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  1. Since so many of insist on jumping curbs and piles of dirt, 600 lbs is a necessity. Hidden power switch? Smart! Helmet lock? GPS? (Anti theft). Internet based kill switch. Firmware upgrades via patches. Americans want CHROME, lots of Chrome! And no Mufflers!
  2. I store it outside, and throw an old coat over it to keep it warm and dry.
  3. I’ll be in Sacramento in late June. But no EUC.
  4. My garage has a large overhang, with a steel beam to support the rest of the town house, plenty of space for a second EUC to be chained to the house.
  5. I has a Neoprene cover, so no major scratches. Sell it here or ebay?
  6. With the arrival of Spring, this would be great time to organize Cherry Blossom rides: Washington Savannah Ga (right now?) Newark, Brooklyn Other cities? Japanese attire encouraged.
  7. Great Apizza! lt me know if you want to go riding!
  8. I just got mine. I am impressed. If they made upper body armor, I’d likely buy it.
  9. I chain it to my garage door. Extinguisher outside nearby. I throw an old coat over it to keep it warm in the winter.
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