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  1. I'm voting for the C6004. I already have the K262 (which I like) and would like to try something different. The C6004 tread is quite similar to what I'm running on my R1200GSA. It's a 80/20 (road vs trail) tread and, for my use case, spot on. So let me try that on an EUC.
  2. I agree with you. These manufacturers should charge a lowest price for first adopters and then gradually increase it each generation due to refinements/enhancements/etc. If this became an industry standard, I suspect that we would all buy into the policy. Perhaps this is what Veteran did with the Sherman. They said that it was because of battery cost but during this time, I was building battery packs and didn't get hit by this supposed increased cost.
  3. > Veteran is working to get a Wheel out to Kuji for review... Correct me if I'm wrong but Kuji hasn't done a video in over six months, I believe. Is he still around?
  4. I agree with you, however I won't vocalize it. I consider myself a minimum 3rd-gen adopter. I want 1st-gen adopters to flood the market with sales. This gives the company great feedback and by the time 3rd-gen comes around, the wheel tends to be nicely tuned and kick-ass.
  5. Hello. I see that both Begode and Veteran will be/are using the 50E cells for their next EUCs. I'm not a battery expert by any means, so I'm curious what those who are think. I recently built two 12s4p packs for an eMTBoard. One with P42As and one with 50Es. The 50E had some serious capacity but was lacking in "oomph" which the P42A had plenty of (45A vs 9.8A). Obviously, a 12s4p is a different beast than the humongous packs that will be delivered in these EUCs. Is the 50E a good choice for Begode and Veteran? I'd love to hear some expert opinions. Thanks.
  6. I have this and LOVE it!!! I've gone down hard several times and the 5.5 has let me walk it off. And for what it's worth, I've been called a superhero (child) and a gladiator (adult) while riding with it on.
  7. Would you by chance have any photos that you could post?
  8. If you check their website as of today, it is COMPLETELY devoid of any real data/information as to what the helmet actually is/does. It feels like vaporware, they know that it's vaporware, and that they're trying to cash in on their dwindling PR hype as much as possible before being completely debunked. Kind of like a pump & dump.
  9. This has been sold. Thank you for your support. ==================================== Hello. I'm selling my VSETT 10+ e-scooter that I purchased new from eWheels on June 23, 2021. I paid $2,700 retail. I bought this as a literal "last mile" commuter and it's way more powerful and robust than I needed. This thing is a beast! (I plan on downsizing.) It has dual motors, each 1,400W. I only ran the rear motor as that was plenty powerful enough. The battery is HUGE at 60V/28Ah (1,680Wh). It's a 16s, so 59.2V nominal, 67.2V max. It even has a "NOS" button whi
  10. Hello. I'm attempting to use an EUC as a literal last mile commuter to and from my motorcycle which is always parked one mile from home in a parking garage. My bike is an R1200GS, so it has the capability to haul whatever. I'm looking to ride the EUC to the garage, hoist it on to the back of the bike, and then ride off to work. Has anyone on this forum done such a thing? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  11. Sorry, I'm confused. You paid 3,550CDN, new. You then rode it 1,500km. You would now like 3,550CDN, used with 1,500km. Is this correct?
  12. Hello.I'm selling a pair of Clark Pads that are to be used on an electric unicycle for jumping, doing tricks, accelerating, braking, etc. They are in near perfect condition.These are the "Gen 2 Mike Leahy" edition and retail for $150 + shipping.I'm also including velcro ("hook and loop", not the actual brand Velcro). I added velcro to the pads themselves and to the Sherman so that they would be easily adjustable. The pads have "hook" part of the velcro attached. I'm including an unused roll of the "fabric" part of the velcro which you can attach to the shell of your EUC. You c
  13. r_713

    VS vs e-Scooter

    I ordered a VSETT 10+ from eWheels. I also just received a Juiced CrossCurrentX e-bike. Onward, the great PEV experiment.
  14. r_713

    VS vs e-Scooter

    @null This is good feedback. I was under the (obviously) wrong assumption that they were more stable. The rate of adoption of scooters vs EUCs is tremendously higher, so I also took this as "proof" that they are more stable.
  15. r_713

    VS vs e-Scooter

    Anyone here have a Sherman and an e-scooter? I'm thinking of purchasing a VSETT-10+. My thought is that it would be for commuting whereas the VS would be more for fun. However, am I going to be disappointed with an e-scooter after having spent so much time on the Sherman? I'd love your thoughts.
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