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  1. I tired calibration, and now the 18L will jerk and not work. ant ideas?
  2. Discussion group for any BF sales in November 2019
  3. Apple used to be proud their App Store had more apps than Android. All the cool kids are on EUCs and Apple has not figured it out yet.
  4. https://www.cnet.com/news/this-vizio-5-1-channel-soundbar-system-is-a-steal-at-115/ Halfway down the page is the RYLO review. I'm going to pick one up, and get come sort of cover to protect the lenses.
  5. I've been told buy apple care on the watch, they break fairly easily. I think esp on a EUC.
  6. I have an iPhone is it worthwhile buying?
  7. One of those big Ikea bags, I could call it a "folding Bicycle" which are allowed.
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