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  1. You just proved my point. I've seen GWs held together with zip-ties and duct tape. Shoddy. Almost all fires are from GW/BG.
  2. Guys want to ride 5% faster than the other riders. Nothing else matters.
  3. You should contact the Governor's office in San Juan. There has got to be a common carrier who will deliver it via boat from Miami or a big East Coast port. Ask a Ford or Tesla dealer how they are getting E-Vehicles onto the Island. There has got to be a shipper for cars and motorcycles. https://www.puertoricocartransport.com/car-shipping-to-puerto-rico.php Give them a call. They ship from Philly and Jacksonville.
  4. I'm gonna make a suit of solar panels and plug it into my Yook. It will extend my ride an extra 15 meters or so. "Solar powered, self-balancing, Class 1, hybridized electric unicycle! Especially on the train, ferry, or bus!
  5. Greedy Bureaucrats are never scared when it comes to taking your money.
  6. Does "Uni" refer to one in French? "Mono" refers to a disease (Mononucleosis) in America. "I got Mono from my girlfriend"
  7. Yook? (Pronunciation of "EUC" in English) 1x1? E-Wheel? One Wheel Motorcycle? OWM? Three Wheeled Motorcycles are called "Trikes", so you are back to UNI EUC perfectly describes what it is, and it is not copyrighted. Chooch is calling it everything under the sun to get eyeballs to his Youtube. Right now most PAGANS (my name for non-EUC riders) have no idea what they are, let alone what to call them. Person: "Hey what is that _______?" (Bicycle, One-Wheel, one wheel Segway, Hoverboard, thingy) Me: It's an Electric Unicycle. (I then call it E-U-C for the r
  8. I was asking this from an EUC persepctive. Hoard all the TP you need, I don't care. We already are seeing a global shortage of batteries, and items made from Petroleum. I have several pairs of wrist guards, knee&shin guards, and an extra helmet. I was thinking about selling my KS 18L, But I'm keeping it on standby, just in case.
  9. Excellent update. Why is Begode so foolish on quality and parts?
  10. My life and my personal well being are too important to trust the promises of a manufacturer with known quality issues. I don't need to go 5.3 KPH faster than my riding buddies.
  11. Elvis, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie are living privately on a hacienda in the Amazon. The Brazilian Army shoots down any unknown aircraft in the region.
  12. 2 out of 3 local libraries say their printers are not functional. Is there a filament shortage?
  13. The kewl kids say it is OK to ride through the beeps.
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