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  1. What in God's name is that in the background, is it an 90s Nokia phone? Is that for real or for ironic intent?
  2. Skateboarders ankle guards are great. If you don't plan on riding trails you'll not need them as soon you will be confident in stepping off without getting hit, but no matter how good you get, if you ride mtn bike trails with rough ground and steep side slopes you will at one point slam a pedal into a rock or root and it will sit you down in a hurry while your wheel spins around and slams your ankle. 30 bucks at your local skate shop and it saves you a world of hurt
  3. Velcro tape is great it's easy and cheap too. Being able to shift the pads position is really useful as you want various degrees of clampdown on your foot, depending on terrain. If your jumping or riding rough rooty trails you want your feet tight and for crusing speedier stuff you want em looser. Plus with velcro you can change the angle of the shin pads for upright stance or more knees bent, again, depends on terrain and preferences. Clarkepads are awesome, they have heel and foot pegs so you can really lock your feet in.
  4. You have the 18s so I'm not sure who makes power pads for that model but I'm sure you can find some. I have the 16x with Clarke power pads version 2 with both foot and heel pegs, and i put Velcro tape on both pads and shell so moving the pads around to get the best bite on your foot is a snap. Sometimes you want a full clamp down, other times you want a little room for your feet to move around a bit, depending on terrain. All i can day about them is i don't know how i could have ridden without them, they add so, so much more control. Spiked pedals are the icing on the cake but gorilla glue gri
  5. I use skateboarders ankle pads , i ride singletrack mtn bike trails on the west coast with drops and log rides, believe me if you want to ride the fun stuff your ankles WILL take a beating. Plus you can really grip the wheel with your ankles which helps control the tight rough stuff.
  6. Leaning a unicycle way over on sticky pavement at speed is so very much like carving a deep gash on a fresh groomer with old school GS skis. Maneuvering a uni down a tight rooty mtn bike singletrack is very much like skiing cut-up moguls. Never tried a monoski but I bet it's even more of a crossover.
  7. I have both, they're totally different animals. 18xl is awesome for light trails and fast aggressive carving. It's stable at speed and has better speakers, you can really lean it over on pavement but the 18" wheel makes tight turns and tricks a bit tougher than the 16x. But the pedals are too low for real trail riding and the tire is too narrow. The 16x is much better suited for MTN bike style trails, jumps, and tight turns. It has almost an inch more pedal clearance, and a half inch wider tire. Both these make massive difference in the technical stuff. You can really lean the 16x over too and
  8. If you use velcro tape on the shell and the pads, you can easily move them around to get the perfect fit. Pads are without a doubt the best thing you can add to your wheel, climbing and trail riding are so much easier and you have infinitely more control. You will eventually want them to pretty much clamp down on your forefoot, and Clarke pads also have heel pegs too. Once you get confident on the wheel having tight pads feels like ski bindings, you'll wonder how you ever rode without them
  9. Great info, thanks so much. Found a v1.6 online after much searching, but nice to know now that a 1.3 works too, for future reference
  10. There are two versions of the 18xl control board, 1.3 and 1.6. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? My 18xl control board needs replacing, it's v1.6, will a v1.3 work as well?
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