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  1. Amy Lee thinks males who masterbate are disgui
  2. I figured the professional intelligence officers found a way to disable it by now.
  3. I haven't yet, thank God. Part of why I started riding was because of relationship issues though. Anyone else riding off the pain of a bad relationship?
  4. I was riding barefoot and I got my big toe nipped by a blood hound.
  5. I have a v10f and I wish I had a Sherman.
  6. the girls are chasing me with their cars after work
  7. just make sure to fear the social banning, I'm so sorry you felt like that, ever
  8. I was watching a WW ( wrong. way ) video. And I observed said professional forcing a cut out. Forcing a cut out is a great idea to find the limit of my wheel. Your thoughts?
  9. I know that you don't want to consider this... perhaps consider moving closer to your occupation?
  10. okay, here's the thing. women way way younger than me check me out on my euc if... I have my helmet on
  11. I picked up this rule, however, part of me has always disagreed with it. Yes, I can choose a dominant foot. Or both, or the other. It's too simplistic, like are you left handed or right handed. Not realizing a lot of people are both, and most don't even know it because of the false dichotomy. How does offset increase stability?
  12. just don't enable remote fire option, yikes Kidding! I have been watching way too much Mr. Robot
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