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  1. The URL shows "electric-unicycle", however the article title is "San Jose Man Killed In Hit-and-Run Collision After Falling Off Electric Scooter" and within the article, the "device" is referred to as a "one-wheel e-scooter". Did the editor change the vehicle status after initial publication?
  2. I've had my VS for five months now. The first four months I'd watch the battery go 99%->98%->97%->96%->etc. Now in the fifth month I suddenly see it go 99%->89% within 1km. (I'm not quick enough to see any inbetweens.) This entire time I've been recharging my batteries to 100% after every ride. I hear talk that one should only charge to 80% to preserve the batteries. Has my "method" caused my batteries to hit a threshold and suddenly deteriorate?
  3. Actually, I did take a photo of the display right after I took the screenshot of EUC World. It's a bit hard to see due to the plastic cover but it reads 98.4 V. I started at 100.1 V (it never gets to 100.4) less than a mile before that.
  4. Hello. I now have approximately 1800km on the VS (Xmas Eve batch). Starting about a month or so ago (~1400km), I'm finding that my battery now drops around 10% within the first kilometer (0.6 mile). Every time I start at 100% (around 100.# volts) and every time the battery precipitously drops immediately. This is not voltage sag. I'm taking the battery level reading while stopped. Typically it's around 89% while riding, and then around 91% when stopped. However, after this initial 10% drop, the battery proceeds to deplete as normally expected. It's a minimum of another 15/20km b
  5. What are the real world differences of having the new wider rim vs the previous narrower rim? Stronger but less nimble?
  6. How do these compare to Vans? I've been wearing Vans Sk8 Hi. Great at first but now that I'm frequently doing 60km+ rides, the Vans aren't cutting it and my feet get numb.
  7. With all due respect, the Chinese are already great at manufacturing. Your viewpoint is skewed by your price point and what you're willing to spend. Don't blame the Chinese. Blame yourself for wanting to pay the least possible which then causes resellers to source OEMs that than have to slice their margins razor thin and find manufacturers to agree. For this, the most success is with SOME Chinese manufacturers willing to fit the bill. That's what gets passed on to us. It's the WalMart effect. Yes, there are some bad eggs in China. However, there is a LOT of SERIOUS GOOD SHIT coming out of
  8. bump! The wheel is still available. I just purchased a LaCroix Jaws, so I would love to sell this to please the missus.
  9. Hello. I was wondering if any one else is seeing this with their tire. If you look at the pics, you'll notice what looks like the tire cording showing through along the seam. This wasn't there when the wheel was brand new. The wheel is from the Xmas Eve batch and I've put approximately 350 miles on it. Something to be concerned about?
  10. I also have an Xmas Eve wheel (firmware v4.32) which I received at the top of the year. I've put approximately 250 miles on it. It has been stellar except for one thing - the pedal dipping and it's driving me crazy. However, it only occurs during sharp turns, 180s, and 360s. Unfortunately, I like practising 180s and 360s a lot to hone my skills and it feels as if I'm going to slide off the pedals. My 18XL never had this issue. I reached out to eWheels about this and they said that it used to be worse. Ugh. Note, the pedal dipping doesn't occur while carving or zigzagging. For me, it
  11. Ha, ha. You read my mind. The intent of my question was to help decide whether I needed to buy an extra charger to keep at work or not.
  12. update: 2021.03.14, the 18XL has been sold and now resides in MA. ================================================ Hello. I'm selling a used King Song 18XL. It's an AWESOME wheel but I now have a Veteran Sherman. I'm monogamous with my relationships, not a collector, so I'm selling the 18XL. The 18XL was originally purchased by David in May 2020 from eWheels. He rode it for 224km (137miles) and sold it to me August 23, 2020. It now has 1765km (1077miles). My riding is very conservative. I never did tricks or slammed the axle or pedal hangers trying to jump curbs.
  13. I'm not a li-ion battery expert, but I'm sure that many of you are. I did a test home-work commute today on my Sherman. It was cold and I went fast when I could. I arrived at work (30km) with 70%/93.3V of the battery remaining. Obviously, I have more than enough battery to get me back home after work. My question is, is it better to recharge at work and then again when I get home (again, at 70%), or should I only charge once at the end of the day (when I'm at 40%)? Which is better for the battery (and why)? Cheers.
  14. I appreciate the tip, however I think that this might be a "different strokes for different folks" kind of thing. In the course of my past 1600km of riding, I've found that, for me, 100% of my wobbles have been due to me and not to the wheel. Either my feet are in an unbalanced position, or my leg muscles are tired, or I'm simply non-symmetrical. Braking in a crouched position, for me, causes wobbles (more concerning than hitting a bump). Straightening my legs stablises my muscles, thus exerting a much more equal force on each side of the wheel. The wobbles disappear. Again, this is for me. Ev
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