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Veteran bumpers


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It seems many are using the RAM mount (ball mount) system on the front, which gives protection and a way of standing the wheel on the front edge. Not sure if they are OK for the rear, I have seen a few with much bigger bumpers such as the fork protectors for motorbikes.

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I ordered these cause they are 22mm. Will be here soon and hopefully they work out.


C$ 20.99  16% Off | Universal Adjustable Tube Bull Bar Roll Bar Tube Cage Mount Brackets Clamps for Off Road Offroad Led Light Bar Work Driving Lamp

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I'm waiting for my wheel to arrive, so please could you tell me the diameter of crash bar tube?

Seems like an additional horizontal  crash bar would save a lot of grief, maybe built into the pad design.


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Had the local smith fabricate a modular style of crash cage for mine the other day:

Some Black Crow fill plates to be fitted to the spaces front and rear when they arrive shortly. A couple coats of grey undercoat, top coats of stove paint and some 2” strong type Velcro strips to secure in place. Its intended to be ‘sacrificial’ in the event of a bad impact, I’m no speed demon but look forward to longer excursions than the MSP permit. Alexa leather pads now fitted, seat on its way from Moscow. Roll on springtime!


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