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  1. This would prevent a fire from leaping between PEVs as well.
  2. Like I mentioned, serious QC problems. Has anyone ever spoken to the owners and investors?
  3. Watch people installing wood-burning stoves in the cabins or homes, distance from the wall and floor is important. Many use corrugated steel between the stove and the wall, with an air gap in between. If you live in an apartment, perhaps a storage or bike locker would be safer. Invest in a sturdy bike lock that you can chain the EUC to if you store it in a common room. I like the fire blanket idea, it won't put out a Li-Ion fire, but prevent it from spreading.
  4. I live in a 3 floor town house. It rarely gets that cold down there. I throw an old coat over it to keep it warm. I use a tarp to keep water off it. I live alone, and I would rather degrade the EUC rather than wake up with the house on fire.
  5. I keep mine outside, chained to the garage. Off the ground in a stand, I cover with a tarp when the weather is wet.
  6. I now seem to recall a gust of wind hit my back and knocked me down. Weather was getting bad and just started to sleet.
  7. A few times people have tried pulling a burning mattress out of a bedroom. Lives can be lost. It could flare up by the egress and others could get trapped. 1. Everyone Evacuate call 911 2. Remove flammables from the vicinity 3. Move EUC to a safer or out door area. 4. Ventilate if possible. 5 Monitor the house/apartment for flames 6 Let First responders do their job. #1 is not to be ignored while you attempt to pull the EUC out. Absolute Priority.
  8. Given the frame, would handlebars make sense for seated riding? Would it be easier to ride or learn seated?
  9. Given its roll-cage, how difficult would it be to put handlebars on a Sherman? Could they be foldaway? Would it be easier to ride seated?
  10. Police Tactical boots are designed for standing all day.
  11. I’ve personally seen NYC riders go riding on automobile parkways ( highways for Cars only) and seriously hurt themselves. They have inherited the skateboard culture and taken it to a higher level. No apologies. No concern about what they do. Coolness is more important than their safety and acceptance by society.
  12. The Triangle Shirtwaist factory in NYC was a horrific fire that killed close to 200, business owners locked the seamstresses in. Many Jumped. NYC has the toughest fire codes in the world now. The Building is now part of NYU. If you are to use such a storage box, keep it away from the windows or exits, you need to be able to get out. I padlock mine to my Garage door and Keep a tarp over it to keep it dry. Fire Extinguisher Nearby. The Extinguisher is for the Garage door.
  13. I could see condensation collecting inside. It needs to have some vents
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