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First time being chased by 🐕.

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So I was doing my casual cruise around my block, i hear a car door open behind me. Then the barking starts and I hear the owner yelling "Tootsie, come back!". In my head I'm like crap, stay calm and speed up. So I did that and then I caught a glimpse of the dog, it was a freaking chihuahua. 🤣

Mind you I only been riding for a month, and was on the ACM learning. Glad it wasn't a big dog, I don't think acm will outrun a big dog. I still have my brand new RS HS sitting in storage for when I feel more confident riding.

No doubt same adrenaline rush from when I get chased on my esk8, not fun at all, lol. Guess it was bound to happen lots of strays where I live.

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6 hours ago, helmet said:

I was riding barefoot and I got my big toe nipped by a blood hound.

You must be riding quite duck footed for the dog to reach your big toe first…

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Got chased by a large dog while riding my v10f. I was beeping for 3 blocks before the dog relented. The lady owner was yelling at her dog the whole time, that’s what you get for not leashing your dog in public. No sympathies for the owner, I am gliding for my life. :lol:

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I have ran into dogs twice resulting in hard crashes and been chased many more times, but not bitten thankfully.  Enough is enough and I bought one of those little pepper spray cans for runners that goes over your wrist or forearm for quick access. The one time I used it was extremely effective and although I love dogs, it was very satisfying to see it in agony, rather than  myself! Some dogs just want to play and chase but they dart in front of you so quickly that it becomes seriously dangerous. The spray wears off in few minutes, road rash does not. If you're on a public trail or road those dogs need to be leashed by law so the owners who disregard that are to blame but it's the dog who gets punished. 

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I love dogs, kitty cats and alligators too but they can Kill people on bikes and eucs.

I used 2 different Horns until I graduated to the Supreme, Big Daddy of them all...

And it works for those everyday right turn and blind driver killers too.

Hand held 8oz. Marine Air Horn. ($8bucks). 9,987,378 bazillion decibels.

It is SO FUCKIN LOUD (sorry) I injured my ears the first 2 times I used it.

No dog, person, car, burglar or even mother in law can withstand it.

Now I quietly creep up to those inconsiderate bastards at intersections that block the entire crosswalk and tap on their window... when they turn their head in disbelief... I give em a good tooooot on my horn.

Marine Air Horn. Walfart.

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Yep, gonna buy one on Amazon. My 3rd dog encounter in less then a month, around my area. This morning had 2 pitbulls run up on me from across the street, teeth out growling ready to attack, gave a loud shoosh, and sped off.

Looked back dumbass owner was walking them unleashed, cuz they ran back to him. He didn't call them back or anything just looked at them run after me like an idiot.

Luckily I was cruising mostly 25mph, but got up to 35 when I quick heard the first beep. Big empty parking lot having fun, then out of nowhere I hear barking from across the street. Might start carrying pepper spray too for aggressive breeds like this. They will learn the first time they get hit EUC=pain, and prolly won't chase a euc again....just saying.

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