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Add a License Plate to your #EUC (Super Easy)


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Exactly as Meep says. Me, I think its more " If they don't like it... FU*K 'em! "Perhaps not a wise idea to incriminate yourself in video, but even that is fine by me, its your video. People post up videos of stupid shit about every 2 seconds on youtube. Every now and then, its one of mine. If you like a video and others don't, they can always change the damn channel. Let those ideas and opinions fly! All the overly sensitive people of the world can kiss my a** . I feel badly for them as reality isnt all warm and fuzzy like they hope. Quite a feat if one of your little videos is the reason for change in legislation. If that was the case, we'd already be living in complete communism.

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Wow guys thank you for the feedback!!  I'm trying to grow my euc youtube channel putting hours everyday into it and hoping for the best but I am too susceptible to other peoples opinions you guys are absolutely right, I should have just left it up instead of crumbling under the pressure.  YouTube is a strange place, but not as savage as reddit lol 

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