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  1. only one left. worth it.
  2. The bike path in question leads to a very sketchy city. Highest crime in the state. I can understand their concern. I still have weakness in one leg from my torn achilles. I likely qualify under ADA.
  3. https://law.justia.com/codes/connecticut/2012/title-14/chapter-246/section-14-1/
  4. (53) “Motor vehicle” means any vehicle propelled or drawn by any nonmuscular power, except aircraft, motor boats, road rollers, baggage trucks used about railroad stations or other mass transit facilities, electric battery-operated wheel chairs when operated by physically handicapped persons at speeds not exceeding fifteen miles per hour, golf carts operated on highways solely for the purpose of crossing from one part of the golf course to another, golf-cart-type vehicles operated on roads or highways on the grounds of state institutions by state employees, agricultural tractors, farm implements, such vehicles as run only on rails or tracks, self-propelled snow plows, snow blowers and lawn mowers, when used for the purposes for which they were designed and operated at speeds not exceeding four miles per hour, whether or not the operator rides on or walks behind such equipment, motor-driven cycles as defined in section 14-286, special mobile equipment as defined in section 14-165, mini-motorcycles, as defined in section 14-289j, and any other vehicle not suitable for operation on a highway; (100) “Vehicle” includes any device suitable for the conveyance, drawing or other transportation of persons or property, whether operated on wheels, runners, a cushion of air or by any other means. The term does not include devices propelled or drawn by human power or devices used exclusively on tracks;
  5. Actually I tore my achilles a few years back and had a Handicapped permit. ADA Title 3 is even when you had a handicap in the past. The sign at the town border said "No Motor Vehicles" other bike paths have them too.
  6. I found one on Ebay, 60 bux plus shipping and tax. No longer manufactured and supplies dwindling.
  7. CT law regulates electric Bicycles, not EUCs
  8. Pequonock trail is town owed. Ranger flagged me down. Someone must have Narc’ed me.😭
  9. Colleague bought his son a BB. Kid was not interested, so he sold it. China is taking over many industries, electric devices and batteries will be a critical industry.
  10. 200 KM in USA, 60KM on Saturday. Wave to everyone, say hello, especially to Children.. Observe people smiling. I was riding in a wealthy NYC suburban village this morning. A woman says "That is the coolest thing on the road" This town has Tesla, Lamborghini, and Maserati dealerships! #Winning!
  11. Take a piece of luggage the size of your EUC. Cut a hole in the bottom for the wheel and on top for the trolley handle. Walk as if you have a piece of luggage.
  12. Just ordered one. 4 + stars. Yes Chinese sizes run very small. M=US XL L= US XXL
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