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  1. BT on, nothing "BT is connected" BT off, music plays. "music mode"
  2. It just plays the music, nothing else happens..
  3. Jack, It just plays the music on my 18L. DO I need the MP3 file?
  4. My Knee/shin pads fit better on Slim jeans. They tend to slide around more on loose jeans.
  5. Gotway needs to improve durability.
  6. Truly nice. I’m deciding why my next EUC will be.
  7. I'm thinking this might work: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VXMDRGM?pf_rd_r=ZYV1184WTR3SHR1VVNG9&pf_rd_p=edaba0ee-c2fe-4124-9f5d-b31d6b1bfbee cut a small hole in the bottom for the trolley handle. Use it upside down
  8. I think you’d be thrown off like a cut out.
  9. Please answer the poll. Thanks!
  10. Love it, they should trademark it.
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