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  1. Yes. “battery level” on my Apple Watch gives me the battery percentage on my EUC. “Battery” is a reserved word and will just tell you iPhone or Apple Watch battery life.
  2. Another reason why they are not named after American generals, but famous tanks. Sherman burned a large swath of Georgia.
  3. Patton died when his Jeep hit a rock in the road, right? Some think he was whacked.
  4. Gosh, So sorry. Sounds like you are doing everything correctly. UPS delivered my Sherman on a hand-truck. EUC manufacturers need to ensure their packaging is made from the best materials. Shrink wraped to keep the water and prying eyes and hands out.
  5. The post mentions supply chain issues. The Pandemic and terrible flooding in PRC must be taking a toll on manufacturing. At some point you call your suppliers and ask "what can you reliably give me for the next six months." You then build around what parts you can get to the factory.
  6. ^^^^^ This. You don't want a fire on board a plane. If you do decide to fly with your EUC, confirm the FAA permits it, you don't want to lose your Pilot's license, or lose privileges to land at an airport. Battery fire brought down a UPS freight plane. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/24/ups-crash-dubai-lithium/2582213/ Li-Ion batteries are prohibited from checked luggage https://www.faa.gov/news/fact_sheets/news_story.cfm?newsId=23054 Invest in fire blankets and approved fire suppression technology. Discharge the batteries to a safe level and disconnect
  7. Modular, as in you can add modules? Like Suspension? Artillery? Handlebars? (for seated riding) What modules would you want on your Abrams?
  8. They certainly were not going to call it the Panzer. Most nations just give their tanks model numbers. US and Canada give their tanks names. I suspect the 3rd model will be called the Grizzly, after the Canadian Tank. Do I get to purchase Abrams model #1, since I named it? :^)
  9. It’s all about the clicks and 5 minutes of internet fame, dude!
  10. What wrist guard is that guy (Duke?) using to bolt it onto?
  11. E-bikes and EUCs next. Thanks Alley Cats! NYC Cracks down on ATVs and dirt bikes. WABC News.
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