car or public transportation.

I very much agree with @Constantinethat for a daily, long commute, comfort is very important.

First wheel that comes to mind is the Inmotion V11. It just seems made for such a commute: comfortable due to the suspension, nice lights, decent battery size and speed, reasonably waterproof, overall just neat, and not too crazy expensive.

It would be good to know more about your route. Is it in the city with a lot of stop and go and lights? Somewhere in the countryside where you can ride with little distractions? That will decide how long it willl take.

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Just summarizing this in imperial-units since it's easier for me to think that way - It looks like OP is looking to go ~12.5 miles one way (~25 miles round-trip) with ~700 feet of difference in elevation and they expect to weigh ~185 pounds when fully geared-up.

I'd say most EUCs produced over the last several years will be more than capable of meeting these requirements with some headroom; assuming that the 700 foot climb is semi-gradual and you don't need to ride at high-speed (~35mph/~50kmph) the entire way. I'm pretty sure all EUCs have regenerative-breaking as well, so that should extend your available range on the return trip downhill. My current main wheel (18XL) was released almost 6 years ago and I've taken it up ~1000 foot (~300m) climbs over only a couple miles (~3km) and gone as far as ~30 miles (~45km) in one trip with enough charge to go at least half that distance longer.

I'd recommend you check out ElectricUnicycles on YouTube (CC @Marty Backe) as he does a lot of long-distance cruising in the mountains of Southern California, trips far exceeding the likes of what you'd be doing for your commute.

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As you mention an ebike: it should be said that EUCs are quite unforgiving if you don't pay attention where you go. Something with two wheels will be much more forgiving if you miss a big pothole, for example. For a (presumably) daily commute every day, maybe in bad weather or when you are in a bad mood/distracted, that is a point to consider - two wheels might just be more relaxed. I don't know anything about ebikes models and what specs they have, though.

Of course your commute can easily be done with EUCs in this regard, too. Consult your intuition/gut feeling if the one wheel vs. two wheels thing makes a difference to you.

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E-bike will be less fun to some degree, but ultimately may be more reliable and requires less concentration to do long journeys on. You'll also arrive slightly more tired on a single wheeler than (presuming you let the motor handle most of the work) you would on an e-bike. But if your ideal pathways to work are nice surfaces, and you get to know them intimately well such that you no longer have to do 'maximum-concentration-all-the-time' type riding, it could be a very nice start and end to the day.

The times when it will be shitty will be when you are knackered and fed-up after work, it's pissing with rain outside, really cold and dark, and it just so happens to also be one of those 'arseholes on the road' type days, who will soak you with every puddle as they pass you, not see you at all, or be angry with your presence ! And the days when you have a technical failure or crash somewhere unhelpfully remote, and either you or the wheel are in less than ideal condition to continue. Those are the days you'll wish you had the bike or the car.

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I'd also say to go for an ebike. 40km a day is possible on an EUC but it's not a trip I'd want to do in all weathers. Obviously, if you can drive or ride motorbikes, then that's probably an even better choice for that sort of distance. Obviously you need somewhere to store an ebike at both ends so you'll need to think about that.

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Two options.

Euc: You need to pay more attention on road and where you are riding.

E-bike: You can enjoy more watching around and be less tense while riding, as you don't need to pay much attention on road and small bumps.

Your choice. Read again what @Cerbera said. Hes spot on with that.

I also can chime in with my ks18xl wheel. I weight 280 lbs and i can get around ~55km range with one charge. Riding at ~35km/h speeds. Also if you are going to be riding that distance everyday.. I 100% recommend getting suspension wheel for sure - your legs/knees will thank me..

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